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Opinion - November 2, 2012


Need new congressman

Dear Editor,

Hopefully, voters in the 15th District will not blindly vote for Pete Stark. If one examines his record over the last decade, one sees a person that has scammed the system and short changed his constituents.

So far this election year he accused opponent Eric Swalwell of taking bribes without evidence; he later apologized. He accused a local opinion columnist of donating to his opponent without evidence; he later apologized. He also berated former state Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico for endorsing his opponent, including threatening his family and livelihood, according to Torrico.

Some prominent local Democrats, led by former Rep. Ellen Tauscher and former state Senate leader Don Perata, have publicly endorsed Swalwell as have newspapers. As a result Stark has refused to debate, saying it was because he will be asked "stupid" questions.

Let's examine his track record further. The office of Congressional Ethics U.S. House of Representatives investigated Pete Stark in November 2009 for alleged violations regarding listing the house he owns in Harwood, Md., as his principal residence on Maryland tax forms for tax credits and to cap his home assessment at no more than 10%. Also, his financial disclosure form shows he has assets worth as much as about $30 million, yet his three minor children are collecting benefits from Social Security. He was passed over unanimously by his own party to become chair of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

Stark definitely is not the kind of person that should be representing the 15th District.

Dave Johnson

Preserving open space

Dear Editor,

Karla Brown is running for Pleasanton City Council. She is the only candidate that supported protection of our ridgelines and co-authored Measure PP to ensure that protection (the other candidates supported a competing measure to confuse voters). Today, she continues the battle to preserve our small town feel and our quality of life as the only candidate expressly committed to a slow/smart growth policy.

Karla has lived in Pleasanton for 20 years, been a Pleasanton businesswoman for 10 years, and her three children all attended our public schools (now two college grads and one attending college). Karla is committed to Pleasanton and will work for you, the citizens of Pleasanton.

Greg O'Connor

Thorne a better choice

Dear Editor,

Jerry Thorne is the much better choice for mayor in this election. His executive business experience, compared to to Cheryl Cook-Kallio's political and labor connections, is what is needed to address Pleasanton's unfunded liability. We do not need a fox looking after the hen house. Further, Cheryl Cook-Kallio is now demonstrating that she will encourage the City Council to consider issues that are outside the scope of city related matters. At the last meeting she voted in favor of the establishment of a city commission to discuss national defense and foreign policy. We have endured eight years of this. It is time to refocus on city business.

Doug Miller

Yes on A1 for zoo

Dear Editor,

After graduating from Foothill High School, I went on to earn degrees in both biology and environmental studies. I am currently a master's student and work at the Oakland Zoo. I am the only employee who has worked in both departments that are majorly impacted by Measure A1: the Animal Care, Conservation and Research Department and the Education Department.

Oakland Zoo rescues animals that have been confiscated, given up, used for animal testing and could be euthanized, and that have special medical needs. We are included in Species Survival Programs, and we volunteer our time to work out in the field on projects and fund money for species including the California condor and mountain lions.

The amount of time our zookeepers spend caring for their animals is incredible. As frequently happens in nonprofits, we are short-staffed, but we still have pushed to be leaders in animal care.

I have taught children who have never seen wild animals, families who cannot afford meals, troubled youths, and extremely gifted and well-off students. We provide free programs to poor children and have also been to senior centers, women's shelters, and schools in the Tri-Valley. Science programs in California schools have been struggling, and we provide a unique experience.

Measure A1 would allow us to expand our educational programs and allow us to provide a sanctuary to more animals and upgrade our current exhibits. This is your zoo, and your children's zoo. Please vote Yes on A1.

Jen Jelincic

Vote for Karla Brown

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Karla Brown for Pleasanton City Council. Karla is a person who studies issues carefully, seeks input from others, and makes the best decisions possible. She will listen to the community and will act in the best interest of the people. Karla is smart, knowledgeable, articulate and dedicated. She is passionate about doing what is right for the citizens of Pleasanton. Please join me in voting for Karla Brown for Pleasanton City Council on Nov. 6.

Valerie Arkin, School Board Trustee, Pleasanton Unified School District

A1 imposes on park

Dear Editor,

Measure A1 stands out as an imperative to make your vote count. According to the Oakland Zoo's recent glossy mailer, this parcel tax provides for improvements to current infrastructure and "humane animal care." What the mailer does not say is that this measure is also about building a big expansion into unspoiled Knowland Park.

