Town Square

Have you seen me?

Original post made by Lost Cat, Downtown, on Jan 21, 2012

Has anyone lost a young in or around the general downtown area in the past month or so? This cat has long white fur is quite small, possibly just past kitten hood, and is wearing a plastic flea collar. The cat has been hanging around my home rarely venturing off for a few weeks now. The cat is terribly afraid of humans, and will hide or run if she/he even hears one in the distance. She/he however is quite affectionate with me and insists on being rubbed and held etc...
As I said she/he is quite small, extremely skinny, and most probably young as her/his little feet are a bit large for her/his body and her/his claws are still like little needles. If you think this is your cat post a response and we can figure out how to get your cat back to you!