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More Right-Wing Lies, With Beer Chaser

Original post made by Beer Chaser, Another Pleasanton neighborhood, on Aug 9, 2009

New Republic
June 17, 2009

More Right-Wing Lies, With Beer Chaser
Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing group last seen sponsoring Joe the Plumber's speaking tour against card-check legislation, is getting into the health care debate. And it's making arguments with all of the nuance and rigor you'd expect.

The vehicle for these arguments is a new advertisement, launched as part of the "Patients United Now" project and set to air this weekend, according to a source familiar with the ad buy. The tv spot features Shana Holmes--a Canadian woman who, according to the ad, suffered from brain cancer and came to the U.S. in order to get life-saving treatment. Here's the transcript:

Holmes: I survived a brain tumor, but if I’d relied on my government for healthcare, I’d be dead. I am a Canadian citizen. And as my brain tumor got worse, my government healthcare system told me I had to wait six months to see a specialist. In six months, I would have died.

Announcer: Government runs healthcare in Canada. Care is delayed or denied. Some patients wait a year for vital surgeries. Delays that can be deadly. Many drugs and treatments are not available because government says patients aren’t worth it.

Holmes: I am here today because I was able to travel to the U.S. where I received world-class treatment. Government healthcare isn’t the answer and it sure isn’t free.

Announcer: Now Washington wants to bring Canadian-style healthcare to the U.S., but government should never come in between your family and your doctor. Learn more at

Holmes: My advice to Americans – as patients, it’s your care. Don’t give up your rights.

I'm in no position to judge the specifics of Holmes' story. But I can speak to the narrator's policy statements. In fact, I have already--here, here, here, here, here, and here.

For those who'd like a review: Canadian health care has strenghts and weaknesses. The strenghts include superb primary care, administrative simplicity, and the kind of cradle-to-grave financial security virtually no Americans enjoy now. The weaknesses include some long waits for specialty care--although statistics suggest Canadians are not, on the whole, ending up in worse health than Americans because of them.

The real lie here, though, is in ads' broader implication: That, by reforming health care, "Washington" (a.k.a. President Obama and his allies) would import "Canadian-style healthcare" and, as a result, deny people life-saving treatment. This is demonstrably false.

Remember, Canada has a single-payer plan--one in which the government insures everybody directly, with virtually no role for private insurance. No politician with serious influence is talking about creating such a plan here (even though, for the record, I think such a plan could work pretty well if designed properly). In addition, Canada spends far less than we do on health care. That means fewer resources which, in turn, contributes to waiting lists. No politician with serious influence is talking about reducing spending to Canadian levels (although, to be clear, we should be spending less than we do now).

Reformed health care in the U.S. would, in all likelihood, look more like what you find in France, the Netherlands, or Switzlerand. These countries don't have problems with chronic waiting times. In fact, access to some services--particularly primary and emergency care--is easier and quicker than it is in the U.S. But these countires also make sure everybody has insurance coverage--and generous coverage at that. In other words, they get the best of all worlds. Not surprisingly, their people are far happier with their health care systems than we are with ours.

To invoke a beer analogy, Americans for Prosperity want you to believe Obama and their allies will be giving you the health care equivalent of LaBatt's when, in fact, they'll be giving you Amstel. Of course, you might take that LaBatt's if the only alternative was Bud--and you weren't even sure you could afford it.

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Posted by More Lies
a resident of Canyon Creek
on Aug 9, 2009 at 9:19 am

American Chronicle:

Gary Ater July 23, 2009 The Republicans realize that if Obama is successful in finally bringing all of America a public health care plan, the GOP knows that they could be out of office well beyond two Obama terms.

… RNC Chairman Michael Steele reciting GOP strategist, Alex Castellanos´ "talking point lies".

I have been complaining for years about the right-wing pundits and radio talk hosts that blatantly lie to the public about anything and everything. I have even challenged my readers a number of times to please send me examples of any subsequent liberal or progressive talkers that do that kind of thing. That´s because I´m always hearing the "righties" talk about the many "lies from all of those left-wing hate mongers".

I did receive a few examples of some progressive talkers statements that were either exaggerated or were incomplete, but I´ve never personally heard about scores of blatant lies as I have heard for years from the likes of; Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O´Reilly, Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and a host of others. I have come to believe that in order to become a high-level, right wing pundit or radio talker, they must first be "agree to take an oath to never knowingly tell the truth to the American public".

