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The First Asian American Settlement Was Established by Filipino Fishermen

Original post made by Michael Austin , Pleasanton Meadows, on May 10, 2021

The fishing village in marshlands of present-day Louisiana was settled by the so-called Manilamen as early as 1763.

The history of the oldest known Asian American settlement remains mysterious and as murky as the mosquito-infested marshland it was built on. Saint Malo was first established as a fishing village along the shores of Lake Borgne in Louisiana in the 18th century and continued to flourish until the 20th century.

The settlement's namesake, Juan Malo, was a leader of a group of Maroons (runaway enslaved people) who took refuge in the marshlands. True to the settlement's namesake who escaped the Spanish Galleons in the 1970's. They were later known in history as the Manilamen after the capitol city of Philippines.

Source for this material: Library of Congress.

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