Currently there are plans to build a theme park focusing on the native California mountain lion, grizzly bear, wolves and other animals (some of which disappeared due to lack of habitat). The plans also include construction of a visitor building, offices and a restaurant built right on the ridge that has a magnificent view of the Bay. This construction project is planned outside of current zoo boundaries and would be placed in what is now known as Knowland Park. This public park is one of the most biologically diverse parks in the East Bay hills, and actually provides essential habitat for an incredible number of living wild animals with the same rights to be cared for as the zoo's caged exotic animals.

The zoo campaign signs say, "It's your zoo." More important: It's your park, access is free, the view is yours; the peace and quiet, open space, plants, bugs, birds, small and large animals are still there. Your vote will send a message to zoo executives to leave Knowland Park for us all.

Vote No on Measure A1.

Carol Castro

Vote for Brown, Thorne

Dear Editor,

We need our next elected members of the Pleasanton City Council to be focused on managing the city's business and challenges. That's why Karla Brown for City Council and Vice Mayor Jerry Thorne for mayor are the right choices in November. Karla and Jerry are well grounded in Pleasanton issues and have focused their efforts locally. Karla, endorsed by the Sierra Club, is a local businesswoman well known for her grassroots effort to ensure that our pristine ridgelines surrounding this city are preserved. She was a proponent of a ridgeline preservation ordinance that was overwhelmingly adopted by the voters.

Jerry has made a big impact during his 21 years of active civic service through his grassroots effort as vice president of the Pleasanton Seahawks for the construction of a 50-meter pool for the public. He then initiated a grassroots petition effort to build sports fields at Bernal Community Park. Not only has he improved the opportunities for youth in the community, he personally welcomes the brave men and women from the military returning to this community after serving overseas.

Both can be counted on to tackle local challenges now like pension reform, budgetary control, quality of life and environmental protection, but not be distracted by engaging in partisan politics with a focus on seeking future county and statewide elected positions. Please be sure to vote for our local Pleasanton team: Karla Brown for City Council and Jerry Thorne for mayor.

Richard Pugh

Big money politics

Dear Editor,

I just received an 8.5-inch by 11-inch color brochure in the mail today from Erlene DeMarcus for City Council, the paid consultant of the Lins/Tongs on the citizen-referended Oak Grove development. So, I went to her website to check out her donors. Her most recent CA460 form (campaign finances) shows in excess of $8,000 from the Lin and Tong families, as well as an additional $8,000 from others in development and construction businesses; that's over 50% of her donations. Of similar interest, 73% of her campaign dollars came from outside Pleasanton. She was willing to bulldoze our ridgelines for the Oak Grove developers, so I will not be voting for her.

Instead, I will be voting for Karla Brown to join our City Council. Karla was instrumental in stopping Oak Grove and placing a hillside initiative on the ballot, which Pleasanton voters overwhelmingly passed. She is the only candidate actively seeking to preserve our slow/smart growth policies, and she is willing to tackle our unfunded city debt. Join me: Vote for Karla Brown for City Council.

Janet Winter

Courageous Cook-Kallio

Dear Editor,

This week I marked my ballot for mayor and voted for Cheryl Cook-Kallio. Neighbors and friends have asked me why, so here are my reasons. Cheryl would make an excellent mayor. First, she is exceedingly knowledgeable in governmental matters, as a high school government teacher for 30 years explaining complex issues like local housing elements and city pension demands to sharp teenagers in her classrooms. At the same time she has been serving as a City Council member and vice mayor for Pleasanton. It is clear that she is hard working and efficient and knows the issues -- she is experienced.

I have observed her skill at problem solving and negotiating, and I think she will put that to good use as mayor when she is faced with the inevitable differences of opinion that will come before her. She is a listener, and makes herself available to everyone who contacts her office on a city matter. Flexible, she is good at working out compromises, which is an important skill in our city government. She does not lack for courage, and will speak up for the common good of Pleasanton in the important issues which we will face in the years ahead: employee compensation and pensions, jobs-housing balance, transportation, State Route 84, open space, and good relations with the business community and our neighboring cities. Cheryl is already respected beyond Pleasanton. It would be a wise decision to select her as our next mayor.

Patricia Belding

Thorne stands out

Dear Editor,

One candidate stands out in terms of service to his community, having served as a Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Commissioner for 10 years. That candidate is Jerry Thorne.

