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shocking behavior at Amador Football Game

Original post made by A surprised spectator, Amador Valley High School, on Nov 2, 2007

Wow! What a surprise! We are somewhat new to the area and thought we would check out the Amador High School football game tonight as it was the last home game of the season. It seemed as though it would be a good "family friendly" Friday night activity.

I could not believe the things that we witnessed tonight OFF the field. I have read posts on here several times before about teens drinking in Pleasanton, parents being unaware of what their teens are up to, and a few posts regarding parents that KNOW, but simply don't care what their teens are doing.

Here is what we witnessed.

First...the good news.....
We saw a school community come together with tons of spirit to cheer on their team, we saw (the first half) of a very competitive football game, we saw an outstanding band perform, and we saw several other families sitting together making the most of the evening.

Now...the bad news...
Many of the girls from Amador in the student section (and the boys too), have no respect for their own privacy and their own sexuality.

We saw one girl allow her boyfriend to put his hand up her skirt (her cheerleading skirt) (portion removed by Pleasanton Weekly staff) SEVERAL times as they kissed the entire first half. While he wasn't busy with his hand up her skirt, his hands were all over her chest (portion edited by PW staff)
Another girl kept shoving, yes shoving, her boyfriends face into her chest (portion edited by PW staff).

We were trying to watch the game, but they were standing right in front of us doing this so we left at halftime.

I think it is really sad that these kids do not respect themselves enough to at least do this in private. Girls wonder how they get reputations as "easy" but then when you are going at it at a football game, in front of your classmates, teachers, friends, parents, etc... it is no wonder.

As we were walking out at half time, my husband and I were talking about the behavior we saw from students and then we saw something that was by far, a lot worse than what the students were doing....

Parents, yes a group of parents, (and we wonder why teens are drinking and driving), were out in the parking lot at halftime, getting wasted out of the backseat of their Suburban. There were probably 6-8 parents standing around smoking cigars (on a school campus) drinking vodka mixed with red bull that was stored in an ice chest in their backseat.

What a great example they are setting for their children!! How pathetic can you be? I mean really?? At a high school football game??? parents are so cool....They are probably the same parents that allow their teens to host parties where alcohol is served. Because....they are the COOL parents.

Anyway....I just wanted to put this out there to see if there would be discussion on it....I found it very interesting.

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Posted by parent
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 3, 2007 at 12:09 pm

I have two Amador sons. I'm not completely surprised at the student behavior. It used to be that the girls kept boys more in check with this type of inapropriate behavior. Today, and not just at Amador, there are so many girls that are as aggresive if not more than the boys. This is a topic discussed in our home often. We continuoulsy focus on "being a gentleman" with girls. One son is in college now, where it seems to just get worse. We've seen instances of girlfriends being "turned off" by the boys not being more physically or sexually aggressive! I think that is a sad thing for such a young age.

As adults in our community, I see us all as having responsibilty for guiding our youth. If I were at a game and saw students acting as you did, I would have no problem saying something to them. Ofcourse my sons hate it when I do this, but that's too bad, they can move away when I do it. I would be discreet and respectful or maybe use a little humor and probably say something like "do you realize that everyone around here can see you putting your hand up her skirt...I don't think her mama would approve of that or hey guys, can we keep the stands G rated for all of the families here". I have always found teens to respond very respectfully. In fact they usually get embarassed at themselves. Teens can be so caught up in the moment and all about themselves, and sometimes just need to be called on it.

I was also wondering why you were sitting in the student section. Were you in "the pit" section with all students? If the students can't be appropriate there, then maybe we'll need to change it so that they are sitting in a mixed crowd of adults.

As for the adults in the parking lot... I've never seen that. I believe that what they were doing would be illegal. It is definatley breaking school rules. The Pleasanton police are always driving around school functions. If it were me, I would have called the non-emergency police line about that one.

Posted by the surprised spectator
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 3, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Thank you for your response. As we do not have children who attend Amador, and this was the first game our family attended, we learned a valuable lesson on where to sit. We were at the far north end of the bleachers and did not realize it was the "student section" before it was too late and seats elsewhere were already taken up. Next time we will be more cautious of where we sit.

I completly agree with you about the aggressiveness the girls are showing now. Last year, in another town, my husband and I had volunteered to chaparone a school dance. Again, we were amazed at how aggressive the girls have become. We joked how "boys have it easy these days" and that they don't even have to try much to get with the girls. A result of the media perhaps? The "reality" shows on MTV? Or, what??

