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Rash of Commercial Burglaries

Original post made by Local Business, another community, on Feb 2, 2013

As a business owner and having had our own recently burglarized when we were closed (and safely home) I would like to warn local businesses that there is a rash of these burglaries currently happening to businesses in Pleasanton (Stoneridge, Santa Rita, Hopyard and more). After our own break-end in the early morning, just 6 days later another business was broken into also in the early morning hours. The two business are on the same block and on the ground floor, both have windows that allow a clear view of the inside including valuable computer equipment. In some cases, the offices were inside buildings. Windows were broken in order to gain access to both business. They may also first try using a crowbar to open the door.

These burglars are after computers, especially Apple/mac computers. In both of these cases, it would appear that the thieves may have scoped out the business and even perhaps during the day when the businesses are operating. Make a note if something strikes you odd about a person who visits your business or is seemingly looking into your windows. Use your cellphone to take a picture of them if you can do so safely. Also, a video surveillance system, and in our case and the other business broken into, could be used to help identify the thieves, while an alarm may not deter them as they get in and out so quickly that they are gone before the police arrive.

If you are a business owner with computers, especially Apple macs, you should lock them away or taken them home. As bothersome as this may be to the staff, it is worth it. Also, consider investing in a remote server that automatically back ups your data. Also, store confidential client information on that server and not the computer. If you have newer macs, register your equipment in the iCloud so that it is traceable and so that you may erase your data when the computer is turned on and accesses the internet. Luckily for us, we did not lose our valuable information nor was there a security breach of personal information and we did have a remote server so we lost to valuable data -- and we were able to continue our business.

Finally, make sure you have all your equipment's serial numbers noted in a safe place and keep all your receipts. This will help with police reports and insurance claims.

Please let other businesses in your area know about this increase in crime. You may not hear about in the newspaper but it is happening. Wishing you the best in 2013.