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Allen Roberts, Karla Brown, the Lund Ranch II referendum petition & unanswered questions

Original post made by Resident of Ventana Hills, Another Pleasanton neighborhood, on Feb 3, 2016

Per today's (2/3/16) PW article, 'Referendum opponents complain to City Council about strong-arm tactics of signature gatherers,' Web Link

"...when Councilman Arne Olson asked him to identify the firm that is supplying the paid workers, Roberts said he knows the company but declined to disclose that information."

Here's some other information he (and perhaps Councilmember Karla Brown) most likely would decline to disclose, confirm, or deny, too:

Via @rrt, a resident of Birdland, from his comments post on 1/29/16 in the Town Square forum, "Why not a referendum?":

"The reason that Kottinger Ranch (where Karla Brown lives) and Grey Eagle people [Allen Roberts, in particular] are supporting this is they want support from the Sycamore Heights [and Bridle Creek] neighborhood[s] for when the Oak Grove development comes back [Oak Grove is the previous housing development proposed at the very top of Hearst Drive, where the Kottinger Ranch subdivision ends.] They also want a precedent saying that "a road is a structure" so they can claim the same. Although the council has previously said that since they did not feel that Measure PP was clear on whether a road is a structure, they would analyze each development on its own when it comes to determining the impacts of a road.

I am sure the Kottinger Ranch people [including resident Karla Brown] are concerned that if this project goes through and the determination is made that a road is not a structure that the Oak Grove development will come back with 50 or so homes where the homes are [proposed to be built] on relatively flat pieces of land, but the roads look like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, going up and down. One has to look at the roads in the Lund Ranch II plan and see that the houses are in a bowl, and not the top of a ridge that is visible from offsite, and the road which may or may not be built on over 25% slope is actually going down into the bowl and not up the hill so it will not be visible from offsite. Quite the opposite from [the topography of] Oak Grove.

Note Councilmember Karla Brown is prominently listed as a "Save Pleasanton Hillsides" supporter on their website.

Note Councilmember Karla Brown is also prominently listed as a "Pleasanton Voters" supporter on their website: "Pleasanton Voters" claims to be "a nonpartisan grass-roots organization of Pleasanton residents interested in educating Pleasanton voters. We offer information from a resident's point of view, without any bias from building developers, land speculators and special interest groups."

Ask yourself, isn't "Save Pleasanton Hillsides," whom "Pleasanton Voters" supports, a special interest group?

Ask yourself, how many supporters listed for "Save Pleasanton Hillsides" live in Sycamore Heights, Bridle Creek, and Kottinger Ranch?

Ask yourself, how many supporters listed for "Pleasanton Voters" live in Sycamore Heights, Bridle Creek, and Kottinger Ranch?

Ask yourself why Councilmember Karla Brown continues to disagree with former allies and former City Councilmembers Steve Brozosky and Kay Ayala, all of whom together originated and supported Measure PP.

Ask yourself, does Councilmember Karla Brown vehemently support "a road is a structure" because she wants to protect Pleasanton's hillsides and ridges from having homes built on them, OR, rather, because if the current referendum effort fails, the neighborhood she lives in, Kottinger Ranch, built on hillsides and ridges, will be subject to possibly more traffic going up the hill on Hearst through HER neighborhood because of new homes being built there at the very top, on flat portions of the Oak Grove property, and if that's the REAL reason she's objecting to the Mayor's and City Council's 1/5/16 compromise decision, since she will:

a.) most assuredly have to recuse herself from any debate or vote on a new Oak Grove housing project proposal due to a personal conflict of interest, since she lives in what would be the affected area/neighborhood, as Councilmember Jerry Pentin found himself being forced to do after objections voiced by residents of Sycamore Heights and Bridle Creek, who claimed because he lived close to the Lund Ranch II project he would not be impartial, and;

b.) not be able to singlehandedly prevent a project from being developed there if this referendum fails.

Ask yourself if Councilmember Karla Brown's true intentions are to, ironically, also prevent more traffic in HER neighborhood, ala "Not In My Backyard," too, just like the folks in Sycamore Heights and Bridle Creek.

