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Obama's Katrina

Original post made by Sue, Country Fair, on Nov 5, 2009

For months we've heard about swine flu. In recent days several several in Obama administration have used "pandemic" which might be a bit overstated. But, I've also heard Sec'y Sebilius and other insiders say they have not figured out 'how to distribute', and 'we have a distribution problem'. Last Spring they sent all the masks we have to Mexico & others countries to prevent spreading....we now have a shortage of masks in our health centers.
It does seem team Obama should have vac distribution & masks figured out by now. Vacinations ARE available for 'some'. GOLDMAN SACS applied and received 200 vacinations, yet Lena hospital was also assigned 200 doses they have NOT RECEIVED. Why would ANY adult group receive vacs, when we have been told daily that it's kids under 20 that are more likely to die from it. Doses should be sent to K-12 schools & community colleges for distrubution...what's so hard about that ?? I'd like to know what OTHER SPECIAL INTEREST adult groups have received vacs. Vacs should not go anywhere until after every school has received their vacs. It does seem it's past time for Sec'y Sebilius, CDC, and the boss to get their act together. The election's over now, so Obama's travels to 30 DEM fundraisers , like those in San Fran & Florida, and the travels to campaign for Dem governor losers Deeds and Corzine....Better if he stayed in DC & settle the chaos & confusion over swine flu. Katrina flu would be hard to shake...pretty soon it'll be Obama caused the flu, like Bush caused a hurricane. Time to get out of the fog.

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Posted by Stay Cool
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Nov 5, 2009 at 9:40 am

Stay Cool is a registered user.

Obama's Katrina. Wow.
Anyway, here is some information re: vaccine availability and production problems:
Web Link
Web Link
Experts such as Sumaya explained that glitches can -- and apparently did -- occur at several points in the complex process of developing a vaccine, especially for a virus that was first identified in April.
"It shows how there are many steps before you get a vaccine that's available -- the production, the testing, the packaging, the allocation and distribution. And there may be problems at every step, so as you go from one to the other to the other that slows things down," he said Thursday.
Sumaya was attending a meeting of the CDC advisory committee in Atlanta, where the experts were collecting information on vaccine supply and demand, as well as getting up to speed on the latest H1N1 developments, how the virus is spreading across the country, how many people have been hospitalized and how many have died.
In explaining the vaccine delay, Sumaya said that, first, the H1N1 virus did not grow as quickly as expected during a half-century old -- and often-criticized -- egg-based production technique.
Second, he said, "because there was kind of a rush to get things done, there were some packaging areas that they [federal officials] had thought wouldn't take long, yet they did."
"Even in the distribution, to find certain target groups so it reaches them first, we have to have a sense of what is going on across the country, which is a dynamic situation," he added."
As far as Goldman Sachs' 200 doses, I agree - the vaccine needs to go to the most at-risk populations first. Goldman Sachs was also involved in some mandatory-vaccine program dust-up a while back, problematic since they profited from it.
As always, when it comes to medical care, we have to advocate for ourselves and especially for our children.

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Posted by Sue
a resident of Country Fair
on Nov 5, 2009 at 10:28 am

For months we've been told there was a shortage and healthy adults were not to get shots..Primarily just 'young adults'. So why are adult 'special interests' receiving them and the schools are not ????The administration is responsible for all CDC information. Yesterday, I was at Pleas Kaiser and told they did not have vaccine.

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Posted by jimf01
a resident of another community
on Nov 5, 2009 at 11:41 am

Hyperbole aside, see this video for facts on the success of swine flu vaccinations --> Web Link

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs dismissed the question by saying that the vaccine for Gitmo detainees was "not on the way", but he was contradicted by the Pentagon --> Web Link

Obama admin claims for swine flu vaccine availability in October only missed by 77%

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Posted by Sue
a resident of Country Fair
on Nov 5, 2009 at 2:13 pm

Apparently there was no 'news' at Pleasanton school district flu meeting last night...just talk to keep our 'community' quiet. Otherwise we would have heard a report. There's NO help for our 'community'. Update tho, today's Times reports community "clinics" are being held this Sat, 2 Oakland, 1 fremont, 1 Hayward...catch, it's for LOW-income, UNinsured ONLY...Pleasantonians are not on the administration's list. We've all been told ones at risk are 'young adults", so UC Berkeley logically ask for 70,000 doses.....received just 30. As of Friday, SIX UC campuses and one UC Medical Center had ZERO vaccines....NOT on the right priority list, I guess. Sadly, our community is being ignored...must not have the right connections. UC, Amador Valley should have been vaccination sites for young adults. But, article did say the UNinsured, pregnant women were approved for the Oakland clinics. Definitely not being properly distributed fairly, logically, or equally. Why doesn't Kaiser Pleasanton have it. Two teen-age boys in my family have each missed a week of school.

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