Town Square

Station to nowhere?

Original post made by Don, Downtown, on Sep 20, 2009

Just wanted to offer some memories and insight to the mess-up by BART. This is not anything new. I worked in the 60's for Berkeley Pump Co. The company had won the contract to supply pumps in the underground system. Well needless to say it was a total mess right from the beginning. For example when the concrete was done the mounting bolts for our pumps were to be placed in the concrete while it was wet. Well someone must have thrown them in because they were sticking in all directions and delayed plus cost the project to complete it the right way the second time. There were many many other stupid mistake that occurred all through the construction phase.

So, just a word or warning this or something like it will happen again before we get this station online. Mark my words. I could speculate why idiotic things like this happen but it all boils down to a government agency (BART) doing something, constructing a system or in this case a station, that it has now business doing. Should have turned the whole project over to CalTrans or better yet that private construction company that does work on the bay bridge. Oh, and give them a nice bonus, say 2.5 million for completing the station early. With the correctly welded steel for the pedestrian bridge done the first time.