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Pleasanton's Class of 2011 graduates

This year's grads share their experiences and their hopes

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Thirteen years of work finally ended Friday night as 1,166 members of the class of 2011 from Foothill and Amador Valley high schools donned caps and gowns and walked the stages at their respective football fields to receive diplomas and accolades from faculty, family and friends.

That was in addition to the 70 from Village High School and 10 from Horizon high School who received their diplomas last Wednesday.

Commencement, as the saying goes, is the beginning, not the end, but while they're looking to the future, some graduates are also thinking about the past. The Pleasanton Weekly asked for essays from some members of the class of 2011 to share memories of their time here and what they hope for the future.

A new pair of sneakers

By Xanth El-Sayed, Amador Valley High School

When I get a new pair of sneakers, I am immediately struck with a feeling of excitement. Every day I eagerly slip them on and every night I reluctantly take them off. Eventually, they wear out and I am forced to venture out and buy a new pair of shoes.

In many ways, my past four years at Amador Valley High School were like going through a pair of sneakers. When my parents told me I would be attending AVHS in the fall, I was nervous but I was also excited for the new experiences my pair of "AVHS sneakers" would bring me. I discovered that I was right to be excited: Both academic and extracurricular opportunities flourish at Amador. In my four years alone, I was able to take a multitude of AP and honors classes as well as become involved in many extracurricular activities, such as Leadership, Friends in Service to Him (FISH) club, and Amador Valley's We The People Team (or Competition Civics).

While my experiences at Amador have helped me try many things and go through a plethora of experiences, my time as a high school student is done. As I move on to study at UC Santa Barbara, I will use my experiences at Amador to help guide my path in college. I might pursue a degree in biology after taking AP biology at Amador. Or I might combine my experiences on Amador's Competition Civics team with those of AP biology and pursue a career in environmental activism. Even though I am not 100% sure of what major I might pursue, in the end, I can only hope that the friendships, opportunities and experiences I have walking in my new pair of "UCSB sneakers" parallel those I had in my four years at Amador Valley High School.

Pleasanton, Class of '11 and Words of Wisdom

By Stephanie Munro, Foothill High School

The fast-paced atmosphere I have come to know and "love and hate" at Foothill High seems to suddenly be caught in slow motion. From yearbook signing to teachers desperately sharing every life lesson they can, it's all a haze and we are beyond ready to move on. Yet, even as I join the throng of high school seniors counting down the days to graduation, I can't help but reflect upon my past because my future wouldn't be possible without it. Now we're all reveling in our title as Class of '15 when we need to always remember that we were part of '11 first. So though I look forward to my upcoming adventure at Pepperdine University, I choose to always remember my time at Foothill High.

Rallies, football games, tests galore ... every chant, every ticket, and every study session is still etched into my mind. It was definitely a challenge to balance Foothill's rigorous academics whilst keeping my social life afloat. I would be lying if I said stress never got the best of me, but with the help of Pleasanton's wonderful teachers, I somehow made it work. It was with their support that I sent backpacks to children in South Africa, organized HealthQuest, stood in front of the Rotary as a Student of the Month, and proudly accepted awards for citizenship, leadership and civic engagement. Besides learning statistic chi-squared equations and reading 17th century Spanish sonnets, Foothill High and its teachers taught me the ultimate lesson: I have something to give back to the world beyond straight A's.

Above all, I want to thank you, Linda Gullick, for making me first realize life's true importance and all that Foothill has to offer me. That's why you'll be handing me my last award: my diploma. So as I shake your hand on that stage today, I look forward to sharing my moment of clarity of everything I have done and everything I will do. I will finally understand.

What does it mean to graduate?

