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America's Crisis of Leadership

Original post made by Stacey, Amberwood/Wood Meadows, on Oct 16, 2011

America is suffering right now from a crisis of leadership.

Liberals have written off the Tea Party while failing to understand the basic frustration with government running through America that leads Tea Partiers to cry, "Taxed Enough Already!" Let's remember that the original Boston Tea Party was not a no-tax event, but a no-taxation-without-representation event.

Conservatives may write off the Occupy protestors while failing to see how much of a successor they are to what got started by the Tea Party. Occupiers focus their attention at the Street and it is justified. Yet I see in the protestors the same frustration with a government that caters to special interests (the Street) rather than 100% of Americans interests.

Herman Cain telling protestors it is their fault is both offensive and yet true. We the people voted and then looked the other way. Our young people don't have jobs and are facing a bleak future while middle-class wages have stagnated and health care costs have exploded. We failed to hold our government accountable for it. We thought that our government would continue to provide the American Dream for us in our absence when all along it was us who forgot that the American Dream is made by the people.

Obama's response to the Occupy Wall Street movement has been nothing more than cheering from the sidelines. I hope you are as disappointed as I am by the response. That's not what America needs. This is a prime opportunity for Obama to harness the very public displays of American frustration with government to push through credible policy ala FDR yet it would seem that his inexperience is getting the better of him now in this moment. He's doing exactly the same thing the two political parties are doing: worrying about their own political future rather than addressing America's basic economic problems. I'm afraid that the Republicans appear unable to field an equally capable candidate.