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Chevron Moving to Texas

Original post made by jason, Pleasanton Meadows, on Dec 21, 2012

Chevron announced that it's moving 800 jobs from San Ramon to Texas. No doubt the first of more moves to come. If the average salary is $85K that's almost $70M per year in lost wages. That doesn't include lost wages from business that will go under as a result of the lost patrons.

At some point, people need to realize that in order to fund social programs, exorbitant public employee compensation packages and even basic services we need to generate income. Costs(including future liabilities)can't exceed revenue year over year.

Hopefully the single party legislature and Governor will quickly address this since they are unencumbered in their efforts to implement policies to improve our once great state.

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Posted by Arnold
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 21, 2012 at 11:56 pm

Yes, Govner Moonbeam had an opportunity to lease the north face of Yosemite to Chevron and he blew it. This state would do so much better if it simply offered open season to oil companies in Cal's nat'l and state parks. California could end up looking as beautiful as does Texas, and instead of workers making outrageous salaries and pensions, we could cut salaries, pensions and workers and have more people starting up sidewalk taco stands and selling chiklets on the street. Woe is California. We cannot sustain these unfunded liabilities, and the rock climbers at Yosemite aren't kicking in their fair share. Our parks are not producing products the way Teddy Roosevelt intended. Costs are exceeding liabilities. C'mon folks, send letters to Moonbeam with message DRILL, DRILL, DRILL.

ps A tsunami is about to hit us. You've been forewarned.

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Posted by jason
a resident of Pleasanton Meadows
on Dec 22, 2012 at 9:28 am


Great response! In the absence of facts just make stuff up that has nothing to do with the topic. There are no oil and gas leases in Yosemite. State Governors don't have jurisdiction over National Parks.

I guess ignorance is bliss when it's not your business, your entitlement check or your paycheck taking the hit. Here's a solution- create 800 public employee jobs to replace the lost Chevron jobs. It's so easy.

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Posted by Arnold
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 22, 2012 at 10:18 am

The real question is where these rock climbers at Yosemite get their money and free time. My strong hunch is that they're mostly teachers, drawing off the public teat with their high salaries and unfunded, liable, unsustainable pensions. Oh well, we'll be totally submerged pretty soon now anyway.

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Posted by Daniel Bradford
a resident of Foothill High School
on Dec 23, 2012 at 1:22 am

I'm sure Chevron's decision has nothing to do with the fact that there's an oil boom in Texas right now, and California just doesn't have that many oil wells. So Chevron is moving its refineries to the state where they pump their oil.

Of course, to a man who only owns a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

By the way...the reason there's an oil boom is partly because the USA is finally coming out of the Bush-era recession and there's an increased demand for fuel. Despite the obstructionism of Republicans for the past four years, President Obama has revived the American economy. We're still struggling, but there are signs of life.

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Posted by Wrong Daniel
a resident of Del Prado
on Dec 23, 2012 at 12:45 pm

Daniel, you need to learn your facts about California and its reserves. The Monterrey area has more natural gas available than North Dakota now that fracking is available but the problem is environmentalists and their weird agendas. California will soon collapse under its own weight bacause of the lack of tax revenue it has created by chasing business out of the state.

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Posted by jason
a resident of Pleasanton Meadows
on Dec 23, 2012 at 2:37 pm


These aren't refining jobs, they are staff positions. The move is due to the high cost of doing business in CA. We have lots of oil wells. CA ranks third in oil production in the U.S.

Lost wages, lost taxes, closed business, lost donations to schools and charities as households leave our community. Lost PTA members and volunteers. New EDD claims(for those who stay but are out of work and Chevron spouses who move to TX but don't work immediately).

No big deal though. CA has plenty of money. That's why we keep raising taxes while cutting public services.

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Posted by Arnold
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 23, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Jason, I'm with ya, brother. We've got an agenda we need to shovel, and even if we lie about the facts it's worth it. I realize there aren't any facts to back up your claim, but heck, when you're right despite the facts, who needs facts? Keep up the good work, and if other posters call you a lying fool, just ignore them as I'm sure you will.

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Posted by Obamamubutt
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 23, 2012 at 6:50 pm

Daniel, exactly what did Obama do to turn the economy around? Was it the massive debt increasing 'stimulus' or was it because the republicans stopped his 'job bills' and the economy slowly started recovering by itself?