Jasmin Talisschim, Village High School

It means to achieve one step and enter a bigger one next

Growing from a teen girl to a lady

Becoming independent by receiving your diploma

All of the hard work finally paid off

You tried your best to succeed

Parents are enormously proud

Friends cheer and celebrate with you

You finished a large chapter of your life

That is indescribable to write

The words "giving up" are forgotten in the past

Because you made it this far and showed

That you can last

Amador Valley High School

Jamie Abarta

Joseph Aceret

Samuel Aceret

Charles Ackman

Sahil Aggarwal

Valeri Alemania

Danyal Alian

Erica Altman

Tanya Alvarado

Jennifer Amato

Uma Annamalai

Madison Aquilina

Zachary Arellano

Stephanie Argiros

Sahil Arora

Amanda Asbel

Trenton Ashizawa

Cameron Ashtiani

Tali Ashurov

Adam Aslam

Patricia Aubel

Isabel Azcona

Amanda Azelton

Devan Aziz

Lana Baban

Egan Bailey

Kunwar Bal

Alexandra Barragan

Lindsey Baxter

Chennelle Beasley

Janelle Beasley

Maxwell Beck

Alfred Becker

Brianne Becker

Natalie Belden

Hannah Bennett

Baqiyyah Bent

Madyson Benz

Roman Berenshteyn

Michael Berney

Jacqueline Besson

Omsri Bharat

Druv Bhat

Chase Bierbower

Josie Bigger

Jenna Bjork

Shauna Black

Zachary Blaine

Margaret Blasing

Caitlin Bliss

Jacob Blodgett

Nicole Bodmer

Alexandra Bohlman

Spencer Bohn

Aditi Bommireddy

Rahael Borchers

Franklin Henry Boswell

Rachel Bowers

Kevin Bowman

Catherine Breed

Stephanie Bricker

Christopher Briggs

Kevin Briggs

Chloe Brobst

Sarah Bronzini

Calvin Brown

Samantha Brown

Benjamin Bruj, Jr.

