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Termite stories

Original post made by Need a fix!, Another Pleasanton neighborhood, on Sep 11, 2012

Outside, about 9 feet above ground I have a cluster of something, thought it was nest at first. Online, I have learned it's a termite mud 'wall', with a pencil thin rod, or 'string'. I'm on a slab.
Which individual companies in the valley are trustworthy, effective, methods, costs, warnings, don'ts etc. I don't was to waster more money than necessary. A townhouse, very small land area.
I don't want to be trapped in a 'national' contract.


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Posted by Sam
a resident of Oak Hill
on Sep 11, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Termite tubes from subterranean termites extend up to 9 feet above the earth? I didn't know that they reached that high. Also, maybe I'm mistaken but I thought that if you live in a townhouse, it would be the HOA's responsibility to deal with the problem. If not, call any good termite company to check out the problem. I use Pacific Coast Termite, but you can find a number of good termite companies on Yelp.

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Posted by Tennessee Jed
a resident of Jensen Tract
on Sep 12, 2012 at 7:52 am

Several years ago, I had a termite inspector come out to look at our house, just for giggles. The first company sent their representatives out and he poked around the perimeter of the house, looked around and declared that we had termite problems in some areas. He pointed to a few boards around windows and on the corner of the house and declared that we needed to have our house tented and fumigated to kill off all the termites.

Now mind you, all this poking and prodding was done on newly painted surfaces which he declared were termite infested. I thanked him for coming out and providing his estimate. I then called another termite eradication company which used a method not involving a tenting. When the second inspector was going around the house I pointed out what I was told was termite infestations, based on the previous inspector.

The upshot of it was the second inspector declared that I did not have any termites and that my property was in good condition and didn't require anything. He offered a plan in which they would inspect yearly and take care of any problems for a fraction of the cost that a tenting would have provided for. I think most of this stuff is just a scam and I would be very careful about who I eventually would have do any work on my house regarding termites.

And, by the way, we are still termite free to this day.