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Time To Stand Up To The BART Unions

Original post made by Davidg, Birdland, on Sep 14, 2013

With the fast approaching end of the 60 day cooling off period for BART, lets hope that the general population lets the BART unions know that we will not allow the entire region to be held hostage to their out of control demands. Lets prepare for the imminent strike while voicing our total disgust with the transit unions that seems to have no concept of reality at this point. As the Mercury News editorial states, we need to prepare for a BART strike. "If the board stands firm, as it should, and labor leaders continue their intransigence, workers will probably strike Oct. 11. There will be gridlock.
So, start making plans to carpool or, if possible, work from home. Plan to travel outside commute hours. Stock up on household supplies to avoid unnecessary trips. Schedule virtual conferences rather than meeting in person". This madness by the BART unions must stop.