As far as the parents behavior is concerned...In retrospect I wish we had called the non-emergency Pleasanton police number, or maybe even just walked back to the gate and mentioned something to the police we saw attending the game. Ooops...on our part. I think we were just so shocked at the parent's behavior and figured it must be a "normal" part of attending a football game in the area.

Amazing though....I just keep thinking about the example they are setting for their own kids.

Posted by parent of a 2006 grad
a resident of Birdland
on Nov 3, 2007 at 12:31 pm

I attend a game with a teacher from one of the high schools and she called some boys on their behavior. When she got to school on Monday the parents had been in contact with the vice principal. She had many meetings defending herself and her actions. I was called as well as another teacher who was in attendance. The boys parents were not even at the event. Let me just tell you that is the last game this teacher or I have attended. So parents you need to be in support of anyone calling a child on behavior. Remember it takes a village.

Posted by parent
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 3, 2007 at 12:55 pm

Aren't teachers required to do supervision at games? Or, better yet, aren't administrators there?

If there is a "student section" shouldn't it be supervised?

I don't want to blame teachers or administrators, because ultimately it is the parent's (and their childs) responsibility, but who is watching these kids?

Posted by parent
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 3, 2007 at 2:39 pm

I am the first responder to the surprised spectator. I had another thought on the issues you raised. My boys have participated in Amador Sports. I know for a fact that thier coaches expectations of them where to behave responsibly ESPECIALLY while wearing an Amador uniform. They were told that they were representing the school and should do so with "Amador Pride". I'm sure these girls have been told the same thing by their coaches. Just in case they missed this message, I will make sure this information gets forwarded to the coach of the spirit squad.

Posted by AV Alumni
a resident of Walnut Grove Elementary School
on Nov 3, 2007 at 4:49 pm

That kind of stuff has been going on for years at Amador. My brother graduated from there in 95 and I in 2000. They many games I went to, I always saw teachers sitting in the stand eatting nachos or standing along the rails, neither paying attention to the inappropriate behavior. I've seen this behavior outside of school as well- like downtown Pleasanton on a weekend evening.

Posted by Spike
a resident of another community
on Nov 4, 2007 at 8:53 am

The behavior of the adults and the students are another example of a "Community of Character"!! In life I have found that hypocrisy reigns supreme in self-styled "Communities of Character."

Posted by AV Cheerleader
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 10:02 am

As an amador cheerleader, i feel very very insulted but this. these are my friends (portion removed by PW staff). These girls are not easy or disrespectful of their bodies. yes we do have boyfriends and yes we ar not nuns and do kiss, i was with the cheerleaders who whole game and never once did i see any proof of your accusation. Look at foothill and their freakdancing. PLeasanton has gotten so up tight about many tennager behaviors it is ruining the high school experience, do not accuse foothill or amador students about things that you probably did when you were our age. About the chest issue, when you are sitting on different level bleachers and you hug someone naturally their head only goes up to the persons chest. You have no right to accuse the amador cheerleaders of showing off their sexuality when you probably had no idea what the situation was. Has your husband or wife every put their hand on your leg? DUHHH it will happen ad yes cheerleaders skirts are short, it will happen. For the girl who is being accused in this artical all of us are behind you and will defend you. And for the person who wrote this insulting article i hope that you realize the hurt that you have caused the girls and their (portion edited by PW staff) friends who know they would never do that.

Posted by parent from another area
a resident of Livermore
on Nov 4, 2007 at 10:58 am

This is why I home school my son. I do not want him around teens that do not have parents that care how they are and how they treat others. The sad thing is, most of the moms that have these teens, are stay at home moms. Let's see, they are too busy with their girlfriends shopping and not taking care of the children they gave birth to. VERY VERY SAD!!!!

Posted by parent from another area
a resident of Livermore
on Nov 4, 2007 at 11:00 am

Corrections from prior posting... They do not have parents that DO NOT CARE

Posted by parent
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 11:19 am

Hey Spike, nobody claims that this community is perfect, but it is most definately a communtiy of character. I can say this because I've lived here and raised kids here for almost 20 years. I can compare our community with the one I was raised in and other communities I have lived in, in my lifetime. I feel so very fortunate to live here and have raised a family here. Unless you have tried raising children or have been through hardships where you have had to rely on your community for help, I don't think you are in a position to pass such a harsh judgement.

Let's also try to remember the positive aspects of the Amador game that the original author of this blog sited. It seems that by thier own report, about 98% of the adults at the game were very appropriate and being good role models for our kids.

