Town Square

It's not About the Ice Cream--or the Landlord

Original post made by resident, Downtown, on Mar 27, 2013

According to the landlord, the problem is the out of control kids. Where were the parents to prevent this?
Coldstone was the draw for the kids, but Coldstone should hardly be expected to discipline these nasty, loud mouthed, swearing brats that swarmed the plaza every day. They showed up on skateboards, took over all of the seats, bought one scoop of ice cream and drove the real customers away. They screamed from table to table, threw their food, stayed forever and left a mess. Why would any rational person choose to patronize the stores around there? Why should the landlord, or the store owners, be expected to continually clean up the mess and repair the damage? I'm not at all sure that another ice cream place will be much better. If the landlord wants to stop the kid problem he needs to either hire his own security people or show up himself to deal with it. As we all know, the parents of Pleasanton kids will do nothing to make their little angels behave, they will only complain that "somebody" does not create places for their kids to go.
No one in Pleasanton is responsible for making a place for kids to be entertained at public and taxpayer expense when those same kids show such utter disregard for personal and property rights. Teach your kids to act like humans, not animals, and perhaps they will be welcomed to co-exist with other humans.


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