Only one candidate has done the following things for our community: served seven years on the Board of Directors of the Pleasanton Seahawks youth swim team (two of them as president), co-authored the successful ballot initiative "Save our Community Park" (Bernal property), consistently attended U.S. Service Member homecoming events even when it is not an election year, and regularly volunteered time at Pleasanton's Museum on Main. That candidate is Jerry Thorne.

Only one candidate can legitimately claim to be actively involved in Pleasanton's Community of Character and is currently a member of its board. Only one has served as president of the California League of Cities, East Bay Division, has served in the U.S. Armed Forces (Army), and is a founding and current member of Pleasanton Sentinels of Freedom, an organization that assists returning injured veterans in finding employment and housing. That candidate is Jerry Thorne.

In this election when Pleasanton is in need of a mayor with a proven track record of broad community service, genuine concern for the welfare of Pleasanton residents, and an uncompromised position to deal with financial challenges faced by the city, only one candidate has those qualifications. That candidate is Jerry Thorne.

Jeff Narum

Positive relationships

Dear Editor,

Pleasanton deserves a mayor like Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

During her six years on the City Council, Cheryl Cook-Kallio has shown a superior leadership ability to tackle controversial issues, listen to all stakeholders, do her homework and bring people together to resolve conflict.

She makes herself accessible to residents of Pleasanton. I've seen her give her personal cell-phone number to people she's known for five minutes so they could reach her directly.

One of her biggest strengths is the fact she has long-standing positive working relationships not only with officials of neighboring communities but also with officials at the state and national level as proved by the long list of those officials who have endorsed her. Pleasanton isn't an island. We are impacted by decisions made by surrounding cities, and the state and national governments. Having long established positive relationships with the decision makers can only help our goal of keeping Pleasanton the wonderful city we know.

I urge you to vote for Cheryl Cook-Kallio for mayor.

Sharon Piekarski

Money talks

Dear Editor,

It is very interesting and telling to note the contributions to the Pleasanton candidates' campaigns that were reported in the Independent. Large donations were made by developers to all candidates other than Karla Brown, who does not accept donations from developers.

Karla stands on higher ground and takes her candidacy for City Council seriously. She was a leader in the Measure D effort to stop the development proposed in the hills south of Pleasanton, which was soundly defeated by the residents of Pleasanton. Karla listens, Karla is in touch with the voters, Karla is our candidate.

Please join me in voting for an exemplary candidate. You will forever be glad that you did.

Margo Tarver

Cook-Kallio for mayor

Dear Editor,

I would like to tell you why I am impressed by Cheryl Cook-Kallio. Cheryl is able to address issues for all residents. I have seen her knowledgeably discuss Pleasanton's significant issues including the financial stability of our city, affordable housing for young families, transportation and business related issues. She has the "long view" and is able to see how all of these pieces are inter-related. She clearly sees how balance is important in how the City Council makes decisions.

I think one of the reasons we have to zone for more housing is because we have so many jobs; having many jobs helps fund the budget for the city, and creating and retaining new businesses helps increase our revenue. The increase in revenue helps us pay our bills and helps us retain the quality of community we enjoy.

As an educator, I know that Cheryl understands the importance of quality education for all children. I think she knows that everyone who lives in Pleasanton has a voice. Cheryl is intelligent, understands how government works and knows how to find common ground and further the discussion. I hope you join with me to vote for Cheryl Cook-Kallio for mayor.

Carroll Jacoby

Vote for Pentin

Dear Editor,

We strongly recommend voting for Jerry Pentin for Pleasanton City Council. We've known him personally for 10 years as a Rotarian and from our Marine Corps backgrounds. As a Marine veteran, Jerry applies his leadership skills to all community projects for Pleasanton and our Rotary Club. He works on the Pleasanton Planning Commission where he served such projects as the Callippe Golf Course, the Firehouse Arts Center, the Veterans Building Renovation, the Val Vista Park, Alviso Adobe Park, and the Bernal Community Park.

Pleasanton needs Jerry's continuing leadership as we move forward in our new plans supported by his experience. Vote for Jerry Pentin.

