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Opinion - January 4, 2019

Letters: Monet the cat settling in well

by Pleasanton Weekly staff

Melissa Adkins from Valley Humane Society shared an update on Monet, a cat whose tale of adoption by the Geiger family was profiled in the Dec. 14 Weekly story, "Stray tabby with special needs finds a new home."

Adkins told us, "I wanted to thank you so much for printing the story of Monet even after she was adopted. As a senior cat with special needs, she represents one of the most difficult type of pets to re-home, and I think it really helps people to understand what is manageable when they can see that others are managing it. We couldn't be happier about her adoption -- she coincidentally was the 600th adoption of the year! And as you can see, she is quite content in her new home."