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Preventing BART strikes

As BART unions agreed to postpone a scheduled strike against the transit system, State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Walnut Creek), whose state Senate District 7 includes Pleasanton, said that the ongoing dispute between management and labor "doesn't seem to be working for anyone, most importantly, for the commuters."

"The intent of any legislation will not be to simply stop strikes, but to ensure we produce equitable outcomes for workers and our commuters during future negotiations," said DeSaulnier, chairman of the Transportation and Housing Committee.

BART's unions agreed Sunday night to postpone a strike for at least seven days at the request of Gov. Jerry Brown, who wants an investigation of issues affecting the labor dispute.

Brown said a strike would "significantly disrupt public transportation services" and "endanger the public's health, safety and welfare." The board is required to report back on the contract talks within seven days, with strikes and lockouts prohibited during the investigation.

Never clicked a mouse?

The Pleasanton Public Library is offering beginner's Internet and email classes for those who have never clicked a mouse, used email or surfed the net. The goal is to teach them, in a non-judgmental atmosphere, how to keep in touch with loved ones and access Internet sites all around the world.

The free classes are being held Tuesday and Thursday morning, with four one-hour classes in each series. Registration is required; call the reference desk at 931-3400, ext. 4.

The library is located at 400 Old Bernal Ave.

Valley Children's Museum

Valley Children's Museum is hosting a carnival from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. tomorrow at Emerald Glen Park in Dublin, with a circus train, elephant and big top crafts, old-fashioned carnival games and a jumpy house.

VCM opened its Mobile Museum in Emerald Glen Park, 4201B Central Parkway, in 2011. It hosts activities for young children every second Saturday as well as during the Dublin Farmers Market on Thursday evenings through the end of September.