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Dems Start to Panic As Midterm Reality Sets In

Original post made by jimf01, another community, on Jul 19, 2010

Public and private polling suggests that anxiety over the lack of jobs and anger over the big-spending ways of the Administration will trump the merits of the stimulus spending, health care reform and the financial regulation bill in voters' minds. Neither the economy nor voters' perceptions are likely to be turned around by Election Day.

Washington conventional wisdom has already written off prospects of Democrats sustaining a majority in the house, and perhaps the Senate as well?

Local angle in this story is evidenced by PW posts criticizing David Harmer. With 3 1/2 months to go, the best line that Democrats supporting Jerry McNerney have come up with is that David Harmer lives in the CD-10 portion of San Ramon, so he's a "carpetbagger", and he "took a TARP bailout" which actually was bonus and severance money from Washington Mutual Bank, his employer, who laid him off when he was made redundant by the Chase buyout of WaMu.

"Do extensive opposition research and targeted messaging in the fall to delegitimize Republican candidates in the minds of centrist voters."

Web Link

Support the demise of Nancy Pelosi's political power in November, support David Harmer in CA-11. Harmer needs your support, the unions and rich libs in Berkeley and the Bay Area will pour money into Jerry McNerney's campaign. Jerry has got to go.

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Posted by Fred
a resident of Downtown
on Jul 19, 2010 at 3:04 pm

The current situation is quite interesing all the way around. I am amazed at the complete and total incompetence of this administration and the senates inability to run a viable entity. The President looks so sad in trying blame the republicans for not passing his unemployments benefits extension even though A) he already has the votes and B) He thinks extending jobless benefits is creating jobs.

What happened to his promise of making creation of jobs priority #1 last January??? Instead he has focused on economy killing socialist agenda items like cap and trade, card check, obamacare, etc....................the guy is truly an embarrassment all the way around.

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Posted by Chris
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 19, 2010 at 4:03 pm

If only "embarrassment" were the worst of our problems.
I strongly believe that Obama hates this country so much that he'll do anything to cut it down to size. He's already damaged it severely...hopefully not entirely, however.

He is truly a dangerous man and I believe he'll be the most dangerous when he feels that a lameduck period in approaching or is already occurring. Therefore, since the polls appear to strongly favor a Republican surge in November, I believe Obama will trigger a HUGE October Surprise...which will -- in his mind -- create chaos and panic that will render a massive number of people requesting Obama's assistance.

This October Surprise could range from another (deliberate) financial collapse, to a massive attack on an American city which Obama will direct the New Black Panther Party, the SEIU, ACORN or other group to frame the attack on the Tea Party.

Obama will also be extremely dangerous if during the 2012 election, he loses. He'll lead a "scortched earth" policy which will yield massive, irreparable damage upon America. I would not even put it past him if this scortched earth reaction involves nuclear tools.

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Posted by Pepper
a resident of Birdland
on Jul 19, 2010 at 7:30 pm

I hope he is long gone before 2012.

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Posted by Arroyo
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 19, 2010 at 8:20 pm

I hope somebody names a racehorse, "C'mon November"! I would love encouraging that horse in the stretch run....!!

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Posted by Pablo Escobar
a resident of Del Prado
on Jul 19, 2010 at 8:55 pm

The me get this straight, last December Obama wanted the unemployment extensions paid for by other reductions and now he wants to borrow.....................this guy is completely clueless.

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Posted by and another thing
a resident of another community
on Jul 19, 2010 at 9:28 pm

The guy:

- won't salute the American flag.
- will not produce a valid US birth certificate or green card.
- will not swear on a bible
- admitted that he is a Muslim
- will not condemn the terrorist attacks on 9/11
- hates America and everything it stands for
- stole the election through fraud and intimidation (Palin won in a landslide if you count the real vote)
- was educated in radical overseas Muslim school

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Posted by dublinmike
a resident of Dublin
on Jul 19, 2010 at 9:29 pm

dublinmike is a registered user.

Chris says: "I strongly believe that Obama hates this country so much that he'll do anything to cut it down to size"

Sad that people like you really think this way. Narrow-minded as a description for you would be mild in comparison to your hate.

If you people really think that President Obama hates this country, then I guess the majority of US citizen's hate their country as well. Time to call it the Union of Soviet Socials States of America, given all the suppression of speech and jailing of Americans like you.

The people who voted for President Obama, well you can call them all sorts of names but, as much as you wish to deny, they are also your acquaintances and neighbors. True. Unless you live in a cave, they are all around you.

The only haven you people have to express your narrow-minded myopic view is the PW, that liberal bastion of free speech...

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Posted by Arroyo
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 19, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Mike, I feel my acquaintences and neighbors who voted for Obama owe the rest of us an apology.

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Posted by Politico
a resident of Danbury Park
on Jul 20, 2010 at 8:34 am

Mike I will apologize for Obama if you will apologize for Bush 2. I voted for Bush 1. I could not stomach Bush 2 and I cannot stomach OBama. I will give you cudos as Bush 2, I know, was/is a patriot. Obama I cannot.

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Posted by Politico
a resident of Danbury Park
on Jul 20, 2010 at 8:36 am

Not Mike, I meant Arroyo. Biden has even rubbed off on me I guess.

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Posted by jimf01
a resident of another community
on Jul 20, 2010 at 9:39 am

jimf01 is a registered user.

I am sorry, but ya know what? This is stupid. Have you ever heard the term water under the bridge?

You need to look forward. Look at the policies that Obama and the progressives have enacted and pledged support for. Look at the tax increases and power grab in health care and financial reform. Look at the upcoming election and work on getting candidates elected who can help a conservative agenda.