Dominick Burnham

Shannon Butler

Cameron Byers

James Cabral

Kevin Calhoun

R. Capilla

Alex Caravan

John Cardaris

Clare Carey

Krista Carlstrom

Kerry Carmichael

Emma Caswell

Michael Catuar

Tara Cayton

Joshua Cerri

Dong-Mi Cha

Sarah Cha

Jaipriya Chadha

Andre Chan

Carolyn Chan

Alexander Chancellor

Morgan Chandler

Daniel Chavez

James Cheney

Michael Cheung

Stephanie Chew

Sung Chi

Rachel Cilk

Liana Cipolla

Andrew Clawges

Daniel Cleland

Mark Cleland

Sarah Coblentz

Lani Cohen

Dariel Jade Colcol

Hannah Coleman

Pedro Colls

Jacob Contreras

James Cook

Dante Cosio

Amy Cox

Gabriel Cox

Susanne Cross

Kellen Crow

Saurabh Dakwale

Lisa Daniel

Jessica Daut

Jeremy Davidson

Garrett Davis

Christopher de la Barrera

Savannah de la Vara

Keith DeLand

James Delaney

Cortney DeMello

Geneva Desin

Todd Detweiler

Ravneet Dhaliwal

Harpinder Dhinsa

Christopher DiGangi

Emily Diggins

Gregory Dillon

Julie Ding

Sam Dissels

Katherine Dowden

Colin Drury

Margaret Duffy

Jade Duque

Kathryn Echavia

Venkat Sai Edara

Johnny Edge

Ting Ting Eeo

Erica Efigenio

Bronson Eggert

Alec Elgood

David Ellison

Xanth El-Sayed

Rees Estrada

Carson Ewanich

Daniel Fedirko

Emilie Fiala

Taylor Fife

Devin Finn

Mitchell Flaherty

Michael Flores

Raphael Flores

Adam Folgmann

Lindsay Ford

Hayden Forrester

John Foster

Scott Freeland

Elizabeth Fromson

Kayla Furphy

Edward Furusawa

Mohini Gadre

Russell Gajo

Amanda Galassi

Andrew Galassi

Johnniko Galvez

Dianne Christabel Galvez

Andrew Garcia

Brenda Garcia

Elizabeth Gates

Nicole George

Kevin Ghiringhelli

Colin Giacomini

Alexander Giammona

Patrick Gibbons

Rebecca Giessler

Steven Gilbert

Nicole Ginn

Audreann Giovanetti

Axel Gonzalez

Nicole Gotelli

Kimberly Grano

Markus Grauer

Nicholas Grave

Mitchel Grimes

Grant Groshans

Ariel Guerra

Karen Guerrero

Trevor Guerrieri

Haley Guilfoile

Cody Guillory

Drew Guinther

Aaron Hafford

Aubrey Hahn

Brandon Hakanson

Stefan Hall

Layne Hamilton

Joyce Han

Myles Han

Rachel Hardy

Aniruddha Harnur

Dennis Harpster

Alyssa Harrison

Rishabh Hatgadkar

Jason Haycock

Alex Hebert

Codey Heidebrecht

Caylee Heller

Emil Helt

Kyana Heravi

Alexa Hernandez

Justin Hernandez

Alison Hernbroth

Whitney Herne

Julie Highstreet

Brian Hill

Erica Hollingsworth

Benjamin Holmberg

Delaney Holmes

Danielle Homan

Jhunghyun Hong

Amanda Horne

Tawneya Houser

Danielle Houston

Tory Houston

Yuyan Hu

Christine Huang

Adam Huggins

Alyssa Hughey

Hugh Huynh

Jacob Isabel

Ann Marie Itamura

Prescott Jackson

Mareena Jacob

Tanay Jaeel

Kersten Jaeger

Nicholas Janota

Sherry Jeng

Rachel Jeong

Nathan Johansen

Brandon Johns

Jessica Johns

Hailey Johnson

Kiley Johnson

Paul Johnson

Mitchell Jones

Anirudh Kandada

Christian Kang

Emilie Kapp

Jacqueline Kartchner

Tarandeep Kaur

Alexandria Kearney

Christopher Keck

Ian Kenny

Jason Kessler

Danielle Ketner

Oleksandr Khibin

