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Pleasanton Weekly

- May 17, 2013

Business workshop planned on 'Cap and Trade'

Bay Planning Coalition forum on how to make it work

by Jeb Bing

The Bay Planning Coalition will hold a workshop discussion meeting June 6 on "Cap and Trade: How to Make It Work for Business."

The workshop is the first in a series being hosted by the Coalition this year.

Speakers will include John Gioai, who was recently appointed to the California Air Resources Board, Allen Bedwell, John Faust, Jane Luckhardt and Cleve Livingston.

Topics to be discussed at the June meeting include:

* How do we expect Cap and Trade to affect business, government and the economy in the next few years?

* How can affected business and industries try to reduce their costs?

* How can regulated business and industries continue to grow while complying with Cap and Trade?

* What is the role of Cap & Trade auction proceeds in improving the health of "Disadvantaged Communities"?

* How do we measure success when it comes to Cap and Trade?

* What challenges and opportunities will we be confronting as we move forward in implementing this young, untried and untested system?

* What do experts see as the primary challenges and opportunities going forward?

The meeting, scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon, will be held at URS, 1333 Broadway, Eighth Floor, in Oakland.