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October is Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Month!

Original post made by Paulette, Val Vista, on Oct 1, 2010

This month, those of us who suffer from this disorder are encouraged to "come out" and bring a greater awareness of this disease to the general public. Why? Well. We need more funding to find cures and treatments. Also, many people could be suffering from this disease (at an early stage or at an advanced stage that's been misundiagnosed); and, they could find support and some treatments to help them. Interstitial Cystitis is a disase that mimics a urinary infection in some people, in others, it presents itself as pain in the groin or upon urinating. Most people with this disorder are in a great deal of pain every time their bladders fill up. And, even a teaspoon of urine in there can cause massive pain in some folks or when one is in "flare" mode. For some of us, the nerves in the bladder are exposed because the GAG layer, which normally protects and seals off the nerves from the urine has deteriorated for unknown reasons. People with this disease need to go to the restroom immediately sometimes. So, if someone tells you they have this, please let them use the restroom, if you can. I remember having to do that in a store that didn't usually let people use the restroom. It is embarrassing; but, it's something we learn to live with. Most of us just stay close to home and don't go out alot. You can bet that I know where all the best bathrooms are in this area. LOL. If anyone out there in our area has this and would like a friend or just feels lost and thinks or knows they have this, feel free to call upon me at or you can go online to the Interstitial Cystitis Association the IC-Network, etc. There are also places on Facebook where many of us meet to get support and talk about our situations and get ideas for coping. Men and women both suffer from this disease. i use to think it was funny when my ex-husband use to always use the bathroom at the toll booth on the bridge before we crossed it. Now, I get it.


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