Austin Kim

Ellie Kim

Gil Hyun Kim

Hwiwoong Kim

Juyoung Kim

Robert Kimbrough

Brandon King

Charles King

Rachel Kinnard

Meaghan Kirchner

Christian Klein

Natalie Klein

Alison Kobayashi

Delaynie Koenig

Arjun Kolady

Michelle Krudop

Rachel Kwak

Anna Laboranti

Marissa Lacer

Durell LaFitte

Deborah Lagin

Natalie Laine

Serafina Laine

Michael Lam

Pallavi Lambah

Chad Lampley

Andre Langenhuizen

Andrew Langridge

Rachel Latsis

Manish Laxman

Donghyun Lee

Jeehyong Lee

Sarah Lee

Marily Lemos

John Lewis

Aaron Limtiaco

Sharon Lin

Nicole Lingenfelder

Jordan Livigni

Chelsea Loewenstein

Kelsey Lomas

Brandon Lortz

William Ludington

Kinsey Lundin

Natasha Luther

Raul Maga–a

Lauren Malindzak

Michael Mallory

Rebecca Malmrose

Adam Manaa

Joseph Manuel

YuJun Mao

Aleksandar Marjanovic

Maxim Markovic

Ana Marquez

Jenna Martin

Nicole Martin

Candela Martinez

Cecilia Martinez

Adam Marx

Nicholas Maskiell

Jacob Maslana

Dennis Maslennikov

Eric Mason

Yury Matamet

Korynne Matile

Peter Matulich

Katie Maze

Nicole McDaniel

Becker McGuire

Nikki McIntosh

Timothy McLaughlin

Conor McLeod

Kyle McManus

Elaine Medeiros

Vanessa Medina

Nikita Mehandru

Jennifer Meisenheimer

Sidara Meissner

Kiera Melton

James Metz

John Metzler

Hannah Milano

John Milligan

Rachel Milligan

Meredith Mills

Adam Mitchell

Iris Miu

Cory Mohn

Babbie Monahelis

Andrew Mondello

Kyle Monson

Elena Montauti

Taeseop Moon

Abigail Moore

Erica Moran

Frances Moreno

Rebecca Moreno

Kelly Morgan

Joseph Moroney

Ally Morris

Joseph Mosely

Tarek Mousali

Nadia Mufti

Nishat Mujeeb

Ashley Nair

Tanya Nandykazi

Reid Napoleon

Joshua Nathan

Scott Needham

Christopher Nespor

Kaitlyn Neuer

Karl Neumann

Alexander Newman

Leo Nino

Patrick O'Brien

Sean O'Connell

Sara O'Connor

Sebastian Ojeda

Allison Okurowski

Lindsay Olenic

Kevin Oliva

Michael Olsen

Kaitlin Oltman

Christopher Opperwall

Alyssa Ornelas

Gabrielle Orzech

Matthew Orzech

Alejandro Osterholt

Simar Pannu

Katrina Paraskevopoulos

Ashley Parish

Andy Park

Julia Park

Kaitlin Park

Sang Park

Daniel Parlee

Aaron Parr

Romit Patel

Sarah Paul

Eric Peaslee

Anthony Pedregal

Jacob Peinado

Taylor Peissner

Rohin Pendekanti

Benjamin Perceval

Alex Peter

Casey Peters

Kelsey Petersen

Taylor Petty

Haley Pickerell

Olivia Pipitone

Nicholas Piscotty

Emily Pluhowski

Christopher Pocs

Ember Poggio

Danielle Pope

Colton Portela

Robert Potter

Eryn Powers

Priyanka Prasad

Julia Price

Christina Probst

Meghan Puckett

Krutika Puntambekar

Gian Quiroz

Shyamprasad Radhakrishna

Dipti Rai

Kirin Rajagopalan

Allen Razavi

John Razzell

Abigail Read

Kendall Ready

Alyssa Recupero

Colleen Redmond

Travis Reeves

Kelly Reinke

Kevin Rice

Phillip Richardson

Stefan Richter

Reg Rivera

Kelsie Roach

Jackson Rogers

Alexander Rojas

Marty Romero

Lucia Romo

Alexandra Rosenblum

Zachary Rotter

Allison Rowe

