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Opinion - May 3, 2013


Flat tires for cyclists

Dear Editor,

I live in Lafayette but often ride my bike through Pleasanton en route to Livermore. I pick up your newspaper whenever I pass through Pleasanton and consult your website from time to time.

Sometime before the afternoon of Saturday, April 27, someone shattered fluorescent light bulbs onto the Iron Horse Trail a little bit east of Santa Rita Road. I have a few photos of the mess. I phoned East Bay Regional Park District police immediately after I rode through the mess.

This seemed to be an intentional effort to cause flat tires to cyclists. It looked to me like it was shattered plastic until after I rode through it. Once I realized it was shattered glass, I stopped and pulled sharp large shards out of my bicycle tires, so fortunately I did not suffer a flat tire 20 miles from home. However, if I had kept riding, the glass likely would have penetrated into the inner tube.

Cyclists in Pleasanton need to beware of the fluorescent bulb incident as the culprit possibly will repeat it elsewhere. It was shattered in such a way that there was no good way to avoid the shattered glass.

Jason Bezis, Lafayette

Narum's qualities

Dear Editor,

This week we cast our votes for Kathy Narum for Pleasanton City Council. This was a very easy decision for all three voters in our family.

We believe that Kathy brings the very best qualities to the table, intelligence, experience, dedication and a true love for the city of Pleasanton.

We watched Kathy as she worked tirelessly in her term as president of Pleasanton Seahawks. The team gained a secure financial footing and doubled in size. She brought the same dedication to RAGE, the Parks and Rec Commission, the Planning Commission and the various task forces she has served on.

She is a dedicated researcher, and looks at all sides of an issue before forming an opinion. She is always open to civil debate to move the cause forward and welcomes understanding from diverse viewpoints. She most definitely will make herself available to the people of Pleasanton.

Finally, she loves Pleasanton, she will fight for this city to keep it healthy economically and to preserve the wonderful quality of life that we all enjoy.

Laura Darrow

Miller for council

Dear Editor,

I believe that David Miller is the best candidate for City Council. He has 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley technology companies. As a computer designer he was awarded nine patents for his inventions and now he leads teams of engineers to deliver extremely complex projects for his company. We need the same leadership and problem solving abilities on Pleasanton's City Council to bring accountability and results orientation.

David has already demonstrated this ability on many issues facing the city. I was particularly impressed by the way David advocated on behalf of the citizens for a solution to the city's unfunded pension liability that was fair to the taxpayers along with ensuring that the city can meet its obligations to our valued employees.

Tough decisions need to be made that are fair to everyone. Numerous cities are going through bankruptcy proceedings, suing Calpers, etc. We need David's no-nonsense, business oriented approach on the Pleasanton City Council. I am glad he is running for this office.

Please join me in voting for David Miller for the City Council.

Vaidyanathan Venkatesan

Olivia has vision

Dear Editor,

A great City Council is comprised of good people who want to do great things and have the vision to be proactive. We need diversity of opinion in order to have the critical conversations to make the best decisions possible. I am supporting Olivia Sanwong for City Council because she possesses skills that don't exist on the council now, nor with any of the other candidates. She has current 21st century business experience. She is solution driven and she represents a demographic that currently has little voice on the council, young families. Importantly, she is not connected to any interest group. What drives Olivia is civic engagement. She is a product of our educational system. She understands our history and she has a vision for our future. Join me in voting for Olivia Sanwong by dropping your ballot off at 123 Main St. by 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 7.

Cheryl Cook-Kallio

'Why I'm voting for Miller'

Dear Editor,

Dave Miller gets my vote for two primary reasons. First, he appreciates what makes Pleasanton special and understands the need to protect those foundational elements from special interests that would distort them for their own benefits. Second, David has proven that he does his homework to take a fact-based approach to making decisions that balance the needs of all stakeholders. This is what promotes lasting compromise -- the type that makes Pleasanton the great community that it is.

While I may have different perspective on topics from David from time to time, I have found him very open to alternative views. He seeks to understand alternative perspectives and ultimately lets his search for the unbiased facts dictate his positions. Pleasanton needs more independent and engaged leaders such as David. This is why he gets my vote.

Bart Hughes

Supporting Narum

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Kathy Narum for the open seat on the Pleasanton City Council. Kathy has years of leadership experience in the community, including the Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission. Because of her involvement, there will be no learning curve for her on the council. Kathy is a person who is accessible and listens to all people in the community. I can personally attest to the fact that she considers all viewpoints before making a decision. She is an independent thinker and she stands up for what she thinks is right.

Kathy is very supportive of our schools and I know she will work with the school district in doing what is best for our children. Please join me in voting for Kathy Narum for Pleasanton City Council.

Valerie Arkin, School Board Trustee, Pleasanton Unified School District

Miller understands

Dear Editor,

As a Pleasanton Unified School District parent, I feel it is time we put someone on the City Council that has children in Pleasanton schools. David Miller is that candidate. Why is that important? With three daughters in public schools, he understands the impact that high density housing projects, 30 units per acre, will have on our already overcrowded classrooms.

David is running for the right reasons. He is not running for political gain or to serve special interests who want to urbanize Pleasanton. He is not running to use city government to push an agenda that continues unsustainable fiscal practices. Like many of us, he moved to Pleasanton for the great schools and the small town atmosphere and great community spirit. He wants to protect and preserve our unique Pleasanton lifestyle.

It is time we elect someone who will truly look out for the people of Pleasanton, ensure we grow at a sensible rate, understands the impacts projects will have on our community before they are approved, and will fight for open government that truly serves the citizens of Pleasanton.

If you feel the same way, then please vote for David Miller.

Mindy Mahoney

Narum works hard for us

Dear Editor,

It is easy to label someone. Her opponent has labeled Kathy Narum as a "bureaucrat." These personal attacks have no place in our community and, in the case of Kathy, nothing can be farther from the truth. I have known Kathy for several years having served with her on the Planning Commission. She has a clear track record of accomplishment. She works hard for the citizens of Pleasanton, and her contributions to the success of the commission and the task forces upon which she serves are well documented. Check her documented record of accomplishment yourself.

Kathy has volunteered literally thousands of hours in the service of this community. She takes the time to learn and fully understand the issues that affect our city. She understands the practicality of what can and cannot be done under the law and, frankly, gets it done.

How has her opponent served our city? In short, other than being a resident, he hasn't. But when you don't have a track record, you resort to a label to try and divert attention from that fact. Don't be fooled by a disingenuous label. Vote for Kathy Narum for City Council.

Phil Blank

Miller will look out for me

Dear Editor,

Most of us are too busy dealing with the things life is throwing us to pay much attention to local city politics. This is why it is important that we elect someone like David Miller who will watch out for the interests of the average citizen. David is someone I can trust to do the right thing for the citizens of Pleasanton.

There appears to be several special interest groups who are trying to gain an advantage over city government by influencing their elected officials who are in office voting for their benefits and raises for their members. Developers have already backed a candidate who has already agreed to allow them to cram more apartments into Pleasanton. I am voting for David Miller because I feel he will look out for me, an average hardworking citizen of Pleasanton. He has not accepted contributions from any special interests.

I urge the citizens of Pleasanton to vote for your candidate, David Miller. He will do a great job as our City Council member.

Sara Volking


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