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Student-Led Pawse Club Fundraises for Animal Rescue Saving Senior Dogs

Original post made by Hannah Yu, Pleasanton Valley, on Sep 25, 2021

Pawse is a student-led nonprofit organization with branches across California. Our mission is to advocate pet adoption and animal rescue by hosting events that focus on animal rescue, educating our community about responsible pet ownership, and partnering with local animal shelters/rescue organizations. We encourage everyone to pause a moment, do research, and discover a whole animal rescue community out there!

A few weeks ago, we organized a fundraiser on behalf of Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR). Their mission is to rescue and save senior or terminally ill German Shepherd Dogs from life-threatening situations and to find homes in which they can live out their natural lives in love and comfort. TSGSR commits to covering medical expenses for life, even after adoption. Our club members were so moved and inspired by their mission that we knew we wanted to support them and amplify their message. Together, with the help and support of our community, we were able to raise a few hundred dollars for TSGSR!

In all of our projects, we love to collaborate with local animal rescues and shelters. In the past, we have hosted educational webinars with the founder of dog rescue Love and Second Chances, and with the directors of the Best Friends Animal Society Action Team. To support the Tri-Valley Animal Rescue, we also held a sticker and bandana fundraiser. During the holidays, we organized a donation drive for East County Animal Shelter and Hayward Animal Shelter where we collected over $1000 worth of pet supplies.

One of our more large-scale initiatives was creating a service project for Rescue the Underdog’s foster families. We created Thank You packages, including items such as homemade dog treats, toys, and food. In conjunction with this, we filmed a documentary about the importance of animal rescue and fostering. In our documentary, named “Saving Lives, One Paw at a Time,” we interviewed foster families from San Francisco dog rescue, Rescue the Underdog, to amplify a shared message: Adopt, don't shop. We hope that everyone may find inspiration and an understanding of animal fostering by listening to these wonderful foster homes' stories, experiences, and advice!
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Our team is currently working on planning an adoption event in collaboration with a local animal rescue. We strive to continue spreading awareness about animal rescue and create a positive impact in our community!