Marilyn Rozran

Amelia Ruhland

Farah Ruhullah

Ryan Rumsey

Nicholas Russo

Sydney Ryder

Se Young Ryoo

Gianna Sabatini

Maria Isabel Sahagun

Rupali Saiya

Breanna Salcido

Keoni Sanchez

Alexander Sanciangco

Candace Sanders

Angelina Sangiacomo

Christina Sarich

Emlyn Schmidt

Erin Schoendienst

Eric Schwem

Cameron Seams

Andrew Seitz

Kara Seliga

Salma Seraj

Derek Sereda

Yusra Shah

Aashna Shaikh

Ghazaleh Sharify

Robert Sheppard

Alex Shih

Justin Shotwell

Ryan Silva

Joseph Silva V

Lesley Simms

Deepak Singh

Nick Skinner

Travis Sleek

Brandon Smart

Kevin Smith

Melissa Smith

Michael Smith

Krishnapriya Somasekharan

Byung Sub Song

Eric Song

Tracey Song

Benjamin Sornsen

Briana Sorochak

Tyrone Spruill

Olivia Stafford

Ellora Staker

Brian Standish

Dylan Steen

Zachary Stevenot

Danielle Stickler

Kyle Stivers

Courtney Stonesifer

Presley Strother

Megan Struebing

Alexander Stuber

Bowei Su

Jessica Sullivan

Matthew Sun

Kyle Surber

Phillip Szeto

Dylan Tait-Mole

Andrea Tanada

Marcus Tang

Kyle Tanis

Caroline Tanonis

Kristine Tavernier

Jason Teague

Elena Teig Kjos

Alyse Terschuren

Shelby Terschuren

Taylor Terschuren

Kendall Testa

Abinaya Thata

Tyler Theobald

Naomi Thompson

Alana Tichenor

Hannah Tillis

Gunnar Tjernagel

Maiya Tracy

Tyler Tracy

Molly Travis

Emily Truax

Silvia Trujillo

VasiLina Turintseva

Camren Turner Chang

Alexander Tyson

Priya Vaishnav

Zachary Valentine

Devyn VanArkel

Megan Vanni

Gokulkrishna Varadha

Yahayra Vazquez

Deepak Veligenti

Miranda Vernick

Brian Vestal

Monjari Vipani

Alok Virkar

Allison Walker

Eric Walker

Brennan Walovich

Marissa Walsh

Yiqian Wang

Tyler Ward

Katherine Ware

Derek Warren

Andrew Weinberg

Alexander Wenzl

Jarred White

Sarah White

Kelsey Williams

Sarah Williams

Michael Wilson

Devin Windell

Timothy Wishnowsky

Aaron Wong

Matthew Wong

Natalie Wong

Rachel Wong

Jacqueline Woodwell

Ji Hoon Yoon

Kathy Yuh

Cliff Yung

Ryan Zehnder

Edward Zhang

Ziyuan Zhang

Ting Zhuo

Torrance Ziemer

Danielle Zosel

Foothill High School

Melanie Ann Abad

Jason Abranches

Ingrid Acker

Samantha Aghazarian

Stephen Akacsos

Abishek Akella

Leonard Alexander

Rachael Allen

Nicole Ambayec

Annalise Amos

Aleesha Anderson

Ronald Anderson Jr

Melissa Andrade

Karen Ang

Janica Angeles

Francis Albert Apolinario

Jamari Arnett

Mohammad Aryan

Dominic Aseremo

Lawrence Atherton

Melissa Atkins

Brandon Aufdenkamp

Kyle Bachand

Colton Baciarella

Adam Bailey

Victoria Bantz

Danielle Bargas

Lane Barlow

Jeremy Bassi

Matthew Beadle

Meghan Bean

Chase Beck

Ethan Begley

Maria Behm

Clay Bennett

Julia Bertolini

Gina Bettencourt

Arman Bet-Yonan

Chad Bianchi

Madeline Biehl

Victoria Binder

Alesha Blair

Geremy Blandino

Dominique Bodemann

Stephanie Boggs

Jeremy Bolen

Douglas Bonham

Monica Bonilla

Alexa Borg

Vicky Bouche

Jeffrey Bowser

Nicholas Brathwaite

Stephanie Brennan

