Town Square

“Utterly Without Merit”

Original post made by Alan Marling, Livermore, on Feb 10, 2022

Save Livermore Downtown wasted everyone's time and money. Their lawsuit against affordable housing was denied last Friday by Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch, who said their, “CEQA arguments are almost utterly without merit.” Though the special-interest group printed many ads claiming ground toxicity, only their obstructionism toward affordable housing during a housing crisis proved to be toxic.

The special-interest group didn’t just spend some money in a spurious lawsuit. They wasted over $500,000. They had to post that much in a bond assessed by Judge Frank Roesch after he ruled their lawsuit was in bad faith or merely “for the purpose of delaying or thwarting low-income housing.” At that point, they should have dropped the suit. Instead they doubled down, extracting more funds from the community over the holidays with Scrouge-worthy ads with such festive messages as “A Christmas Wish.” Livermore has been impoverished in more ways than one.

And let’s be clear who’s responsible. Save Livermore Downtown was spearheaded by Joan Seppala, owner of the Independent, and Jean King, who with Seppala is a board member of Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. (Portion removed)
If only that was the lone special-interest group lead by Joan Seppala and Jean King. They also advocated for Save North Livermore, which is still litigating against a solar farm during a climate emergency. Their “Friends of Livermore” even spoke against solar energy itself on Earth Day 2021, claiming, “The public need for solar is overstated or doesn’t exist.” (Portion removed) And this year, they opposed infrastructure needed for the downtown hotel, which is supported by the majority of Livermore voters, the entire City Council, and the Chamber of Commerce.

How could Joan Seppala and Jean King support so many toxic positions? Do they only care about making their lawyer friends rich? At best, they have isolated themselves in an echo chamber stuck in the last century. I urge them to stop attempting to control a city they no longer understand, or they risk being remembered as “utterly without merit.”