You can run around all freakin' day and say Obama this and Obama that, and the only thing you are going to do is alienate voters we need to educate and bring in to the process.

Even if you are correct, the Democrat and progressive Republicans in power now who wish to continue the agenda will use your rantings to keep their coalition of power together.

Sen Evan Bayh, when he announced his retirement, hit it on the head when he denounced the whole process and said voters need to deliver a shock to the system in November (and he is a progressive!).

Web Link
video here Web Link

If you think that this is not true, look at 1992 and 1996. Ross Perot, true third party candidate, came from nowhere to get 25% in the general election in 92. The Republicans and Democrats conspired in 1996 to exclude Perot and the Reform Party from the process entirely and hold on to the two party power structure. BTW - I am not advocating for a new third political party, it is way too early for that, that is a whole other thing.

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Posted by Obama
a resident of Danbury Park
on Jul 20, 2010 at 10:23 am


please stop referring to liberal democrats and liberal republicans as progressives. Progressive is the new term because liberal is distasteful. Please call things for what they are and they are liberal and it needs to be corrected in the next election.

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Posted by no real jobs
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 21, 2010 at 11:16 am

My relative just became an unemployed mechanical engineer last he'll be in July's ##. His NORTH Bay company had 100 employees in Jan, shrunk monthly, now closed. No $$ for employees & no loans available for company.
Boxer & Obama keep going back to Solyndra (solar) in Fremont for photo ops. In April Obama gave them more money, This time $ half Billion $. In June Solyndra says they going to delay getting off the ground for a year or two ! ! like they didn't know that when they took the $$. But Obama and Pelosi's congress only helps GREEN companies, unions, city & county PUBLIC unions, or minority projects ! NO REAL taxpayer jobs....which WOULD stimulate the economy and help TAXPAYERS keep their houses, by keeping their jobs !

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Posted by Chris
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 21, 2010 at 11:41 am

Dear No real jobs,
Very sorry to hear about your relative.

Remember...according to Democrats, especially Pelosi, "Unemployment Compensation 'stimulates' the economy."

If we don't vote all democrats out of office...ALL of 'em...America and its free-market private sector is doomed. This is what democrats do best...destroy success.

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Posted by Janna
a resident of Dublin
on Jul 22, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Janna is a registered user.

Part of the free market is that someone will always be on the bottom. I guess it only depends who that is as to whether or not you'll feel outraged about it. The free market is based on business decisions and what's best for the business which is why CEOs have zero qualms about laying off thousands of people in the name of business. How again do the dems want to kill the economy?

Whether you want to accept it for not, no one is living great on unemployment and they certainly aren't saving that money, hence stimulating the economy. Now, would the economy be better stimulated if all those corporations that laid people off in the name of bigger bonuses for themselves rehired these people? Of course, but that won't happen since greed is their religion and they've already shipped most of those jobs overseas.

The free market puts the debts squarely on those who can least afford it and the profits into the hands of the 1%.

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Posted by radical
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 22, 2010 at 1:29 pm

the free market iswhat allows anyone who wants to try and make a go of it into the 1% if they make it--i can give you lots of names of people who started with nothing, one near the top is the richest man in California, Larry Ellison, look up his life story

if not for guys like him innovating and expanding thousands would not have jobs and better lives but all you can do is blame him for troubles of the downtrodden and poor but i count just as many who have been laid off and are looking for a job as there are who are lazy worthless and looking for a handout

you are dreaming janna if you think that companies are going to give away all profits to make sure everyone has a job

it is over regulation & excessive taxes that bar little guys from making it in business to a large degree the govt needs to get out of the way, go ahead and continue to try and level that out, control wages and regulate ambition to succeed out of existence, you will see how many jobs are created, the answer is none if there is no profit motive don't you see that you fool

the profits go to the stockholders who are way way more than the 1% elite you hate so much

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Posted by Ben
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 22, 2010 at 1:30 pm

May I ask you, since you dislike free-market capitalism so much, which economic system do you favor? What country has the ideal economic system in your mind?

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Posted by no real jobs
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 22, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Janna, I understand and love the free market. But Obama is picking and choosing his favorites, at the expense of others. That's not how the free market works. Why should money be going to public employee unions and not to small (50) and medium (200) company employees ?
WHY has he give half-BILLION $$ to Solundra several times, and other 'green' companies..that is NOT allowing the 'free market' to work...or public employees, which we are over-loaded with; and to assorted inner-city programs. He's simply doling out for his "AGENDA ITEMS" which he was going to do anyway. This way he can use the excuse he's using 'stimulus'. IF he believed in the free market he would be stimulating the little companies and their little out-of-work engineers. IT's the HYPOCRISY that is tough to swallow... along with unemployment. When a little company folds, the boss is out of work too. Sorry you don't get it either. It's the TAMPERING that screws things up. If Obama would just stop the pretense or actually work with the 'working class' much as he works with the '' have never worked anyway'' class.

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Posted by Chris
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 25, 2010 at 7:35 am

Calling on Janna!

Why did you leave this discussion thread? Should we call 911 for you??? (Wonder if the Pleasanton PD has a "Missing Marxists" Department?)

You mentioned your utter disdain for capitalism on this thread...because, among other reasons, "someone is always at the bottom." (as if an entry level person should begin somewhere else on the totem pole...that only happens in Obama's government...and with Obama himself!!!)

Please our dear readers understand your philosophy about what type of economic system you'd like to live under.

It is certainly not America's.

By the way, in case you hadn't noticed (apparently not), this same question has been posed by many great thinkers much more intelligent and articulate than you and me...oh...for several centuries. The net result has been that capitalism and the free market is not a perfect system...but the clear winner (except for the totalitarian ruling Obama's).

Looking forward for you to explain your preferred economic system...and your rationale.

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