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Pleasanton post office to stay open late tonight for tax filers

Original post made by Tea Party Time, Pleasanton Heights, on Apr 17, 2009

Unfortunately, I actually relied on correct information from this article. Unlike many people, I refuse to give the government an INTEREST FREE LOAN! and therefore was not going to receive a refund. And I do not give them the money until I have to, which is the 15th. Based on the information on this article, I had planned on mailing it from Black Ave after work, which was going to be late but well within the midnight hours stated in the article. Needless to say I was greeted by very angry and frustrated people leaving the Post Office and making plans to drive long distances to find an office that was open, I soon joined them. The Post Office was CLOSED!!! Shame on you and the Post Office for DECEIVING YOR READERS. I am very excited and hopeful to see the turn out at the Tea Party....spread the word....become informed.....Lets get many more out.