To the AV Cheerleader, I don't know what happened, as I wasn't there. However I do have kids in Amador sports, present and past, and I think that this is a good reminder for the spirit squad. You have all made a commitment to your school. When you are in your uniform or at a game representing Amador you have to be very aware of your behavior. Your in the "spot light" at those moments, especially with all the bright purple, right. It might not be the BEST TIME to hug and kiss the boyfriend. Try not get defensive about all of this. If we don't learn from our mistakes, then we never learn.

Posted by John Doe
a resident of Castlewood
on Nov 4, 2007 at 1:43 pm

When did it become so hard raise your kid with good morals, let the kid get a non corrupted education, and let them have fun? Everyone here has a point but all the same, everyone is equally biased. Well the cheerleader has the worst point but she's only a kid :-D. The Pleasanton community is so messed up right now we should be trying to fix the problem, not play the blame game.

Posted by parent
a resident of Stoneridge
on Nov 4, 2007 at 2:14 pm

i deffinatly doubt that an adult wrote this article and targeted a specific student to the entire online community. It is wrong for a parent to targtet a child. I agree with the person who stated that diffrent levels make it hard to see what it actualy going on. If the boy was on a bleacher below the girl, his head it naturally at her chest, and if he was hugging her it is quite possible that his hands were on her legs. I find it degrading that someone would target an innocent child like this without sure proof. Also, it is only one child, there are hundreds of teens at the games, to pick out one and generlize it to the entire Amador community is not just.

Posted by Mike
a resident of Highland Oaks
on Nov 4, 2007 at 3:38 pm

Teachers provide supervision at school events. Therefore, any inappropriate behavior among students witnessed at such an event merits a phone call to the school Monday morning rather than a potentially confrontational comment in the stands.

Tailgate parties on school grounds are illegal and certainly a potential danger, not only in terms of possible physical injury, but also in terms of the potential for bad school PR. Here, too, a phone call to the school on Monday would be appropriate.

Two problems with individual spectators becoming involved in direct enforcement in such cases are, in addition to the above-mentioned possibility of a comment becoming a confrontation, the potential for misinterpretation and the unfortunate statistical reality that the individuals who do become directly involved in such enforcement are too often overly zealous about finding an infraction to enforce.

With the exception of emergencies, it's always best to let the appropriate authorities handle the interpretation and enforcement of rules.

Posted by Parent of 3
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 4:03 pm

I have been to more football games, at Amador and Foothill, than I can count in the past ten years. I have never witnessed anything like what has been described. What I have witnessed are supportive families, good respectful while not perfect students, and always administrators wearing purple jackets. It would have been easy to make your concerns known to an administrator rather than publicly humiliate a student or a squad of students. I am certain your concern would have been responded to appropriately.
I have never seen or heard of parents behaving as was described, although I can believe there was an isolated case of bad judgment. They are adults breaking the law having alcohol on campus. I would have mentioned it to the resource officers.
These are all our children we should respond appropriately, not overreact or condemn. They are a work in progress, in a community that cares for them very much.

Posted by AVHS parent
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 4:35 pm

I attended the game on Friday, in fact my family attends all of the AVHS football games. These are good kids, and from what I have seen the majority of them have decent morals and values. I am shocked that anyone, especially an adult, would target a single student. Our cheerleaders and football players are under a spotlight when they are in uniform but that doesn't give others the right to use names and publicly humiliate them. My own children were in the pit and saw nothing innapropriate. I walked over a couple of times to check-in with my kids and saw nothing more than innocent teenage cuddling. I hope the kids in question know that not everyone believes that their behavior was as bad as the "suprised spectator" made it out to be. As for the adults in the parking lot if you were drinking on school property you should know better!!

Posted by working Mom
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Nov 4, 2007 at 4:49 pm

To the woman from Livermore, don't you think that's quite a stereotype that all Pleasanton mothers of teens are stay-at-home Moms that do nothing but shop with their girlfriends? WOW . My teens are normal, middle class, Christians that are involved in AVHS sports. They respect themselves as well as others and have two working parents that also support Amador and its families. My heart goes out to those accused, it's not easy being a teen and it's not right to condemn our children.

