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Pedestrian Safety

Original post made by Anonymous, Laguna Vista, on May 17, 2010

This particular thread is directed to what appeared to be a large school type group walking downtown shortly after the lunch hour on saturday between about 1 and 2pm. There were about 20 young children (8-10 years old or so) accompanied by 4-5 adults. I was driving, so did not actually do an exact count. HOWEVER, I did notice that this group crossed the street against the lights on multiple occasions. While I'm sure most of us have jaywalked at one time or another, it is not safe to do this with a large group of young kids, particularly when you're not able to watch each one individually. If the light at the crosswalk is clearly in the "do not walk mode" (indicated by a red hand), then you shouldn't be crossing the street with a group that large. It's not safe. It also gives children the wrong idea, that they can disregard the traffic lights and do that all the time.

(note:The incidents that I noticed were in the vicinity of the Rose hotel.)

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Posted by U HAVE NO CLUE
a resident of Nolan Farms
on May 18, 2010 at 8:56 am

i so agree with you, but lets put things in an accurate light. we are all guilty of some law breaking ( speeding, j.walking, running a red, ect.) [Portion removed due to disrespectful comment or offensive language] you know who they are you see the all day long in P-TOWN. the bicyclists who purposly run stop signs ( the children in this town are more RESPECTFUL BICYCLIST ) how about the non stop speeding in front of amador high ( i believe the speed limit is 25 WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT, 35 when their not, which is never), or the flagerant disregaurd for parking and driving laws that takes place daily at all the schools in pleasanton ( partly to blame is our mismanaged planners, take a good look some day at how each school is laid out, each, even the newer schools, is built to handle busses, not every kids personal car) one of my all time favorites the merging lane ( pick one, any one they're all the same, the cars in the merging lane have to pass as many cars as they can, all this usally just as they pass the DO NOT PASS sign). my point in all this is welcome to PLEASANTON the new home of the super arrogant, disrespectful, illmannered soccer mom, guy in a nise suit,couple out for a sunday walk, family at the resturant. pleasanton did not use to be this way. to blame in all this is law enforcment, why , because when you turn a blind eye to this type of behavior your promoting it. you never see an adult cyclist being ticketed for running a red, yet they are writting tickets to kids all the time for helmet infractions. next time you see a cyclist or a group of cyclist approching a stop sign, wait( at a complete stop) till thier front tire has reached the white line then pull out and continue through the intersection, at this point THEY WILL HAVE COME TO A COMPLETE STOP and all will be good. please everyone, obey all traffic laws.thank you for your time.

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