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Original post made by Laverne Miller-Chochki, Hart Middle School, on May 1, 2014

Pleasanton School Board Shenanigans!
Many of us moved to Pleasanton for the good public schools. Our elected school board not only sweeps many issues under the rug, but…it has been said that they may even be working their way towards year round school to help the city avoid building new schools. Right now they are attempting to shorten summer, and change the schedule..mainly for the benefit of high school kids. Their lack of leadership is failing us. Their willingness to allow the union to bully them, is harming us.
A principal at Walnut Grove was forced to leave, despite the fact that it appeared the majority of the parents at that school supported him. Surprisingly a copy-cat situation is happening right now at Hart Middle School. The principal has been holding teachers accountable for doing their jobs at Hart.
Like most schools Hart has many GREAT teachers, there are just a handful of bad/lazy ones sitting around waiting to retire at the expense of our kids education. Most parents, students & teachers know of the handful of bad teachers that have now ganged up against the principal at Hart. There is a female PE teacher who has bullied kids & parents for years. My son has one of the other teachers & he and at least half of his class have outside tutors to teach them what they should have learned in school that day. Thank goodness we have the funds to do so, but not all the parents do. What happens to their kids? They have to waste a year of not learning- math!
I support teachers, but I am so tired of lazy/useless teachers being employed no matter how many complaints by the parents. If it were any other profession, after that many complaints they would be fired. sad...those same teachers get to spend 1-6 hours with our kids everyday! Some principals are starting to do something about ‘those’ teachers. I THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!
Will we all just sit by & let the school board & union bully us, bully our kids!?!?! The school board members are our elected officials…and other than Valerie Arkin, I believe some are strictly there for their own political gain & don’t really give a crap about your kid, or mine.
What can we do??
COMPLAIN!!!!!! WRITE LETTERS OR EMAIL YOUR COMPLAINT! Don’t just post your complaint here…that won’t do much, if anything.
Complain to the school board, let them know you are not happy:
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Pleasanton’s superintendant:
City council liaison between the city/school district:
Snail mail em’ -4665 Bernal Avenue Pleasanton, CA 94566
Hate the new calendar ideas? Email the calendar commission & let them know:
County Superintendant Sheila Jordan:
California board of education:
California State Board of Education
1430 N Street, Suite #5111
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