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Posted by Daniel Bradford
a resident of another community
on Dec 24, 2012 at 4:28 am

Let's follow this logic to its ultimate conclusion. I know a lot of you are challenged in the area of logical thinking, so I'll keep this as short and simple as possible.

Some companies are moving jobs from California to Texas. (Not Apple, not Google, not Disney...but let's not digress....)

Conclusion: California should be more like Texas. Texas has very lax environmental regulations, one of the highest child poverty rates in the nation, and one-fourth of its people have no health insurance coverage.

But wait...if we are going to follow this train of thought to its ultimate destination, then companies are moving even more jobs to Bangalore (that's in India) and China (that's in Asia). So: we should be more like India and China, with very lax health, safety, and environmental regulations, and pay of, oh, say $100 a week (that's what a Chinese worker at one of the FoxConn plants earns on average).

So that's our goal now: to become more like Third World countries.

( the way, Texas doesn't have low taxes. It doesn't have a state income tax, which is progressive, but it has property tax rates double those of California....)

Sorry to intrude with all these inconvenient facts and logical reasoning. Go back to copying and pasting from the Fox News site in 3, 2, 1....

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Posted by Larry
a resident of Livermore
on Dec 24, 2012 at 9:00 am

(removed) California is almost bankrupt, Stockton and Vallejo already are. These problems are not because of Bush or Obama, it is caused because cities spend more money then they are bringing in. Same as California is and has been doing for years. The problem is so simple, we spend and promise more then we have.
I'm not worried about it, eventually those with the most to lose wake up and correct our route. When California goes bankrupt, the route will be corrected.

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Posted by jason
a resident of Pleasanton Meadows
on Dec 24, 2012 at 9:12 am


Logical reasoning and facts? Maybe you should read your own posts:

- You erroneously stated that Chevron was moving refining jobs (not staff jobs) and that CA doesn't have a lot of oil wells.
- You reference Apple and Foxconn to bolster your argument yet Foxconn manufacturers Apple products (iPad,iPhone,iPod).
- "Bangalore (that's in India) and China (that's in Asia)". India and China are both is Asia.

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Posted by former texas resident
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 24, 2012 at 9:40 am

I lived in Texas for many years then moved out here many years ago so I have experience in both states. Some observations:

- Texas property taxes may be twice as high as California but their houses cost half as much
-Texas utility bills are a lot higher because your A/C runs 24 hours/day for 8 - 9 months
- People, in general, are a lot friendlier in Texas
- The weather and bugs are awful in most of Texas. 90 degree heat, 90 per cent humidity
- The weather in the bay area is fantastic and bugs are hard to find
- As much as I am bothered by California politics, high taxes, the bullet train, etc. I'm not moving back to Texas

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Posted by liberalism is a disease
a resident of Birdland
on Dec 24, 2012 at 9:45 am

liberalism is a disease is a registered user.

LOL, nice post jason.
Daniel says that he used to be a librarian, but calls himself a former teacher, so his deception in his posts should be no surprise.
Heck, you'd think working in a library that he'd occassionally use a book to read instead of using them to prop up his feet.
Did he really say theat Obama turned the economy around? lmao....

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Posted by Dude
a resident of Bridle Creek
on Dec 24, 2012 at 10:57 am

(removed) Chevron jobs in San Ramon have nothing to do with the direct drilling of oil. These are administrative, engineering, science, and procurement positions. They are moving to lower the costs. Texas property tax rate is 1.81%. California is 1.25%, which is not double. (btw, didn't Daniel say he was a teacher?) Texas housing cost is around half of California. Former Texas Residence is correct. I would not move to Texas either. However, we are moving to Colorado next year. California is bankrupt both finacially and morally. We are the nanny and entitlement state.

The CA state legislature and governor want people to think our schools need more money. The truth is the cost keeps going up each year due to pensions/retirement of the teacher's union members. Each year, thousands of teachers/administrators retire and start collecting their pensions. It's not education that is increasing in price. It's an ever increasing size of the number of retired teachers/administrators collecting pensions.

