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News - April 26, 2013

Help solve the Big Draw Monet Mystery: Clue 3

Judge Harris rode up to see John Crellin, the owner of the Ruby Hill Winery. The house was filled with works of art all done by the same artist -- Eva Kottinger Burnett.

"John, I want to know your whereabouts and activities the day of Mr. Howell's party," said Judge Harris.

"Well," answered John, "I was invited to the party, even though he didn't want to serve my wine and served that swill from Villa Armando Winery over on St. John Street. I decided to bring a case of my Ruby Hill wine over, so everyone could see how much better it is. I put my case down by the table and went to get extra glasses. But then the party broke up and I went home."

"Do you remember seeing anything or anyone unusual?" asked the judge.

"I only talked to Eva about her painting. But when I got home and unpacked my wine, a bottle was missing. In its place was a pencil sketch of some kind of scene. I liked it 'cuz it looked like one of Eva's. Wait here and I'll go get it."

He returned with a pencil drawing of arbors covered with flowers and handed it to Judge Harris. He turned the picture over and saw writing on the back. It said: "This is the way flowers look. This is real art!"


Now it's up to you to solve this 100-year-old mystery. If you do, you will be entered to win one of the fabulous prizes from The Big Draw: A City-Wide Arts Celebration on May 11.

Go to to learn how to play or pick up instructions at a participating merchant. This mystery combines fact and fiction. To learn more about Pleasanton's history, go to the Museum on Main or Towne Center Books to read up.


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