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Fourth of July: Keep Rover (and Scat the Cat) Safe!

Original post made by dogfather, another community, on Jul 3, 2013

To the tune of San Francisco/Flowers in Your Hair Web Link (RiP Scott McKenzie)

If you're going to Dan-ville’s parade,
Be sure to leave your loving Fido home.
It’s way too hot, and shade there is not --
Heat stroke’s just an awful way to go.
Fido’s not built for Dan-ville’s parade
He only sweats by panting with his tongue.
There’s too big a crowd; shotguns are too loud.
Summertime he won’t be lovin’ there.
All across the nation,
Such a sad situation,
Pets in a panic …
Yearly on this occasion,
Shelters face inundation,
Pets in a panic,
They run when they’re frantic …
For those who come to Dan-ville’s parade,
Be sure to leave your Fido safe at home.
A cool dark spot, and water (a lot!)
Summertime he’ll be a lovin’ there!

July 4th is no picnic for your pets -- it may be their Worst day of the year. Please, please keep your pups away from the parade; if you think the air's hot -- and it's forecast for up-to-triple digits -- try walking barefoot on the asphalt. Dogs are also creatures of habit and routine -- even if Fido is socialized around home and the dog park, the chaos of a parade is dramatically different. It can provoke fear and annoyance behaviors, the consequences of which are Your fault.

Later, be sure your pets are cool and Securely contained when you go out to enjoy fireworks. They're better escape artists than you know --I once had a dog go out the accordion closure of a second-floor window fan, and all he wanted to do was take a swim. Soothing music may help. Every year, panicked pets die on the road, or in shelters over-burdened by runaways. Don't let that be your companion!

And thanks!