Today, Obama and America is finally dealing with the most important social issue of our time. This is an issue that was first mentioned by a Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt over 100 years ago. "Health care for all Americans" is a bigger social issue than was the original passing of both of the bills for Social Security and Medicare combined.

The conservatives and the GOP recognize that if the Democrats are successful in getting a public health plan passed and if the economy and jobs start coming back together over the next 6-18 months, it could be another generation before the Republicans would be trusted to once again take over the reins of government.

After FDR took over from the GOP´s President Hoover, and as FDR´s administration got the market and banking regulations installed, and after they started getting Americans fed and back to work, FDR was then voted in as the US president for four consecutive 4 year terms.

Now today, due to a Constitutional Amendment that limits a president to two terms, this of course, can not happen again. But the Republicans are aware that because FDR was given credit for bringing back the country, the American voting public decided at the time that the Democrats were more capable of running the country than the GOP. In addition, for a 10 year old American child when FDR was first elected, that youngster was 22 when FDR died. Therefore, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only president that young man or woman had ever known.

My father once told me that when FDR died, it was almost like losing a family member.

Therefore, the GOP is aware that by doing absolutely nothing about America´s health care costs for the last eight years, but instead, spending Billions on two wars, (one of them unnecessary). And by giving tax cuts to the rich that did not produce US jobs and that cost America twice that for which it will cost for the current proposed health care reform, if Obama does succeed, the Republicans will lose, and they will lose "big".

For this reason, the GOP has decided to open the flood gates of political lies. And today, nothing is sacrosanct. Those that are telling the lies range from elected Republican officials, to talk show hosts, to conservative Op-Ed writers, to political broadcast and cable TV shows and on and on.

Here are just a few examples of the current on-going lies:

>>> Sean Hannity on FOX News is still saying that President Obama hasn´t shown the public a legitimate birth certificate. (Obama's birth cert has been certified by the state of Hawaii and other qualified sources such as In addition, there was a Barack Obama birth notice published in the Honolulu newspaper in August 1961. )

>>> More Hannity:

"If you don´t have private insurance the year that this bill is passed, you can´t get that later on from your employer." (Total Lie)

>>> Bret Blair on Fox News´ Special Report:

"President Obama spent a good deal of time at that news conference [on June 23] talking about health care reform, and Canada´s medical system has been cited as a possible model."

Later, Fox News correspondent Molly Line also referenced Canada´s health care system as a possible Obama model.

The idea that Obama´s health care reform ideas are similar to those of Canada or the UK had previously been debunked many times. (President Obama wants a totally unique "American Style" health care plan.)

>>>Wendell Goler of Fox News:

Goler shows a video clip of President Obama supposedly supporting a European style universal health care system, which he does not.

The clip from Goler was of the President paraphrasing a question during an online Town Hall event and was taken out of context.

>>> Bill O´Reilly on FOX News:

Bill recently had two Democrats on his show, Jami Floyd and Tara DowDell.

Floyd disagreed with O'Reilly and she stated that the American people did not disagree with Obama´s plan. Floyd cited some stats to back her argument up, but Bill cut her off and said her stats "don't matter". (Yes he actually said that.)

In O'Reilly´s world, only his stats matter. But if a Democrat has stats, they do not matter.

Then DowDell got to speak, she also disagreed with O'Reilly and spoke out for the plan. Bill then cut her off too, and told her she was dodging the issue. Bill said Obama has failed to lead, and that everyone is confused about what is in the actual plan.

He failed to mention that if anyone is confused it's because of all the spin and lies put out by O'Reilly himself and his Republican friends. So if there is confusion, it's because of him and his friends, who continue to lie so much about what the plan will do.

Floyd tried to get back in the debate, but O'Reilly said they were both dodging the issue. Then O'Reilly said he will watch the Obama speech with an open mind and reported the facts after the speech.

Come on Bill, give us all a break.

O´Reilly just called Obama´s plan a failure, said it has collapsed, and predicted it will fail. And I suppose that's having an "open mind" when a final plan hasn´t even been completed or voted on yet?

>>> Rush Limbaugh on the Radio:

"Now, this statistic [from Obama] , of 20% of the patients accounting for 80% of the care. Would he care to tell us the age of that 20%? Because I will guarantee you that the bulk of that 20% are people who have fewer years ahead of them than they have lived. I'm not being insulting here. I'm just saying most of our expensive health care comes as we approach the end of life. Fact of life. That ought to tell us right there where we need to stop spending money on health care. This public option versus the private option, look, all they're going to do is to expand Medicare. That's all they're going to do, folks, Medicare is going to be expanded to where everybody has to use it, even if you have a private option, even if you're able to go out and buy private insurance, you're still going to have to opt into the Medicare program. That's the objective."