Posted by tonka truck
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 5:45 pm

(comment removed by Pleasanton Weekly staff)

Posted by Dave
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 6:13 pm

I have lived in this community for 7 years, the school, city, people, are wonderful as a whole. I am not naive to believe that all of our kids are perfect, of course not, neither are all of us parents. But I will not sit idly by and dismiss all of the good our children (and cheerleaders) are doing for Amador. I do believe that one or two of the girls may have acted foolishly and should be embarrassed for it. However, we as adults can still be mature enough to realize that this is a great schools with wonderful teacher, incredible students, and loving parents. Please find perspective in all things.

Posted by Tug Boat Sally
a resident of Birdland
on Nov 4, 2007 at 6:25 pm

I agree Dave for these kids should not have done what they did, but that doesn't mean that we should attack the entire community

Posted by that "surprised spectator"
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 7:00 pm

Okay...I feel the need to respond once again.

I have seen in the above posts, that I am "accusing" this girl of bad behavior, that how could I write this if I don't have "proof," It is horrible that I am "targeting" a specific student and "identifying her by name," (portion removed by Pleasanton Weekly staff) For the person who said "I find it degrading that someone would target an innocent child like this without sure proof". What kind of "sure proof" did you want? Me to take a picture???

Also, for the people who are defending her (and the boyfriends) behavior by saying the skirts are short, so it was possibly an "accident" if he hugged her and his hand went up her skirt. Two things here - First, what we were witnessing was NOT an accident, it was intentional behavior, and Second - if it is a problem that the girls skirts are "too short" and that the boys hands accidently move up them because of the length, it would be wise of the administrators/cheer coaches/and girls to pick out a different uniform, or maybe wear leggings underneath. But, either way, I believe that is an excuse. Cheerleaders always seem to have short skirts, and this was the first time I saw this happening. And, it didn't just happen "on accident" once or twice for a second or so, this was repeated behavior that happened intentionally.

I only "picked on her" because I feel it is important for her family to be more cautious of what she (and her boyfriend), and the other student I mentioned (which I know her last name because it was also embroired on the back of her letterman jacket) are doing during the games. And, not only that, but just the community as a whole to be aware of the need for supervision, at school sponsored events.

I wish some of the people on here would wake up and realize that these things are happening and perhaps maybe you should take the time and sit with your kids during the game. I find it appalling that many commenters are defending this "poor innocent cheerleader." She obviously doesn't care what people think of her behavior because she was displaying in front of many.

Furthermore, addressing the poster who said there are always administrators supervising in their purple jackets. I wish I would have seen them in the "student section." As I stated earlier, we do not have children that attend Amador yet, so I would not have known any administrators or teachers by their face, but I certainly did not see any adult in the "pit." I saw plenty out on the field, and over by the snack shack (as far away from the "pit" as you can get.) It might be wise to have teachers, parents, and administrators sit WITH the students in their section as mentioned by a previous poster. It couldn't hurt. Because, I completely agree, it takes all of us doing our part.

I hope what I have done is possibly sparked some conversation between parents and thier teens, and also within the Amador H.S. faculty. It is a shame that members of the community who just want to watch a competive football game, cannot do so with their small children because of the type of behavior going on. Also, as a suggestion, it would be nice to have had the student section roped off in some way so that newcomers, such as myself and my family, would have known that this might not be a good place to sit.

I am also surprised that most people seem to be focusing on the behavior of the students, when like I said in my original post, I was most disgusted by the behavior of the parents in the parking lot.

On a final note, we as parents need to get out of denial. Many teens are masters at maniuplating (I work full time with teens in another community) so we need to start acting like parents instead of constantly coming to the defense of our chidren's poor choices.

Posted by the surprised spectator
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 7:07 pm

After my previous post, I just read the posts from Dave and Tug Boat Sally. Please read my original post. I agree with you most definitely. There were many great things happening at the game. I love the city of Pleasanton and the experiences I have had with the schools thus far.

I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that there should be increased supervision (by parents, teachers and administrators) at school sponsored events.

That's all...

Posted by confused
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 7:31 pm

i understand that you are trying to let people know that the behavior was wrong, but couldn't you have gone about it differently by maybe talking to just the cheer coach or the family itself? i don't understand what kind of sick person who would condemn an entire school and community for ONE single person! just's sick

Posted by AV Alumni
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 7:39 pm

For the cheerleader who responded- kissing your boyfriend and the things that are done while in your uniform come off as easy. The thing about the age issue, I can say stuff about it; it wasn't even 10 years ago that I was at that high school- things happened then and they certainly still do happen. I live right behind a large park that students cut through; I see many acting inappropriately after school has gotten out. These may not be sports people as they are probably practicing, but the actions your peers make is how sterotypes are created. And I do agree with others responses that while in your uniform, it's probably best not to kiss your bf since you are in the spotlight. It's a responsibility you took on when you tried out and signed up to cheer. I think the "big thing" to do is to accept that stuff happens at games and to be aware of it- know not great things always happen therefore it should make you want to do the right thing.