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Posted by lessismore
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Dec 24, 2012 at 11:24 am

You can all go on about TX vs CA.
TX has it problems. But we live in CA and we have our own problems.
I own a small business in CA. This is a very difficult state for small business.
We are going broke and all we want to do is keep spending money.
We lack leaders willing to deal with the problems.We keep kicking the can down the road for our kids to deal with.
For a very well educated state we seem to have a big problem understanding that money is not growing on trees.

So we can dump on TX but think about this. TX could leave the US today and form it's own country and have money in the bank no debt and be energy independent.

CA should not become TX but we could learn a few things from them.

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Posted by Arnold
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 24, 2012 at 11:54 am

Re. lessismore being a small business owner....

So, how IS that lemonade stand in front of your wife's house doing? Have you thought about expanding your inventory? I've gotta tell ya that corn dogs go really good with lemonade.

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Posted by Joke State
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 26, 2012 at 6:41 am

CA is a hopeless cause. It's a basket state controlled by socialists, labor unions, and parasitic aliens. It has now moved ahead of New York, New Jersey and Illinois in the states most likely to go bankrupt within two years. Companies, and people that are not left wing loons, are leaving the state in droves. The Golden State has become the Joke State.

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Posted by Arnold
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 26, 2012 at 12:05 pm

Guessing my comment about your lemonade stand hit a nerve? Munch on a few corndogs and you'll feel better.

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Posted by AL
a resident of Parkside
on Dec 27, 2012 at 10:09 am

Arnold, I really don't understand your comment about the lemonade stand? Maybe the corndogs you are eating are affecting your brain!

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Posted by Pleasanton Neighbor
a resident of Foothill High School
on Dec 27, 2012 at 11:15 am

This is simply a issue of greed.

Greed on the side of large businesses that no longer care about America, the country that helped them to become what they are. These big businesses sure didn't mind using all of what this country offers to grow with. Hmm, they used the American employee base which was mostly publicly educated to grow with. They used our streets/fire/police/lighting/trees/parks services when they needed/need. They used tax credits and they used our social security system to cushion the low times when they had to lay people off. They didn't mind when our government payed to help secure a polio vaccine for their children and their employees children. They did not mind that our military keeps our country and their families safe from foreign threats. They do not mind that our taxes continue to pay for the Embassies that helped them originally have and now to keep their foreign businesses. They also use our FAA to have safe skies and so many other government agencies that cost money to run that they do not contribute to. There are so many services that these corporations relied on and continue to rely that they do not pay for. So yes, America paid to help them grow and do we get jobs in return? No just gross incomes for the few people at the top who continue to live in this country and use our police/fire/military/parks/skies/seashores...that they do not pay for.

So yes, this is greed. They have forgotten it was America that paved the road for their profits.

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Posted by Frugal
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 27, 2012 at 10:28 pm

Smart companies will relocate all departments and divisions thay can to more friendly states... outsourcing of sorts to the more favorable and tax affordable in our united states. Ca won't make that list.

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Posted by Charlie Brown
a resident of Pleasanton Valley
on Dec 28, 2012 at 11:36 am

Chevron is just one of many who will be moving out of California, not necessarily to Texas, but to any state that has a more friendly business climate than California. Just wait till our esteemed legislature and the Governor start tweaking Proposition 13 for businesses.

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Posted by Arnold
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 28, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Get a load of Pleasanton Neighbor's comments. Do we really have militant Maoists living in our midst? It sure looks like it. Greed? What's wrong with greed? Our Founding Fathers wrote about how greed is an essential cornerstone of a rugged individual that values freedom. Greed is healthy. Anyone who isn't greedy is just plane sick.

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Posted by None of the Above
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 28, 2012 at 3:18 pm

So Chevron is moving 800 staff jobs to Texas, but it's keeping its outmoded, defective refinery operations here after raising its already overpriced gas prices to pay for a fire that had people in Contra Costa hospitalized?

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Posted by Good Move Chevron
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Dec 28, 2012 at 9:23 pm

I for one am glad to see this. California voters decided a long time ago to elect people who do not favor building the needed infrastructure for our population. The obvious, and only remaining solution is to reduce the population. This will also help to reduce the cost of housing since there will now be less demand. Little, by little we will solve our infrastructure problems.

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