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Artful Fundraiser at the Museum "Paint Your Town"

Original post made by Claudette McDermott, Del Prado, on Jun 10, 2009

As one of the Artists that participated in the recent Fundraiser "Paint Your Town" I have to say I really enjoyed it. This was their first attempt and I think they did a great job, but perhaps they can listen to the suggestions that Artists make for next year and it can be even better. The turn out with the amount of professional Artwork was just a handful, but there were some beautiful pieces done by seasoned artists that were auctioned off at very reasonable prices, for the collector. We painted from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and I used every minute of it. I worked in oil and it usually takes me at least a couple of days. I am also not a landscape artist, I'm more of a surrealist/abstract impressionist so I found it challenging. I painted at the Milfleur store on Ray Street (the oldest building in Pleasanton, the old jail) along with a couple of other artists that worked in watercolor. Some of the Artists that participated are showing their work at "The Berry Patch" on Main and Angela.

Perhaps next year we could create a map for the community with Artists names and media and their locations where they can visit the artists and see the work in progress. *This will make it more interesting to bid on and more of the public will come and bid when they see something ahead of time they might be interested in. They will also have a chance to bond with the Artist :) and the work. Interaction adds to the fun of any Art Event.

I would like to see the Live Auction pieces out front in the Daylight during the viewing and Auction. Lighting is Very important to view art properly and space around each piece. *(I would love to handle this portion next year. hint hint :) No one knew what was being part of the Live auction until the last minute. When purchasing art you really need to consider what and how much you are willing to spend even for a fundraiser.

And lastly, if you want to get more serious artists out there to paint (which would make for a better fundraiser) and donate their paintings you need to offer them a % of the total sale. This is what I heard from other Artists when we discussed entering the Fundraiser when first notified. Many were a bit insulted when they heard that even if the pieces were not auctioned off, the Museum would still own the pieces out right. This is something that made many artists hold back from being involved. These pieces should be given back to the artist. *A good alternative would be for the Artists, as I did, put a minimum bid on your own work. If no one else bids you get the painting back and you've been able to help by donating for a good cause.

For those of you that went, what did you think? Those that didn't turn out for the Funding of the Museum why? And if you have any suggestions on how to make it better next year (this will be an annual fundraiser for the museum) please comment below so we can improve on this worthy and community oriented fundraiser.