Alexi Bridges

Kimberly Brinckerhoff

Rebecca Brown

Stephanie Brown

Justin Brunnett

Bradley Buenz

Joshua Buerke

Michael Bump

Anthony Burchett

Stacey Burkett

Brandon Byrne

Cody Caldeira

David Camarena

Ryan Campbell

Garrett Capaccioli

Elizabeth Cappel

Caesar Carandang

Kristen Carr

Vivianne Carrasco

Sarah Carrell

Kaitlynn Carter

Chandler Cash

Luis Castillo

Mary Chambers

Abheek Chanana

Joshua Chang

Alice Chao

Daron Chau

Jonathan Chau-Chiu

Kevin Chen

Brandon Chi

Jonathan Chiarello

Michael Chin

Jared Chinn

Joshua Cho

Julie Cho

Yehna Cho

Jae Ha Choi

Peter Choi

Alisha Chou

Keol Choy

Sharon Chung

Juan Cisneros

Ryan Clark

Vivian Climent

Justin Coelho

Matthew Cohen

Jordan Craig

Nick Csongor

Fiorella Cuba

Vanessa Cuevas

Tyler Curran

Casey Curtis

Rees Curtis

Zakee Darius

Katherine Darrin

Kavina Dave

Annamarie Dawson

Caitlin De Witt

Logan Dean

Ryan DeJoy

Kristen Desprez

Michelle DeStein

Michelle Dickinson

David Diktakis

James Ding

Kyle Doan

Brandon Door

Rahul Doraiswami

Christopher Dotson

Taylor Dragotta

Corin Drake

Stephen Duarte

Travis Duarte

Sean Duncan

Alyssa Dunlap

April Duranleau

Connor Eaton

Cooper Eisenmann

Ryan Elerick

Alexa Espinosa

Natasha Estevez-Breton

Dileep Eswar

Gabrielle Faccini

Matthew Falcone

Cameron Feldmann

Jeff Feng

Stephen Ferrel

Sam Fitz-Simon

Russell Flock

Catherine Fong

Michael Fontana

Caroline Fortini

Lindsey Fowler

Hannah Francis

Chris Franzella

Jessica Frazier

Austin Frederickson

Dylan Freitas

Goro Funada

Gabriel Garcia

Tatillana Garcia

Amanda Gaytan

Adebola Gbadebo

Joseph Gehringer

Sarah Geib

Harrison George

Angelica Georgopoulos

Megan Gerlach

Manveer Gill

Jennifer Goldstein

Jared Golisano

Aurash Gomroki

Ryann Gonsalves

Aunjilique Gonzalez

Jessica Gould

Timothy Goulet

Hatch Graham

Alan Greaney

Taylor Gregg

Thomas Greiner

Marcella Gross

Jessica Groza

Samantha Groza

Joshua Gubersky

Sarah Hadley

Natalie Hahn

Randall Hahn

Justin Hammond

Emily Hanamura

Cole Hanley

Connor Harber

Aurora Harger

Jonathan Harold

Kelley Harrington

Michael Harvey

Kyle Harris

Preston Hay

Jacquelynn Helberg-Najera

Thomas Heppner

Brandon Herbert

Tyler Herbert

Joseph Herman

Michael Herman

Sarah Herrera

Jenna Herzog

Ronald Hicks III

Matthew Higuera

Esther Hii

Lana Hodzic

Kinalani Hoe

Sarah Holmgren

Alexandra Holterhoff

Brandon Hom

Jesse Horkins

Steven Horton

Keaton Housman

Samuel Hsieh

Wenson Hsieh

Kaelyn Hsu

Meng-Hui Hsu

Anthony Hu

Bryan Hu

Jessica Huang

Pete Huang

Mackenzie Huff-Moser

Jennifer Hwang

Julia Innocenzi

Marianna Irby

Hayden Jackson

Matthew Jacobe

Megha Jain

Collin James

Garrison Janes

Nelida Jauregui

Christina Jayson

John Jelincic

Ashley Jenezon

Marissa Jette

Kevin Jin

Simron Johal

Ananda Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Connor Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Nicholas Johnson

