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Opinion - June 28, 2013


Construction frustrating

Dear Editor,

The construction signs still read that work on Vineyard was to be completed on May 30. At this point I think they left off the year on purpose and it is 2014. As a resident of north Mavis Drive I am getting tired of the construction that was supposed to end weeks ago.

It is not that I am against improvements. Actually I am all for them. What bothers me is the one thing that has been missing since the beginning of the project: communication.

I am sure I am not the only Pleasanton resident that learned of the construction from an article in the Weekly after the work had already begun. When it was to last 60 days it seemed reasonable. What is not reasonable is that some days there is work and others there is not.

Currently on a daily basis one has to maneuver the work on Vineyard. Today will the road be one lane? Will north Mavis be blocked and closed? Are they going to update the sign with a new end date? Might the cement truck driver actually look before he pulls out and almost hits me?

How hard is it in a world full of technology to let residents know what is going on? The crew could put out a sign that states Vineyard will be closed tomorrow in a west bound direction or that Mavis will be closed to traffic. It would just be common courtesy.

By the way, does anyone really know when this project that now is past due going to be completed?

Kirstin Litz

Editor's note: City Engineer Stephen Kirkpatrick agrees. He says, "There is no good excuse for the dates not being changed. The message was supposed to be 'Expect Delays' during the work, and please go another way for the benefit of motorists and the safety of the workers. A valid message still, but the dates were overlooked. Regardless, the city regrets the inconvenience the project has caused and understands that frustrations such as those stated in this letter to the editor may be alleviated through better communication. It will be a goal on future projects."

Adobe park turning 5

Dear Editor,

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated and enjoyed the June 21 editorial on the Alviso Adobe. As you likely know, a group of Alviso Adobe advocates has formed "Friends of the Alviso Adobe" to promote improvements to the park to allow more interactive cultural opportunities. We lobbied hard to get the City Council support to add the park to its two-year work plan and were pleased it did so. With the East Bay Regional Park District pending purchase of the adjacent property it is timely to review the needs of the park and determine its future.

Several of our group are docents of the park and understand only too well the shortcomings of this beautiful facility. We are pledged to work with staff and decision makers to help in any way we can to help the park reach its potential. Our group will be helping staff plan for the fifth anniversary celebration of the park's dedication in October. We are hopeful the event can demonstrate to the community what the park could be if modest but important changes or additions are made to the park and to the guidelines governing its use.

Again, thanks for highlighting that this unique and underutilized city resource can use some attention.

Dolores Bengtson

Priority of Alviso Adobe

Dear Editor,

As a member of the "Friends of the Alviso Adobe," I thank you for your June 21 editorial and support of the Adobe. You characterized very clearly the issues that have kept the Park fairly static since 2008.

For several years, Dolores Bengtson and others, including myself, have been urging the city to develop and implement a complete plan for this beautiful place, "the park that Pleasanton forgot." In reaching its full potential eventually, the beauty and historical importance of the Adobe will be preserved, its programs will be enhanced, and it will become a true community park.

We are pleased that the City Council has placed Alviso Adobe on its priority list, and invite those interested to join with our informal group in moving the process forward.

Jim Bowe


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