Posted by Dave
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 8:19 pm

We are all members of one of the greatest communities in the country. Let's be careful how we air our dirty laundry. I am sure that our Cheer team will learn from this mistake. Positive will probably come from all of this in the end, however, we do not want to embarrass individual students (they have enough pressure already) and we don't want to be an easy target for other communities that may want to judge our Pleasanton schools to quickly.

Posted by A saddened, yet hopeful parent
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Nov 4, 2007 at 8:28 pm

Dear Surprised Spectator,

I believe you. I have been to football games at both high schools in town. Some of these kids are hardened and wisened beyond my years. Many kids are often there having good clean fun. But I have witnessed other kids showing up plainly "out of it". I have watched kids pass around a "soda bottle" that I know contains alcochol. I have watched kids on their way to senior balls (I'm sorry, it's really hard to hide the tux, your girlfriend's formal dress, and the limo driver with all of your school age friends whom I recognize from grade school) stop in local grocery stores and buy alcohol and lots of bread for on their way to the dance. And more than anything I feel complete pity for these kids. That they think at age 15 or 16 or 17 they need to drink...or be "easy" make their life complete...or to make themselves feel better. Because they have somehow gotten a message from society, or their parents, or their peers, or the horrible media coverage we give to "celebrities" that this is "cool". And the responsibility for raising our children is ours as parents as well as the school's. I know it is impossible for three or four or five administrators to take care of this problem at a football game. And I know there are a number of completely clueless parents, who do not realize the horrible things their teenagers are doing.

But there are also a number of wonderful kids, sterling examples of what we hope for from all of the kids. And you won't necessarily find them at the football games with the "in crowd". (Though I should be clear here - many respectable, admirable kids attend football games.) You'll find them volunteering at the senior center, or attending a Sunday school class, or involved in music, or drama, or science...something positive...and not self-centered or self-depreciating.

So, I would validate your observations. I have seen them, too. And there are many nice cheerleaders, but they too are human, and make mistakes. When you put that uniform on, you are a good will ambassador for your school and your community. If you can't handle that, then give back the uniform, and get off of the stage! Your actions are self-centered, and you've lost the right to represent your fellow students.

Please go to a school play, or attend a school music concert, or a science fair, or an international fair, where you can see kids that are proud of what they are doing and with exemplary behavior. Please do not despair that all high school kids are like that. There is hope....

Posted by Keith Adams
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 4, 2007 at 8:43 pm

What a great way for a community to handle issues. Rather than deal directly with people and resolve issues, anonymously write to a community message board. I have been embarrassed for the Amador Valley community in the past by such adult rants on sports message boards. Now we see it being sponsored by a local paper. At least respect should be followed when posting to Town Square. Points are being made that Amador Valley administrators need greater supervision in the stands. The same should be said for the Pleasanton Weekly to insure that respect is followed in the forum. Shouldn't we as community get back to handling issues in a positive, honest upfront manner. Seek out supervisors or call the school to work to resolve first. If that doesn't work, then posting seems more appropriate. In the end, such discussion is about kids. As they grow and learn, they deserve greater respect from both forum writers and this paper.

Posted by nonsense
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 5, 2007 at 12:25 am

I quote from your post: "I only "picked on her" because I feel it is important for her family to be more cautious of what she (and her boyfriend), and the other student I mentioned, are doing during the games."

Yes, read that again. That is something that involves that one girl, her boyfriend, and her family. Yes her parents should be aware. But to blame the ENTIRE amador student population is completely rediculous. There are over 2500 people in the entire Amador Valley Highschool. How often do parents notice the GOOD things that are done during the game?? MAJORITY is very respectful towards teachers, parents, and peers. But people like you who come to the game for the "first time" pick one person's actions and accuse all parents of being delinquent and not paying attention to what their children do. This was ONE PERSON that you saw. Its just not fair for you to make the entire community look so horrible when if it really bothered you that much, you could have gone and spoken to the girl yourself.

Posting an anonymous letter that the entire community can see is completely unnecessary and was extremely low for you to do.

Same for the parents- just because a couple foolish parents were doing such a thing doesn't mean it applies to everybody!

