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Opinion - April 26, 2013


Why I support Miller

Dear Editor,

People ask my why I support David Miller in his quest to become a Pleasanton City Councilman. The answer is simple, respect. Yes, respect for the hardship of his journey through life and the achievements he has accumulated. Born in humble surroundings in Arkansas, his struggles to overcome life's inequities and the personal awards he achieved in doing so are noteworthy. I hear others echo the same desires. They however demand respect, decry inequalities, beg for inclusiveness and seek redistribution of wealth they did not earn. You have heard it just as I have. And I say if you want my respect, earn it by deed not by word.

In order to restore a culture that is fast eroding we must start small and at the grass roots. And the Pleasanton City Council and small city councils like it are the beginning. This current omnipotent government of ours has lost touch with reality and has certainly lost its creditability due to over influence of special interest groups. You said, in the last two election cycles, that you all wanted hope and change. Well, you have your wish in front of you, now act on it. Remember that this country was built from the ground up, not vice versa as some would have you believe.

William H. Mallery

Elect Narum

Dear Editor,

I have known Kathy Narum for many years -- we have both worked for Pleasanton's city government. Her knowledge and abilities along with her dedication have been part of the reason for our city's history and success. She has served on many of our committees and commissions -- she has the "know how" to be on the City Council. She has the experience necessary to serve on the City Council. Please elect her to the City Council.

Howard Seebach

Miller for council

Dear Editor,

I believe that David Miller is the best candidate for City Council. He has 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley technology companies. As a computer designer he was awarded nine patents for his inventions and now he leads teams of engineers to deliver extremely complex projects for his company. We need the same leadership and problem solving abilities on Pleasanton's City Council to bring accountability and results orientation.

David has already demonstrated this ability on many issues facing the city. I was particularly impressed in the way David advocated on behalf of the citizens for a solution to the city's unfunded pension liability that was fair to the taxpayers along with ensuring that the city can meet its obligations to our valued employees.

Tough decisions need to be made that are fair to everyone. Numerous cities are going through bankruptcy proceedings, suing Calpers, etc. We need David's no-nonsense, business oriented approach in the Pleasanton City Council. I am glad he has run for this office.

Please join me in voting for David Miller for the City Council.

Vaidyanathan Venkatesan