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BARTD Transportation Permanent Tax NOT good, NOT Fair

Original post made by Taxed already, Livermore, on Jan 30, 2012

Tim Hunt's article on the Transportation Taxes (which is closed for comment) points out we already pay one-half-cent surcharge for the county hospital system, the one-half-cent sales tax for transportation and the BART one-half-cent tax.

More Broken Promises?: I would really like to be able to Ride the Bartd that Livermore has been promised and we've been paying for for over 40 years, but the promised parking is not available at any reasonable times, and the bus is not convenient and time consuming.
(Bartd actually sold most of the Dublin ground level parking lot that is still in "temporary" in use, and not now adequate to a developer for more Instant Overcrowding apartments, when they built the small parking structure.)
While I might vote for a Temporary tax for a stated purpose, yet another Permanent tax is unsavory.