Posted by tell me
a resident of Downtown
on Nov 5, 2007 at 12:34 am

Please tell what your goal is from this message.

Is it to make amador look like a bad school?
Is it to make the cheerleaders sound like sluts?
Is it to cause chaos?
Is it so that the supervisors will become more over-protective of the students?
Is it to humiliate somebody?

What is the point? If you don't like what is going on at a football game, either go talk to the person who is performing actions that make you uncomfortable, or don't go to the games at all. There are hundreds of polite, genuine students at Amador, and your article for some reason seems to serve only the point of criticizing our community.

I have seen kids doing things which could be considered unacceptable. But it is much more effective to say something yourself to either a student, parent, or coach or teacher than to go about posting an online arcticle about it.

Posted by 2002 FHS Alumni
a resident of Livermore
on Nov 5, 2007 at 8:41 am

Dear Surprised Spectator,

I comend you for stepping forward and letting the community know what you saw. Do I believe you could have left out the details about the JV cheerleaders name? Yes, but that's over and done with and no one can take it back. There's no use in beating the dead horse. But I do want to thank you for stepping forward and letting the Pleasanton community know what you saw. By no means do I think that it is a representation of all of AVHS or the teens of Pleasanton, but coming into a new community it would be a disturbing thing to see.

To the residents of Pleasanton - I was raised in Pleasanton for 22 years of my life. It's a wonderful community that I am proud to say I grew up in.

I do not believe that what the Surprised Spectator saw is the situation for all high school students, across the board. But I believe it's possible. I believe that instead of jumping all over this individual for writing about what she saw, albeit it could have been done a bit more discreetly, we need to address the possibility that it could be true. Instead of ignoring what could very well be the truth, we need to realize that this individual was concerned enough to step forward. She was sure of what she saw and wanted to understand what was going on and why it was allowed.

I believe that the community does not want this reputation, especially if they believe it's untrue, but PLEASE recognize the fact that it could be true. As a graduate in the last 5 years from the Pleasanton high school community, I know that this could very well be possible. Open your eyes and open your ears, Pleasanton. Recent events in the community have shown us that the children of this town are not as perfect as we wouldl ike to believe. Do they act as normal teenagers do? Absolutely - but that doesn't mean there won't be negative consequences just because they're acting as "normal teenagers."

I urge you all to please take note of what this new Pleasanton resident has brought to our attention. I highly doubt she thought she had anything to gain from writing about this and I really doubt she wants to slam a community that she and her husband probably just spent about fortune to get in to. I think she was merely raising a concern and thought this close knit community would care enough to act upon it. Don't shoot the messenger everyone, instead take what you have heard and find out for yourself if it's the truth. we've already stated that she could have approached the situation a little more discreetly, now let's focus on the true issue at hand; what she saw.

It's your community Pleasanton. Don't turn a blind eye; follow your instincts. These may be normal actions for teenagers, but it doesn't have to be YOUR teenagers.

Posted by Brian
a resident of Ruby Hill
on Nov 5, 2007 at 8:41 am

Welcome to Pleasanton. This town has a contingent of parents--not all, but some--who will excuse any behavior by kids (theirs or someone else's). Underage drinking? Inappropriate public sexual behavior? Freak dancing? It's all OK by them, because if they admit that the behavior of their teen is NOT appropriate, then they have to do something about it. "Doing something" means consequences and this particular contingent of parents are not exactly fans of consequences and responsibility.

Rich parents, and the kids of rich parents, feel entitled to behave however they wish. Cheerleaders and star football players are special people, too, who come from special parents, and they have their own set of rules that only apply to them.

Actually, there's only one rule: whatever they do is OK. Anybody who criticizes, whether it's another parent, a school administrator, a coach, or a teacher, is quickly made to regret it--as the anonymous complainant here has already learned.

Posted by omgomgomg
a resident of Amador Estates
on Nov 5, 2007 at 9:47 am

yea i cant believe this was happening in the stands! (comment edited by PW staff) who knows why highschool kids act this way.

Posted by OMG!OMG!OMG!
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Nov 5, 2007 at 9:52 am

(comment removed by Pleasanton Weekly staff)

Posted by wannabe historian
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Nov 5, 2007 at 10:11 am

you might as well get used to this kind of behavior. times are changing and there's nothing anyone can do about it. we can only try to prevent these kinds of things. well, if this rumor is really true.

