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- September 6, 2013

British-owned Topshop coming to Nordstrom

Started in 1994, brand is one of fashion's biggest success stories

Pleasanton's Nordstrom in the Stoneridge Shopping Center is expanding its partnership British-owned Topshop along with a refreshed design.

Nordstrom is the only large U.S. retailer to sell a broad assortment of the British fashion brand merchandise in-store and online at Topshop has flagship stores in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, and its own U.S. designated websites at

Nordstrom has added Topshop shoes and make-up in select stores and continues to expand the related Topman suiting offer which will be in over 30 additional Nordstrom stores by November, including in Pleasanton.

"We are very pleased with our Topshop and Topman partnership and excited to expand and grow together," Nordstrom CEO Pete Nordstrom said. "Through this collaboration, we hoped to attract new customers to both our women's and men's apparel businesses and to learn to create newness and excitement in our stores and online. Through a lot of hard work and mutual effort, we have been able to measurably improve on these fronts."

Since it launched in 1964, Topshop has become a major British style authority and one of fashion's biggest success stories. In 1994, a Topshop flagship store was born, as the brand took over a 90,000 sq ft space at London Oxford Circus in the heart of the West End.

It remains there today, and is considered the world's largest fashion store on the high street, attracting over 200,000 shoppers each week.


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