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Unintended Consequences and Rush to Health Care Reform

Original post made by Ken in South Pleasanton, Downtown, on Jul 16, 2009

How many times in the last year have you read reports about the "unintended consequences" of poorly thought out legislation, including the Bush and Obama rush to infuse the economy with stimulus monies. I'm worried that the rush to approve a health care 'reform' bill in the next two weeks (to allow the Senate and House to take their normal August break) does not allow enough time to thoroughly debate, refine, and consider unintended consequences of this multi-trillion dollar debt it will put on us and future generations. An example of unintended consequences can be found in the stimulus package feature that increased the unemployment benefit by a mere $25 per week. For many people, this raised their income to a level enough that removed them from the food stamp program. That extra $25 per week was not enough to make up for the loss of food stamps, and there was nothing the food stamp administrators could (or would) do to correct the problem. It was an 'unintended consequence' of a bill rushed to approval without full consideration. Don't get me wrong, I'm concerned about the state of health care in our country. I just want to make sure that we have all had a chance to debate the various proposals, make sure the bill is not loaded with pork add ons, and that all the scenarios that could lead to 'unintended consequences' have been thoroughly vetted. I'd hate to be a health care delivery person who has to tell a patient that their inability to get the care they need is an 'unintended consequence' of our leaders' rush to vacation time.

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Posted by Judy
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 16, 2009 at 9:54 am

Yes, UNintended consequences come with hasty, poorly studied actions.It is evidenced everywhere in this Congress.Ramming thru hastly written bills, with little to no discussion. Locally, look at the solar transmission line farse of a of the many ill-thought portions of Cap & Tax bill which has little to do with energy...mostly just tax. I watched C-Span & saw several congressmen admit there are problems with " 'siting issues' around transmission lines "...everywhere around the country !!! I saw Ted Turner say " I'm honored to have those lines going across my ranch " Yea, probably the south 40 where only the longhorns see them.
Learn and do individual residential solar, & self contained business, but the absurd idea of planting solar panels as far as the eye can see in distant desert fields, then building another whole new network of transmission lines going from fields to distant couldy cities is NOT going to be the power driving a world economy....EVER. But, the campaign donations have been made & the promises made to those waiting to profit from this folly....even if the UNintended consequences bring down the country & economy. It would be a 3 stooge comedy, if it weren't so tragic. Not only is it NOT going to fly in our valley, it is going down across the country, as people get educated. Right is good, HASTE is bad, bringing dangerous consequences. People & Congress should be allowed to discuss & get educated on issues like energy & health-care. Sadly, the only science Congress knows is POLITICAL science...yet they are making dangerous, destructive decisions that will determine our lives for generations. IF, that's IF, they were interested in clean energy they would be expanding nuclear power. It's time to get collective heads out of the 70s..this is the 21st's time for technology to rule. Cell phones have greater computer storage than the ROOM-sized computers of the 70s. Nuclear waste is NO more IF we go forward with REcycling, Reprocessing, & Reusing..ramining energy OVER, and OVER, and OVER, until it fits in a teacup. NOR CAL would have endured 100s of blackouts had it not been for the 24% ALL-CLEAN nuclear we have been using for 30 years...from just 2 for 4 reactors at 1 NOR CAL plant near ocean. The zealots of that day wouldn't allow the other 2 reactors to be we used more dirty coal plants causing pollution....would not have happened IF we had used those other 2 reactors ! BUT,scientifically ignorant Gov Moonbeam wouldn't let us use those other 2 reactors. He caused,not helped, pollution. Instead of ugly panels & COSTLY transmission network, we could fire up those other 2 idle reactors & use our existing transmission line. CLEANER, CHEAPER, FASTER, PRETTIER and more 21st century. But political sell-outs will ignorantly, hastily, ram thru punitive, ugly disasters....public be damned.

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Posted by Jon
a resident of Danbury Park
on Jul 17, 2009 at 12:57 am


Could you repeat that please?

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