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Urgent Request to Meet in D.C. at the Capitol Steps at 12 Noon...If You Want to Preserve Freedom for Your Family and for the Country

Original post made by Dave, Castlewood, on Nov 2, 2009

According to Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), it appears that the House will be voting on the 2000+ page National Healthcare bill. The Democrats will only allow approx. 4 hours for debate on the floor, which will not allow time for any amendments by the Republicans. This bill, if enacted, is very ominous for America's future and for your family's future in so many ways.

If this bill passes the House on Friday, the bill will go to the Senate where they will likely pass it automatically using a provision called "reconciliation" which requires only a simple 51% majority vote ... which the Senate has.

In other words, we only have a couple more days to help preserve our liberty. If you want to fight for your family's and America's freedom, do anything you can to fly to Washington D.C. and meet on the steps of the Capitol Building this Thursday at noon.

I strongly encourage you to watch this video below for more information.

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