Posted by My name starts with a "k"!
a resident of Country Fair
on Nov 5, 2007 at 10:12 am

First this is not the admins fault you can't expect them to catch evrything that goes on with all those ppl in the stands. Furthmore these students although you may not like it have a choice to do this. When you where young you obviously didn't have any childhood experience. Parents are suppossed to guide there children not lock them up in there basement. Yet i do agree that this incident was a little inappropriate you shouldnt put that (portion edited by PW staff for profanity) on the rest of the amador cheer squad and all of the high school community. People like you make me sick! You realize the you have ruined the reputaion of all these girls. That's so pathetic. If u really don't like it that much pack it (portion edited by PW staff for profanity) up and leave

Posted by My name starts with a " ..."
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 5, 2007 at 11:18 am

I would like to tell the "surprised spectator" that I have raised some great kids at Amador - really good kids - but each one of them has "surprised" me at one point or another and someday, you too will be a "surprised parent". The thing to do is to apply corrections and consequences and deal with it - but hopefully not in a public forum that casts suspicion on a whole group of kids. In that group of cheerleaders, there are honor students, class officers, kids who volunteer many, many hours for their communities and nice kids whom you would enjoy knowing and be proud of as members of your school and community. You have cast a shadow over each one of them. There's only one girl whose parents and coach need to deal with this but it could have been handled in a more adult way. Your own kids will one day have you saying "What were you thinking?" It happens even to good kids and good parents.

Posted by Proud Amador Alumni
a resident of Amador Estates
on Nov 5, 2007 at 11:19 am

This person makes you sick? Seriously? Remember, this person wasn't the young man going up the girl's skirt.
I applaud this person for posting something that is obviously any parent's concern. This posting got you all thinking and posting, too. Yes, we have all been teenagers. The behavior was still inappropriate. I know a couple girls on the cheer squad and they are great young ladies. I am sure the young lady involved is a great girl,too, who had a lapse in judgement. Let's not forget about the young man, too. A lapse in judgement prevailed here. This situation doesn't define you or us as a community. What we do about it, does.

Posted by anonymous
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Nov 5, 2007 at 11:24 am

(comment removed by Pleasanton Weekly staff)

Posted by Dave
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 5, 2007 at 11:31 am

Wow- why must so many comments be so extreme. Yes, it is propbably true, the girl/ boyfriend probably did everything that was said. That is not the issue, the issue is:

* Do not try and embarrass a single student (too much pressure already)
* Do not make grand statements (it was a couple of girls and a few parents). We have over 2500 students.
* Should have gone to the cheer coach or school offical. Even talking to the student would have helped.

Switching gears, maybe we should see if the school is willing to move the kids back to their old seating area where they had to sit with the parents. BTW, I liked hearing them cheer the entire game, I miss that anyway.

Posted by Kerry
a resident of Livermore
on Nov 5, 2007 at 12:24 pm

Kerry is a registered user.

Yes, it is propbably true, the girl/ boyfriend probably did everything that was said. That is not the issue - Dave

On the contrary, I believe that that is exactly what the issue is. We've already covered that she did not inform the community in the right way and perhaps it could have been handled better. Now, why don't we focus on what she saw and decide how to act upon it instead of ignoring it?

Btw, I was a Pleasanton resident until very recently and grew up in the community and graduated from FHS. I'm just as concerned as anyone else, even though I do not live in the town there anymore I take much pride in saying I was raised in Pleasanton.

Posted by freakyfresh
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 5, 2007 at 3:22 pm

freakyfresh is a registered user.

I am an attender of every single Amador Valley football game. I know for a fact that every single coach on the Amador campus discourages anything more than a peck while their athletes are in uniform. It is completely inappropriate for teenagers to be doing much more without being in full privacy. But it is not your job to embarrass the entire Amador community by posting this on the local newspaper website. In fact, you are completely out of line to tell a newspaper website before you even think about talking to an administrator.

I really do understand your concerns. They make sense, and you shouldn't have to sit behind people that make you so clearly uncomfortable. But as an attender of the football game you are speaking of, I happen to know that there WERE empty seats. They were not techinically on the parents' side of the stands, but there is always space between the Don Squad and the parents. You would not have been trampled as there are always a few families that arrive late and have to sit closer to the Pit.

You know that you didn't have to sit behind these kids if you didn't want to, and you know that you didn't have to write this embarrassing post for the entire Tri-Valley area to see. I don't know what your intentions were, but if you wanted to make people "aware" of what was going on, you have definitely done that. And not only that, but you have put a bad name to all Amador students and ESPECIALLY cheerleaders.