Michaela Johnson Blanchard

Adam Johnstone

Victoria Johnstone

Celeste Jones

Nicholas Jones

Catherine Jue

Lindsey Jung

Sarah Jupina

Connor Jurich

Alexandria Kabitzke

Colin Kacinski

Heneli Kailahi

Abhinav Kalakuntla

Amanda Kalbarczyk

Leo Kam

Daniel Kang

Derek Kanowsky

Brandon Kanty

Ashlee Kardos

Gopi Karunamoorthy

Cathrine Keiner

Trent Kemp

Justin Ketzler

Rayed Khan

Lauren Kilborn

Robert Killian

Chan Kim

Curtis Kim

Elizabeth Kim

Eun Kim

Hayoung Kim

Joon Kim

Nari Kim

Peter Kim

Roy Kim

Simon Kim

Yeon Kim

Yu Jung Kim

Britten Kinley

Linnea Kirk

Emily Klein

Vincent Komala

Trevor Konopka

Monica Kosinski

Khushpreet Kour

Danielle Kozel

Kurt Koziol

Benjamin Krebs

Siddarth Krishnan

Victoria Kruger

Amit Kumar

Jonathan Kuo

Suchi Kuo

Suhau Kuo

Ellen Kwan

Courtney Kyer

Cody Laffer

Jack Lambert

Tamara Landicho

Ryan Lanning

Taylor LaPorte

Diana Lara

Xavier LaRosa

Evan Larsen

Jordan Larson

Dominic Lathos

Samantha LeClaire

Aaron Lee

Christina Lee

Hyeran Lee

Jaesung Lee

Patricia Lee

Yeoun Lee

Yuri Lee

Allison LeLaurin

Timothy Leong

Chelsea Letasse

Zimmon Leung

Trace Levinson

Wendy Li

Aren Lim

Danielle Lim

Albert Lin

Mary Lindsey

Jonathon Lipski

Jonathan Liu

Minyu Liu

Gianna Livigni

Victoria Louie

Keith Love

Emily Lundin

Sandra Luo

Leah Lyons

Christie Macasieb

Elizabeth MacLean

Kevin Magni

Ryan Mah

Ameet Mahal

Karl Maier

Adal Malik

Sabrina Malki

Sarah Mammen

Manraj Mangat

Adelina Mantor

Joseph Manzi

Colby Marceau

Christopher Martinez

Daniel Martinez

Alisha Mathalikunnel

Alexandra Matsu-Buen

Thomas Maurice

Kortnie Maxoutopoulis

Lauren Maxwell

Jacob May

Alex McClenon

Kenneth McCurry

Cian McDermott

Sydney McDermott

John McGrath

Cherise Mejia

Anissa Mendez

Cassandra Mensinger

David Michael

Marissa Mihin

Spencer Miller

Callie Milligan

Seong Jun (Jason) Min

Andrew Mirto

Nakeesa Mirzadeh

Deepa Mistry

Tevin Mitchell

Stephan Mohajer

Tu-Ariki Molloy

Neema Monfared

Jonathan Monterrosa

Steven Moore

Frank Morley

Alexa Morphis

Alison Muller

Stephanie Munro

Kristi Murphy

Yash Nagda

Swathi Narahari

Szarotka Narzekalski

Naveed Nassiri

Daniel Nath

Anika Nayyar

Caitlin Neal

Ashwin Netto

Sarah Ng

Tina Nguyen

Celia Ochoa

Tori Odama

Steven Ofstedahl

Sarah Olaguer

Arianne Olarig

Clare O'Leary

Nathaniel O'Neil

Rebecca O'Neil

Christopher O'Neill

Shane O'Neill

Carlos Ordaz

Justin Orozco

Nathalie Ortega

Andres Oswill

Kevin Park

Tae Joo Park

Jeannie Park

Lindsay Parkinson

Akash Patel

Heli Patel

Peter Pawlak

Michael Payne

Kristin Pedersen

DeJon Peirson

Evan Pendleton

Bree Perry

Conner Perry

Nicolas Peterson

Alan Phan

Virginia Phan

Kevin Phiengsai

Chiara Phillips

Nicole Phillips

Andrea Pinho

Zachary Piona

Daniel Pittenger

Joseph Plaster

Austen Potter

Jake Potter

Marie-Christine Poulin

Lucie Pustova

Norelle Powell

Kurt Pretzel

Zachary Probert

Taryn Qi

Sara Quero

Aditya Ramachandran

Mitchell Reed

Emily Regal

Jennifer Reid

Jordan Reid

Matthew Reisenthel

Subhashree Rengarajan

Steven Reni

James Rhoades

Connor Richards

Mollie Richardson

Joshua Rigor

Brodie Roberts

Kelly Roberts

Mason Robertson

Nicholas Roby

Allison Rodriguez

Rina Romano

Joseph Romero

Catherine Ronan

Austin Root

