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Pitbull attack in Birdland

Original post made by Jeannie, Birdland, on Oct 5, 2012

Just read about this in this week's PW. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family who's dog was mauled by these two pitbulls. I just don't understand why anybody would have these animals as pets. Their history of viciousness would be enough for me to stay clear away from them. If I knew someone was a child molester I wouldn't have them babysit my children - what is so different about having a pitbull as a pet?

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Posted by Milo
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Oct 5, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Bitpulls have a "street creed / gangster" connotation in many cultural circles. It's very much like wearing a Raiders hoodie in the hood. So, essentially, owning a bitpull is more of a statement than befriending man's best friend.

Personally, I think they are dangerous. Yet, the "oh, you just don't understand them" argument is still pervasive. Yeah, wait until it's your kid, or friend that gets attacked.

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Posted by jill
a resident of another community
on Oct 5, 2012 at 6:30 pm

My brother who lives back east owns a pit bull, he is single and has no kids. he can't even go to a dog park because the stupid dog is so aggressive to other dogs. he has to lie and say it's a "pit bull MIX" in order for others not to get nervous around the dog. DUH! If you have to lie about the breed of your dog, doesn't that tell you something? I doubt he will ever have kids so no problem there but I do worry that dog will one day hurt another dog or a person. I rarely talk to my brother but have heard from my mom that she has "babysat" for the dog and she has to keep him in a crate, otherwise the dog will tear up everything in the house. And it's a 7 year old dog, not a puppy.

I don't know why these dogs are legal, they do so much harm, why are they legal to own? I feel awful for this local family who had their dog murdered by the pit bull and they really should get some kind of compensation for the whole family to get therapy for many years to come because of it. Of all the breeds, why does one have to choose THIS breed that is known to be so dangerous? Just awful. My heart breaks for the boy who found his dog murdered like that. Again that family who owned the pit bull knew the potential and they ought to pay for the a lifetime of therapy to help the family recover emotionally.

I'm just wondering what it's going to take to get these vicious animals to be illegal to be kept as pets.

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Posted by Liz
a resident of Amador Estates
on Oct 6, 2012 at 8:33 am

My sister had a Pit for twelve years and it was a loving wonderful family pet. I have a friend who had a golden retriever who they nicknamed Cojo and had to get rid of it. My cousin was bitten on the face by a Disney looking Dalmatian, he required multiple plastic surgeries.
I like dogs but I think all dogs should be muzzled in public.

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Posted by Dog Owners Need to be Responsible
a resident of West of Foothill
on Jan 29, 2013 at 9:05 pm

I am so sorry this happened. My mother's cat was recently mauled to death by 3-4 dogs that were allowed to roam about the streets freely. It was so sad and my poor mother was devastated and depressed for months. She held her cats as it pass over the rainbow bridge. I feel for her. The dog breeds were not any type of breed you'd suspect would do this and none of them was a pit bull (AmStaff). As a pet owners of a Jack Russell Terrier and a little Chihuahua, I am responsible for keeping my dogs safe from hurting other dogs or from them being hurt or mauled by other dogs. I do it because I love them and want to protect them (and the other dog).

The guardian of the pet is responsible for it's behavior and acts. Owning a dog or any pet for that matter is a privilege. Owning a dog of a particular prey-drive breed (like my Jack Russell), and not just AmStaffs, requires an owner that is committed to training and socializing it with people and other pets while it is a puppy. Have a look at this link for animals with high prey drive characteristics: Web Link

So often people fail their beloved family pets (dogs) by not providing them with training during their puppy years and then the dog grows up or is still very young and something happens, an incident or event, where dog bites or mauls someone or another dog because the owner's lack of responsibility. The dog bitten and the dog who bit pay the price.

It is also important to take our dogs to the vet regularly for their medical and mental health check. The vet will also assess the dogs behavior, watch of aggression, and often they will recommend training during examination. If the dog has a mental health issue, the vet may detect that as well. Seek a vet that does this type of thorough evaluation, since you're already paying for the visit.

I hope this is helpful and I am so sorry that their dog was mauled and I hope it has recovered.

Please don't make this incident breed-specific. I know many people who own pit bulls and all of them are loving, loyal, people pleasing. They are sweet dogs and are gentle with other dogs, cats, and kids. It's the owner that makes a dog dangerous, not the breed. Be mindful of your comments in this respect. Thank you.

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Posted by long time dog owner
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jan 30, 2013 at 4:11 pm

I know pit bulls have a negative reputation because of dog fighting, but in Victorian times they were one of the dog breeds considered the best for families with children, and actually named "nanny" dogs. At the same time German Shepherds were seen in a similar light as we see pit bulls now. Any dog has he ability to be vicious if not trained, exercised, and socialized properly....and all dogs need to be under control by a responsible human when outside the house.

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Posted by Laury
a resident of Laguna Vista
on Feb 4, 2013 at 9:14 am

Why is it we only hear about Pitbull attacks? I have had 2 small dogs killed by large breeds within an 8 year span. Pekingese killed by an Akita and Chihuahua killed by a German Shepherd. Both neighbor dogs. The Akita knew my Peke for 3 years and killed him in front of me, on my property, because I had an empty bowl on the ground. The German Shepherd knocked over the owner and ran out her front door to get to my Chi while we were taking our walk. Both large breeds had no training whereas my Chi was a Canine Good Citizen. The Peke was sweet also and survived an earlier attack by an Irish Setter during a walk outside a cafe. I can't see how I would ever have another dog. Not safe. I know the grief the family is going through witnessing and losing their dog and I feel sorry for their loss.

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Posted by Puppy Bowl
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Feb 4, 2013 at 10:53 am

In yesterday's Puppy Bowl, during several different groups of dogs that I just happened to see when checking in, there were several'pit' mixes. The face of one was very 'pit'. The annual Animal channel has about 10 pups in each of many 'games'. Pups would run with stuffed ball, wrestle, 8mo old type play. In my 'moments' I saw 3 pit-mixes who were much more aggressive than any others. They did deep 'killer growls', while other puppies were acting like happy pups. Announcer would say 'Buster' is clearly in charge, he's showing them who's boss. Brownie isn't intererst and decides to play with Blondies. Repeated in different games with different 'pit-mixes' they were aggressive, had fighting growls, wouldn't give up, clearly showed killer traits. They might be taught manners on the surface, but their traits are instinctive from birth, always ready to surface....those pups were showing their real personalities.

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