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Opinion - August 9, 2013


'Coming Soon' unethical

Dear Editor,

As new prospective citizens to Pleasanton, we have had to dive into the daunting local real estate market. It has been extremely frustrating and depressing. It is like no other real estate market that we have ever experienced. Now to add to this, the "Coming Soon" sign has popped up on the scene.

This new wrinkle, from some of my research, smacks of borderline unethical real estate practice and certainly goes against the spirit of the MLS guideline. It favors the listing agent, potentially deprives the seller of maximum value for their home and works against the potential buyers.

We have had a negative experience with this already. I encourage all agents to refrain from this practice and discourage others from doing it. Let's keep the real estate market in this area free of this questionable practice.

Robert Huberman


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