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The "October Surprise" is Coming

Original post made by Sobering Reality, Another Pleasanton neighborhood, on Jul 13, 2010

I strongly believe that Obama and his Admin will do anything possible...even stay in power.

The democrats can be diabolical in their planning and implementing "October Surprises" to retain power.

Two examples:
- The feeble attempt by Dan Rather & Co. to falsify documents with the goal of destroying Bush's presidential bid

- The 2008 collapse of the financial market at precisely a time when McCain was peaking in the polls against Obama ...caused by -- I know this is controversial -- billionaire George Soros and his cohorts who greatly benefitted from this collapse

The goal of the coming October Surprise will be to cause so much civil unrest and outrage among Americans that it will cause stock in Obama to rise before the November election.

I strongly believe that Obama hates this country so much that he and his cohorts... (e.g. Eric Holder, the New Black Panther Party, the SEIU, etc.) will plan and carry out something so horrendous ... but that they'll try to pin it on the American Tea Partiers.

Example: Another "Tim McVeigh" event on steroids...blamed on Tea Partiers

The following article also presents other sobering and very ominous

- the 2nd Great Depression
- a nuclear attack

Article >>> Web Link

As the author of the above article states...

But the party of haters, infiltrators, anti-capitalists, the party that is anti-freedom and anti-individual rights, is going to have to pull off something really catastrophic to stay in power this November. And they will, because it is abundantly clear now that they despise the premise of America and they mean to replace it with statism, the source of untold, incomprehensible human misery for centuries.

Ayn Rand wrote of statism that

a statist system -- whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or 'welfare' type -- is based on the ... government's unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. ... Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.

With chilling prescience, Rand said, "The basic principle and the ultimate results of all statist doctrines are the same: dictatorship and destruction. The rest is only a matter of time."

Only a matter of time.

We have a long and terrible fight in front of us. The fight is as big as the idea, the foundation, the being of this great nation, the fight for America. Yes, it's as big as all that, and the enemy is ruthless, unscrupulous, and evil -- and willing to do whatever it takes to assume absolute control. They build nothing, produce nothing, create nothing, invent nothing. They steal. They demand. They demoralize. They are destroyers.


Remember, Obama is not your parents' FDR democrat. He will stop at nothing.

We are in the fight of our lives and for America's life.

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Posted by HHR
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 13, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Those damn liberals!

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Posted by Cal
a resident of Birdland
on Jul 13, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Sobering Reality,

Thanks for confirming why I think most Tea Party members are conspiracy theory driven nutjobs.

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Posted by M.
a resident of Downtown
on Jul 13, 2010 at 8:14 pm

M. is a registered user.

Don't forget that people thought the same thing was going to happen under Bush, both in 04 and 08. In fact the list here reads basically the same as the evidence for Bush's October revolution as it were, which clearly never happened. These stories have a way of being recycled with each passing administration, just change some verbiage around and update the names and incidents. We as a society love a good secret government plot or planned coup, or whatever we call it these days. Its part of the modern American folk lore now, just like Alien research at Area 51 or secret societies that rule the world/nation behind the scenes.


Posted by Name hidden
a resident of Ridgeview Commons

on May 31, 2017 at 11:43 am

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