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Community Pulse - March 28, 2014


What are your plans for spring break?

Around Town

Flor Fernandez

High school student

I plan to start working on some summer job applications, and to just chill with friends when my parents aren't bugging me about the applications.

Prital Smita

Middle school student

We are not going anywhere far away. I'm looking forward to sleeping late every single morning, and spending time hanging out with my little sister and my friends.

Sumit Rawap

High school student

I am heading on a plane to Massachusetts to visit some cousins who are going to take me around to check out some East Coast colleges, since I will be applying to colleges next year. Tops on my list are Columbia, NYU and Brown.

Luis Arguello

Elementary school student

We are planning to do a few day trips, and to just hang around. Our day trips are going to be looking for the best pizza and ice cream in the Bay Area.

Lori Gamer


My oldest daughter is a senior and heading off to college in the fall, so we are going on our final family trip for quite a while. We let her make the decision where to go, and so we'll be heading off to Disneyland Tokyo.

Compiled by Nancy, Jenny and Katie Lyness


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