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Opinion - January 17, 2014


Cell tower risks not 'wives tale'

Dear Editor,

I respectfully disagree with Mayor Thorne's comment that the "wives tales" of "electric and cellular waves harming humans have long been disproved." (Around Pleasanton, Dec. 20).

If that were true, why would the U.S. General Accounting Office recommend, in August 2012, that the U.S. "reassess standards for Radio-Frequency energy from mobile phones" particularly as their usage levels have increased since the guidelines were first set in 1996?

If cell phone emission guidelines are under scrutiny, can emissions from cell phone towers be that far behind? Today's emissions may be considered "safe," but cigarette smoke and asbestos were also deemed harmless at one point in time.

What's good for wireless service providers may not be good for public health. Let's hope our elected officials do their homework next time.

Tribute to Ken Mercer

Dear Editor,

I just read that one of the best to have ever served the city of Pleasanton as a council member, mayor and Tri-Valley ambassador has passed.

His name is Ken Mercer and without Ken's vision and dedication to improving Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley, many of us that live here would have a much different situation and quality of life than what we enjoy today.

I first met Ken playing softball in the early '70s and over the years we would occasionally cross paths and Ken was always positive, affable and sincere.

Ken Mercer has earned and deserves to be formally recognized by the city of Pleasanton as one of its most influential and dedicated citizens. Thanks Ken and rest in peace.

Mike Carmo


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