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Drought NEWS

Original post made by mooseturd, Pleasanton Valley, on Oct 27, 2015

Drought Headline From December 2015.

Pleasanton acting water czar Aqua Nada, issued the latest press release on Pleasanton water utilization this morning.

“In view of the fact that we are now well into the fifth year of our unprecedented drought, I am immediately ordering implemenation of the following conservation measures.

1. Flushing of residential toilets is prohibited. Citizens may use facilities at City Hall or one of the numerous portapotties located throughout the city.
2. Cooking and washing dishes is allowed at home on an even/odd system. This is based on the seventh digit of the cell phone number for the head of household at each address.
3. Commercial car wash facilities are closed until further notice. “

Mr. Nada thanks all citizens for conserving in these forseeable but not planned for times of crisis.