Stephanie Ropp

Hayleigh Rose

Dean Rosenberg

Cameron Rowland

Daniel Rycerski

Farhan Sareshwala

Veeral Sarhad

Mackenzie Sarin

Luke Savage

Sydnee Schaffer

Laura Schem

Dominic Schlies

Joseph Schneider

Kara Schott

Blake Schultz

Elsa Schwaninger

Bram Sciammas

Jason Scott

Daniel See

Sarah Serrao

Sarav Shah

Varun Sharma

Dereck Shi

Banaz Shwan

Imran Siddiqi

Ranjit Sidhu

John Sieverding

Nicole Silvestre

Megan Simpson

Jessica Sin

Harpreet Singh

Parampreet Singh

Victoria Sladek

Madeline Smedley

Charles Smith

Alexandra Snyder

Justin So

Megan Soldati

Jennifer Sparks

Greig Spivey

Ryan Splain

Majken Stamnes

Troy Stetson

Paul Stiehr

Kami Stolzenburg

Dylan Strangmeyer

Jaclyn Strom

Cassandra Stuart

Susanne Styles

An Chi Su

Pinhwa Su

Yuheng Sun

Adriana Sutalo

Karlee Sutherland

Kelly Symons

Megan Tabler

Paige Tabler

Alex Tam

Osanna Tam

Dean Tan

Alicia Tang

Nicholas Tasto

Ross Thomas

Jacob Thornton

Angelica Tinoco

Ekaterina Tiourin

Maximillian Tolentin

Christopher Toorani

Nico Tornaghi

Grayson Toschi

Bryan Trevor

Nina Truong

Yu-Tung Tsai

Mimi Tseng

Michael Udinski

Hugo Fernando Urioste

Brent Usedom

Trevor Uyeda

David Valadez

Amy Vanderlip

Kevin Vicencio

Alexandria Villanueva

Revati Vishwasrao

Aristotle Vlacos

Mitchell Von Pein

Theodore Vuong

Morgan Wacek

Audrey Wagner

Maxwell Wang

Dakota Watterworth

Madelaine Weber

Chase Weise

Logan Wheatley

Tyler Whitaker

Duncan Williams

Ellen Wilson

Kirpa Wirk

Monica Wiseman

Jacqueline Wong

Jaime Wong

Joseph Wong

Joanna Woo

Jake Wood

Christian Woodward

Lauren Woolley

Peter Wrenn

Annie Wu

Brian Wu

Chun-Hao Wu

Di Wu

Helen Wu

Stephanie Wu

Alexandros Xides

Jessica Xu

Ray Yan

Huazhou Yang

Junho Yang

Matthew Yankovich

Benjamin Yee

Megan Yeggy

Lei Yeh

Iden Yekan

Christine Yi

Matthew Yount

Jackson Zarubin

Anna Zhang

Jiahong Zheng

Xingqi Zheng

Terry Zhou

Kyle Zuniga

Horizon Graduates

Amanda Boldt

Natasha D'Gracia

Crystal Homayun

Angeles Leon

Yasiman Moreland

Esmeralda Moreno

Elizabeth Provost

Brenda Solis

Briseida Zamora

Monique Zepeda

Village High School

Josephine Ahn

Bryan Aufdenkamp

Danika Beard

Trevor Bradley

Emily Brown-Winters

Carl Brucker

David Cancel

Jay Coles

Kelsey Cordano

Erin Cornford

Joseph Costa

Joshua Crow

Jordan Davis

Stephen Day

Evan Eacret

Cortney Garcia

Christian Ghera

Cynthia Gil

Alex Glovin

Jordan Goodman

Ethan Gould

Jenni Hammer

David Harvey

Jacqueline Hernandez

Justin Hernandez

Corey Hooker

Charlene Irish

Angel Irizarry

Jason Javed

Brittani Rose Jennings

Vianey Jimenez

Aaron Kitchen

Christopher Koidal

Isaac Loyer

Alejandra Maciel

Ariana Madkin

Gilberto Marquez

Scott Mcallister

Katelyn Merrill

Anthony Michel

Emily Milan

Michael Milazo

Rena Montgomery

Dylan Morgan

Jonathan Mulder

Tiffin Mullenax

Jessica Newby

Sarah Parin

Janninne Perez

Cory Persson

Anthony Ramirez

Jordan Rasmussen

Brandon Rayborne

Patrick Rayborne

Sina Razaviyazdi

Deanna Rivera

Orlando Rodriguez

Anthony Schiell

Chiara Sene

Shakaib Shaghasi

Sabrina Soracco

Kyle Svensson

Aaron Taggart

Camilla Talarico

Jasmin Talisschim

Malcolm Tilley

Jose Torres

Vanessa Williams

Kendall Wright

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