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News - December 21, 2012

Keeping memories fresh

Photos still worth a thousand words

Cell phones are great to capture the moment as are digital cameras, with photos easy to sort, send or share. But some of us still like to tuck our memories away in a photo album or scrapbook.

If you don't own a high quality printer, it's easier than ever to make prints at any drugstore chain with only a few seconds to wait. The trick is not to let the photos accumulate, especially in the case of a new baby. Make prints often and tuck them away immediately in an album or frame.

A fancier way to document memories is to create a special scrapbook. This hobby has become so popular that "scrapbooking" is now a recognized word.

The Pleasanton scrapbooking store near Raley's has closed but Michael's in Dublin or Richard's in Livermore and Alamo have large sections with scrapbooks, pages and accessories plus helpful personnel. Classes are held periodically for everyone from beginners to enthusiasts wanting to share new ideas.

Scrapbook Expo is taking place at the Alameda County Fairgrounds from March 15-16, with national manufacturers and local retail stores selling scrapbook supplies to the public. This year's event will feature four crop parties and technique filled workshops.

Organizers promise something for every skill level and area of interest so it's a chance to be introduced to scrapbooking or to learn the newest and hottest techniques. Workshops will share everything from new designs, color and layout basics to artistic embellishing, using unconventional materials.

Class descriptions and times will be posted at about two weeks prior to the show's preregistration date. Workshops will include supplies, and will be one to two hours in length with varying prices. Preregistration is advised.

Remember baby books? With scrapbooking, every phase of your children's lives can become a new volume in the series.

--Pleasanton Weekly staff