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A response to the recent trend of political fear mongering posts

Original post made by M, Downtown, on Jul 13, 2009

would like to take a little bit of time to point out something I find quite disturbing.

There is far too much hostility between people of differing views more specifically political views. First I would point out that this is not a nation of one party rule, or a nation in which decent from the party line is forbidden. We are not a society of totalitarian, autocratic, or theocratic rule. We are a society comprised of a wide range of viewpoints, ideals, beliefs, races, cultural heritages, and lifestyles. As such there will be a great deal of disagreement, but this is natural, there will be disappointment when one’s favored side does not win, again this is natural.

Today I see and hear a great number of vitriolic comments filled with nonsensical detritus aimed at attacking whatever the author is not a supporter of. I see endless rantings expounding upon the opinion of the author that anyone who does not support their position is not an American, Perhaps a communist, a homosexual, a Satanist, or maybe even a terrorist. I will not single out any one side in so far as accusations of guilt or collusion in this, as no one side is solely responsible. All sides of the political discourse are in fact guilty to some degree of this kind of reactionary pot stirring.

Today it is the opposition to the sitting administration, which are more vocally and visibly injecting a great deal of hatred and intolerance into the American consciousness. When I read and hear commentary and stories filled with such hostility I am immediately reminded of policies from other less free societies, where in decent is forbidden and opposing views are met with the whip, or worse. People from all over the world are thrown into political prisons for their views. People are executed for being homosexuals, or believing in the wrong god in other societies. In our society we do not do such things, it is against the very core of everything we as a society stand for. Yet, I still on a daily basis hear and see on web forums, the radio, television pundits, and average citizens alike calling for what amounts to a Coup d'état. Rewriting or most basic and fundamental values into some sort of Orwellian dystopia of single party rule, a destruction of the grand experiment that is our society.

When we become intolerant of each other’s views and refuse to work our differences in a mature and civilized manner we become that which our society fears most.

It is not us against them there is no them, there is only us. We are all members of this society. We are all valuable and full of potential regardless of our current positions in life. There is no room for this much hostility, or intolerance or outright hate. We do not have to agree with everything, or even anything that our government does, but we do not need to sink to the levels that we have all been guilty of sinking to. Leave the fear mongering to the cable news channels and the AM radio hosts, after all its what they are paid for.

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Posted by fact checker
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 13, 2009 at 8:04 am

EXCELLENT point! Thank you!

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Posted by Homeowner
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 14, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Great post. The vitriol from both sides is at best unproductive and wasteful and at worst divisive and violently inciteful.

The flaming posts from both sides are simply buffoonery and sport, far more closed-minded ideology than open-minded discourse.

It is incredibly disappointing at how closed-minded and divise this message board has become. I thought we could do so much better.

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