This year the Amador cheer coaches are being particularly strict. They don't let anything fly. The coaches are in control. All you had to do was walk up to any one of them and mention that you didn't like the behavior of one cheerleader. They sit right there next to the fence and they are kind of hard to miss. They would have gladly put a stop to any misconduct immediately.

You just condemned these cheerleaders to attempting to disprove YOUR stereotype for the rest of their student careers. So thanks. THanks a lot.

Posted by tiffany
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 5, 2007 at 4:40 pm

tiffany is a registered user.

I can only assume the kids involved wanted to be noticed or they would have found a more private venue for themselves. People shouldn't have to sit somewhere else in order to not be offended...that behavior is inappropriate anywhere! Remember the term "get a room?"

Why is it wrong for someone to call attention to such obviously out of line behavior? The kids involved sure weren't trying to keep their identities a secret! Stop making excuses and protecting these young adults. Some need to learn their lessons the hard way. If they didn't know better before, they sure do now!

The reputations of these young women ARE at stake, and if any of them behave badly, it does reflect on all of them; regardless of whether it's published or not! Do you really think the original poster is the only one who saw and was offended by the bahavior?

Posted by Lauren
a resident of Amador Valley High School
on Nov 5, 2007 at 4:47 pm

Lauren is a registered user.

The person that posted this should be completely ashamed of themselves.
I am a Sophomore and active member within the Amador community...
This whole post has sparked controversy beyond belief. The cheerleader fondling with her boyfriend is at fault, but her behavior is not a reflection of the entire Amador student body as a whole. In fact, I have never seen such conduct at a football game.

A direct quotation from the surprised spectator,
"I think it is really sad that these kids do not respect themselves enough to at least do this in private. Girls wonder how they get reputations as "easy" but then when you are going at it at a football game, in front of your classmates, teachers, friends, parents, etc... it is no wonder."

It was both tasteless and wrong of this woman to exploit the cheerleader. I would like to point out that she did not identify the girl's boyfriend, nor did she mention that it was his wrongdoing as well.
Adults seem to have crafted a stereotype against teenage girls (moreso than boys). Most of us do not earn 'easy' reputations, we have a high level of self-respect.

By posting this, you have proven yourself completely immature and without common decency OR manners. If you really had a problem with the COUPLE's (not JUST the cheerleader) behavior, you could have taken two seconds out of your adverse experience to ask them to stop. Instead, you chose to publicly humiliate a girl who truly is well-rounded and well-behaved at our school. If you had opened your eyes and observed also, the spirit, the ambiance, and the wonderful atmosphere of our football game, you would realize that Amador is a joy to be a part of.
I commend you for your absolute objection, but you should be scorned for your poor judjment and flawed motive.
And really, what did you expect, attending a highschool football game?

Posted by chelsea
a resident of Amador Estates
on Nov 5, 2007 at 5:57 pm

chelsea is a registered user.

I am a Amador student, the person who actually took the time to post this should be completely ashamed of themselves. Especially if you are a grown women. Honestly you handled this whole situation completely wrong. There are a million different ways you could have handled it, besides stooping so low as to post this and completely embarrass the student your "Maturity" allowed you to point out. How can anyone take this seriously. If you are as grown up as you believe you are stop picking on a teenager... If it's seriously bugging you that much first of all grow up second of all realize you were sitting around a bunch of teenagers and yes, maybe it was wrong but what do you expect for all of them to be perfect little angels like you and your family? third of all if you know the persons last name go to the office about it. This whole thing is completely ridiculous and how dare you call a young girl "easy" you should be ashamed of yourself and if your not don't worry plenty of the students at Amador are for you. Amador is a great school and it's pathetic that you are trying to make the entire school look and for one girls actions. Shame on you!!!!

Posted by student
a resident of Stoneridge Park
on Nov 5, 2007 at 9:08 pm

student is a registered user.

"...drinking vodka mixed with red bull that was stored in an ice chest in their backseat."

hmmm. is it just me or does that sound a little TOO detailed?

Posted by Jeb Bing
editor of the Pleasanton Weekly
on Nov 6, 2007 at 3:40 pm

Jeb Bing is a registered user.

We are intentionally giving topics pertaining to the "Shocking behavior at Amador Football Game" a rest for awhile because recent postings have degenerated into name-calling, innuendo and disrespect, dialogue that we do not wish to host on our site. This is unfortunate because events at high school athletic events, dances and even off campus deserve thoughtful discussion and we would like to offer local residents a forum for that. Let's move on.

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