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Opinion - November 9, 2012


'Beauty' was superb

Dear Editor,

Just to let you know, went to the "Beauty and the Beast" play at the Firehouse on Sunday, and it was fantastic. Very well done, professional, quite a delight. Was superb. Highly recommend! I'm not affiliated, just an impressed customer. It's still going for the next two weekends.

Jim Langford

'Peace' -- a credit to our city

Dear Editor,

This communication is in reaction to Fred Norman's article (Guest Opinion, Aug. 3 proposing a "Peace Commission" developed within our city council for Pleasanton. "Its purpose is to nurture the concepts of peace and non-violence."

In our time of extreme violence, both national and international, what could be a greater credit or gift to our little city? This chain of violence we are currently experiencing must be broken, and a new way of living be found, some way, some how. The start that Mr. Norman is proposing could lead to something infectious.

As Mr. Norman points out, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ reacted, originally, in a small way to what was needed for their times, in a local way, and which each led to something big in a national and then an international way. In each case it was a chain breaker. We need a new chain breaker.

Paul L. Anderson

Peace will become political

Dear Editor,

While I am all for peace in the world, I do not agree with the City Council's recent decision to approve a Pleasanton Peace Foundation. Fred Norman has urged the council to take a stand on the wars. He has promoted an anti-war movement, which until now has not been thought to be something that Pleasanton as a city should be officially promoting. Now, thanks to a vote from Councilwoman Cheryl Cook-Kallio (Mayor Jennifer Hosterman and Councilman Matt Sullivan have always supported it) the city of Pleasanton will be providing administrative help and financial support to create a nonprofit foundation to promote peaceful measures here and throughout the country.

Norman has not had very much support in his past appeals to the council. This is a decision pushed through right before the election and should have been left to the new council. Pleasanton's city government should not provide support in any way to an organization that would ultimately become a political voice no matter what it promotes, peace or not. We should have better and more productive use for our city funds.

Linda Davito