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Arts & Entertainment - July 5, 2013

Little frocks en route to Nigeria

Girl Scouts sew 175 dresses to send overseas

by Isabella Ohlmeyer

Opening your heart to one another through giving is rewarding, found 17 Junior Girl Scouts from Lydiksen Elementary, who worked in partnership with Hope for Women's Dress a Girl project.

The girls, members of Troop 30274, dedicated two to three hours each day after school for a year and a half to create 10 dresses each, for a total of 175 dresses to be donated to young girls at a Catholic parish in Nigeria.

Sherri Kennedy, mother of one of the girls, is the driving force behind this act of kindness. Kennedy opened her home to the Scouts, taught them how to sew dresses, and even created kits for the young volunteers, ages 10 to 11, with the essential supplies needed to make a dress.

"The moment I showed them the slideshow filled with information about making dresses for girls around the world, the girls were excited and eager to start this project," Kennedy said. "The Girl Scouts truly do believe this is a good cause, and that making dresses for girls their same age is rewarding."

Kennedy had the idea of taking a picture of each girl with the dress she had created to send with a personalized message.

Troop leader Shobhan Beaudin is impressed by the girls and how they pursued the project.

"One thing I love about this group of girls is that they embrace community service greatly," Beaudin said. "By creating the dresses themselves, the girls have a personal attachment to this project and they ultimately feel important about what they've done."

Her daughter, Courtney, is one of the troop members, and she is an advocate for community service.

"It feels great to give back to people who do not have as much as we do in our lives. Usually we do community service in our area, but this time we are helping people in Nigeria," she said.

The fabric and supplies were donated by individuals and Crosswinds Church in Dublin, plus were purchased by the troop's money earned from cookie sales. The dresses will be taken to Suzanne Beck, who is the local representative for Dress a Girl Around the World, to be sent to the little girls in Nigeria.

For more information on how to get involved with Dress a Girl Around the World, call (480) 699-5418.


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