Ask yourself, if all the traffic from Lund Ranch II was forced to go through Ventana Hills and Mission Hills, as originally promoted/supported by the developer, Greenbriar, and by residents of Sycamore Heights and Bridle Creek, do you think Sycamore Heights and Bridle Creek residents would be pursuing a referendum or, moreover, lobbying/supporting that "a road is a structure"?

Ask yourself if protecting 177 acres of hillsides and ridges in the Lund Ranch II development by accepting the compromise decision re: traffic is best for all Pleasanton neighborhoods.

Ask yourself why Allen Roberts refuses to identify who the paid signature gathering company is.

Ask the Pleasanton Weekly to ask Councilmember Karla Brown about these hypotheses involving her that have been raised, and whether any of them are accurate. I, for one, would like to hear her answers.

In the meantime, please take these possibilities into consideration if you haven't yet signed the referendum petition, or have signed it and are considering rescinding your signature, which you have the right to do.

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Posted by Resident of Ventana Hills
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Feb 3, 2016 at 10:23 am

Two other questions to ask of Allen Roberts and Karla Brown:

Ask Councilmember Karla Brown, if she cares SO MUCH about PROTECTING hillsides and ridges, WHY does SHE live in a neighborhood that's built on hillsides and ridges, all the way up the hill on Hearst Drive (i.e., Kottinger Ranch)?

Ask Allen Roberts if he cares SO MUCH about PROTECTING hillsides and ridges, WHY does HE live in a GATED (i.e., private) neighborhood that's built on a hillside/ridgeline (i.e., Grey Eagle)?

Ask both of them WHY there's NO PUBLIC ACCESS to EITHER of their neighborhoods' hillsides and ridgelines, and whether it's ironic at the least, and hypocritical at the worst, that while they live in neighborhoods that wouldn't exist under Measure PP, they object to an approved project that would grant ALL Pleasanton residents access to 177 acres of PROTECTED hillsides and ridges?

Posted by Sam
a resident of Oak Hill
on Feb 3, 2016 at 10:30 am

These attempts to launch personal attacks on Allen Roberts and Karla Brown are distasteful and irrelevant. Measure PP was passed by the will of Pleasanton voters. This should be a clear black-or-white issue according to the reading of Measure PP. If there is any confusion about the interpretation of Measure PP, then fine let's have a referendum so that the citizens of Pleasanton can express what they meant when they approved this measure calling for the limitation of "housing units and structures" on ridge lines and hill sides.

Posted by BobB
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Feb 3, 2016 at 10:40 am


Not black and white at all. This isn't like the Supreme Court setting precedent. What's to prevent the next aggrieved neighborhood from demanding some other interpretation of PP and putting that to a vote? Do we vote every time any wants to build anything? That sounds like a waste of time and resources to me.

Posted by Threats to Mothers
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Feb 3, 2016 at 1:47 pm

@Sam - These "attacks" are due to the fact they will not tell us the name of the company who they hired to collect signatures. I was at the police station last night until 9:45pm along with another mom. We are being threatened and harmed and we are scared. I was told yesterday there is a man in a van who will find me. Another signature gatherer promised to have my children taken away after they file false reports to cps. They take pictures of me and my children and threaten us. This is REAL and I am honestly frightened. We call upon them to not protect the identity of these thugs, but rather to protect the women, mothers and children of Pleasanton.

Posted by iwasthere
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Feb 3, 2016 at 2:13 pm

A video of paid signature gatherers making absolute false statements such as Lund Ranch involved a Highway with Costco was shown at the council meeting last evening. In addition there were descriptions of behaviors by the signature gatherers that, if true, are criminal in nature. Allen Roberts, Bill Lincoln & Councilmember Karla Brown all had an opportunity to denounce these tactics. Instead they kept quiet. When Allen Roberts was asked to provide the name of the firm hiring the paid signature gatherers, he said he knew the name but declined to provide it. What is he hiding and why would these folks think this is ok?

The Oak Grove referendum was done using volunteer residents. Why is it that this signature gathering effort has had to resort to paid signature gatherers, today being paid $15 per signature? At a minimum, it seems like good incentive for names to be added without knowledge to the petitions using the voter lists provided to the gatherers, given the financial incentive of $15 per signature.

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