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City Staff vs East Side

Original post made by East, Another Pleasanton neighborhood, on Oct 15, 2013

Stop Janice Stern, planning manager, and Brian Dolan, Director of Community Development from independently adding 669 ADDITIONAL new units on our Eastside It's bad enough that over 2,000 housing units are to be added on the East Side because of RHNA, the 'Regional Housing NEEDS Assessment', liberals idea of stirring the pot, and REdistribution through subsidizng housing.
Now, it seems Pleasanton needs to add 669 more units to meet the latest big-brother numbers mandate (325 multi- 344 single). That's bad enough, but Stern and Dolan, alone, just thought they would toss in those 669 into the absurd 2,000 East Side already planned for being dumped on the East Side....without discussion!!!!
NO !! That 669 is one dumping too many on the East Side.! This should be discussed at tonight's Planning meeting. Equality-sharing needs apply to ALL of Pleasanton's it was promised. WHO, if anybody is going to demand fair DISTRIBUTION throughout Pleasanton. 2,000 already waiting o the books is already TOO much! Don't even THINK about any more on the East Side. There are plenty of other spots in Pleasanton, that aren't getting any new RHNA building ! Get back to the drawing board!