(And that´s pure B.S. The objective is for covering every American. Limbaugh´s plan is to let our elderly family members just die w/o health care coverage.)

>>> RNC Chairman, Michael Steele is now repeating the GOP strategist´s, Alex Castellanos´ "talking points":

Here are just a few of his health care lie talking points:

Lie #1: Obama wants a big Washington Experiment with our health. (Wrong. The experiment is the current "no-competition" health plan.)

Lie #2: They want to start building a closed health care system where Washington decides how much money will be saved on health care by controlling the doctors you can see and limiting the treatments and cures your doctor can prescribe. (Wrong)

Lie #3: They want a top-down system where bureaucrats far away end up deciding what health care is worth paying for and what isn't, and for whom. (Not even close)

Lie #4: They want to empower a big Washington-run monopoly to control your health care. (Not a monopoly. A lower-cost competitor.)

Lie #5: With their Washington-centered plan, you won't be able to keep the things you like about your health care. (Totally wrong)

Lie #6: The Obama's plan will put government in charge of the doctors you can see and the types of treatment you can receive. (Treatment decisions are between the doctor and the patient, not like today with an insurance company in the middle.)

Lie #7: Obama's plan will cut hundreds of millions of dollars from seniors on Medicare. (Blatant lie)

Lie #8: Obama's plan will further bankrupt the country with trillions more in deficit spending. (No, it will be deficit neutral.)

Lie #9: Obama's plan will raise a lot of taxes on middle class families and businesses. (Only those with an annual income above $250,000)

Lie #10: The Democrats proposal will empower Washington to restrict the cures and treatments your doctor can prescribe for you. (Again, all false)

Lie #11: It will end up costing trillions more, not less, and bankrupting the country. (Big lie. This will happen in the future under today´s current plan.)

>>> Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

The Senator said on Meet the Press: "We have the finest health care in the world." (Wrong)

Also on The Daily Show about Senator McConnell´s story on Meet The Press about a "friend of a friend" who'd lost someone to the "jackbooted Canadian health bureaucrats".

Lewis Black then quickly responded: "Your second-hand health-care anecdote about a friend of a friend? That doesn't even qualify as an urban legend!"

>>> Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

On MSNBC: "We have the best health care system in the world." (Wrong again)

>>> House Minority Leader – John Boehner (R-OH)

From Boehner´s web-site: "Equally as bad as expanding government-run health care is that it would be paid for by slashing Medicare for seniors who depend on these valuable benefits to provide affordable healthcare and prescription drugs." (Big Lie)

>>> Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

On The Daily Show: "Ah know enough about Canadian health care, and it's a bureaucratic, socialistic piece of crap. One in five have to die because they went to socialized medicine." (Total Big Lie)

Now here´s some truth about the Canadian Health care system:

Tom Campbell, Canada´s former Ontario health and economic minister, had a piece in the Toronto Star headlined,

"The US Has Much to Learn From Our Health Care."

He notes:

"Canada spends more than a third less per capita on health than the United States and still covers everyone, whereas the U.S. system leaves 46 million people without insurance. "Since our health statistics are markedly better, average Americans would be healthier and live longer if they lived in Canada.

Here, doctors do not have to waste time seeking insurance approvals. Medical need is the only requirement and pre-existing conditions don't matter."

But the system's not perfect", Campbell says. But, he adds, "Canadians are so happy with it that: Our main obstacle to reform is the very success of the system to date. "

Author´s Note:

The health care system in the United States is currently listed in 37th place World Wide for the best health system. US life expectancy is in 27th WW place and US infant mortality is in 29th place . Where do these Republican "yahoos" get off saying America has "the best health care in the world?" That is only true IF you have the major resources to pay for it. And God forbid that today, any American currently has a "pre-existing condition".

I just wish that for the future of my children, and my grand children, and even those of the Republicans currently opposing health care reform, a good reform package is finally approved and that we can relieve the stress from all of us for the fear of future catastrophic illness.

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Posted by Erin
a resident of Canyon Oaks
on Aug 9, 2009 at 10:35 am

Great posts!~ these folks are only hurting themselves and they will not have any credibility left for the next election!

I have neighbors who are so far off the deep end, that I won't associate with them any loger!

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