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Sunol Glen School - Small town school = excellent

Original post made by Sharon, Parkside, on Jan 31, 2012

Sunol Glen School is a great school and I know many people do not even realize that they have open enrollment every year. Many of their students come in from Pleasanton and Fremont area because Sunol does not have enough student to fill the school. My grandchildren attend there and I just love the school.

It is a small school with I believe around only 220 students, which makes it great for the kids. They still have class sizes under 25 in most classes so they have a good teacher to student ratio.
For K-3 elementary they have the combined classes. My granddaughter is in 1st grade this year and they have half K and have 1st grade. After lunch the Kindergarten kids go home and the first grade kids get their after noon session with around 12 kids or so and get the special attention they need. Its GREAT!!!!

I think open enrollment is starting now, ,so this is something to think about if you are tired of large class sizes.
They still have art, computer lab and music starting in 1st grade.
Check this school out, its well worth looking at.