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Column - August 9, 2013

Twins make for a joyful bundle

by Jeb Bing

Kate and Benjamin arrived in the world one week ago today. My daughter Jenny and her husband Jerry Brewer became first time parents to these two beautiful babies. Weighing 7 pounds, 2 ounces (Kate) and 6 pounds, 4 ounces (Benjamin) they were a joyful bundle for me to hold and treasure shortly after their birth.

It was quite the wait for the family at the hospital. The two grandmothers and my daughter Kerry managed to be kicked out of the hallway outside of the operating room and banished to a room with specific instructions to keep the door closed. A cheer erupted when we got the text message "girl" from Jerry. Thirty minutes later we heard the boy was here. Throughout her 24-hour ordeal, Jenny was a champ. Finally, she was wheeled out smiling and beaming holding her tiny beautiful daughter and son. The cheers, tears and hugs lasted a long time.

It was an exciting day months ago when the ultrasound revealed not one, but two separate and distinct heartbeats. Twins were on the way. As those tests continued, we learned one was a boy, the other a girl. Looking at the ultrasound pictures, I couldn't necessarily confirm this was the case, but others were able to identify those objects as babies of the human variety.

Planning started immediately, as it always does when someone in the family announces they're about to have a baby. Baby books surfaced, solicited and unsolicited advice was offered, name suggestions were ongoing, and decorating ideas for the babies' room in the Brewers' Pleasanton home got underway. The women in the family (and there are many) began talking about a shower, including possible dates, location, theme and guests. I knew I had to make plans to vacate the house for this party, but I was so wrong. Men were on the invite list -- another new concept for me. I had never been to a baby shower and didn't quite know what to expect. I did OK, but was slightly disappointed I never won a prize for any of the games we played.

Everything we bought was in twos -- car seats, cribs, swings, to name a few. Where I once thought baby strollers built for two were unique, I found showrooms filled with them with various seating arrangements and accessories. Strollers have evolved into a world of their own. Jenny's stroller of choice cost more than my first car and also has far more bells and whistles. You can attach a skateboard-like device for an older child to ride on, elliptical handles that give you a workout while pushing the stroller, coolers, fans, bassinets, mosquito netting, rain covers, purse hooks, coffee cup holders and even stay-warm/stay cool plastic compartments for milk and juices. I'm convinced a family could be lost in the desert and survive quite comfortably as long as they had the stroller and its add-ons.

Another first for me are the diapers that now come with a built in detection system indicating when it's time to change the baby. Kate's and Benjamin's diapers even have a notched area for the umbilical cord. When it's time to dispose of the diaper, there is a special container with plastic bags that somehow seal it so there is no offending odor. I really hope we're not asked to babysit. I don't think we're capable of operating the gadgets and appliances apparently needed these days to properly care for children. I can see us forgetting to use the automatic warmer for the wipes when changing the babies after confirming, of course, from the diaper that it's time.

Kate and Benjamin, as I said, are now a week old and truly precious little beings. It is hard to put into words how we feel about these babies and how we feel as we watch Jenny and Jerry look at the two new loves of their lives. We consider ourselves fortunate that we can see them daily, and, as grandparents, have the privilege of holding and cuddling and then saying goodnight, leaving them in the care of their two capable and loving parents as we head to our home, just a short drive away.


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