Paul and Jule Jensen

Voting for Karla

Dear Editor,

The single most important issue facing Pleasanton voters this year is not traffic, unfunded pension liabilities, or high-density development. It's maintaining a voice of the people in city government. This is a legacy that was started by the late Mayor Ben Tarver, which both Cindy McGovern and I have tried our best to carry on these past eight years. Unfortunately, the current slate of candidates running for council and mayor have no interest in that legacy and will be more interested in representing developers, the Chamber of Commerce, and other special interests. Except for one: Karla Brown.

I have come to know Karla very well and have seen her fight for the protection of our ridges and for the right for citizens to petition government for grievances by means of the referendum process. She is the only candidate running -- either for council or mayor -- who will listen to the people. We need an independent voice who will have the courage to speak out, to raise issues that no one else will raise, and to be that all important voice for the citizens that would not otherwise exist. That is why I'm voting for Karla on Nov. 6. Please join me.

Matt Sullivan

Elect Jerry Thorne

Dear Editor,

I can't get Pleasanton out of my system, having lived there for more than half a century. We raised two daughters who attended Pleasanton schools and went on to get degrees from UC Davis. At first we lived in a brand new house on Silver Street, and then we moved to another new house on Rowell Lane. In consideration of our aging years and the desire to reside closer to one of our daughters, we moved, recently, into our third new house, this time in Livermore.

I believe that Pleasanton is a wonderful community and I want it to stay that way. High-quality City Council leadership is essential to meet that goal. I met Jerry Thorne a few years ago when we both worked on the city's Energy Committee. I believe that he is the better candidate for mayor of Pleasanton and has no ties to Pete Stark. He will do his best to keep Pleasanton the City of Planned Progress. I urge all Pleasanton voters to elect Jerry Thorne the next mayor of Pleasanton.

Carl Walter, Pleasantonite Emeritus

Our friend Karla

Dear Editor,

Karla Brown is our friend.

Through the years, Karla has constantly been vigilant and dedicated to the good of Pleasanton. One has only to google any Pleasanton growth issue and will find her steadfast goal of preserving our gorgeous hills against the continuous sprawl so evident in the towns around us.

Karla is already working as hard as possible to address issues logically and carefully. She knows teamwork and she is always ready to go above and beyond in her role on that team.

We think it's particularly important that Karla be on the council during a period when decisions will be made as Pleasanton transitions the gravel mining operations which will transform the eastern side of Pleasanton.

Karla Brown is our friend and she is a sincere friend to Pleasanton.

Please vote for Karla for City Council.

Susan and Walt Wriggins

Pentin's experience

Dear Editor,

We need Jerry Pentin on the Pleasanton City Council. Jerry has many attributes: long-time resident of Pleasanton, who owns and operates a media production business here; served in and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marines; completed an A.A. degree from Chabot College; and through work directing filming of television series on ocean diving throughout the world and the John Muir Wilderness, he has gained a deep appreciation of our environment.

But Jerry has also found time to give back to Pleasanton. Concurrent with his business career, he's been active in Rotary International, a member of Pleasanton North Rotary for 20 years, serving as its president in 2005/06, and honored twice by the club as Rotarian of the Year. Through his business, he's supported activities of nonprofit and youth organizations. However, Jerry's record of civic involvement demonstrates the experience needed to do the work of the City Council. He served with distinction on the Callippe Golf Course Committee. As an avid cyclist, he brought essential experience to the Bicycle Pedestrian Trails Committee in its work on the Pleasanton Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan. Currently chair and a four-year member of the Pleasanton Planning Commission, previously a member of and also chaired the Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Commission, and served on other committees and task forces including the Firehouse Arts Center, and the Veterans Building Renovation. His record represents broad vision and integrity.

Vote for Jerry Pentin for Pleasanton City Council.

Ward Belding

Karla's commitment

Dear Editor,

Karla Brown has my full support for the Pleasanton City Council. Karla's commitment to the residents of Pleasanton is real. She has attended council meetings, served on city task forces, sought out resident input on multiple issues and worked to preserve the ridgelands and open spaces we all love. She is honest, straightforward and has the common sense we need in an elected leader. She does her homework, seeks input on decisions from all sides, and is committed to keeping Pleasanton a well managed, fiscally sustainable community with great schools, parks, a vibrant historical downtown and a thriving business community.

Elect Karla Brown to the Pleasanton City Council.

Cindy McGovern

Cook-Kallio has done much

Dear Editor,

Sometimes things are going so well, we forget to notice what's been done by those responsible for the success. One of the people responsible for the stability of Pleasanton is Cheryl Cook-Kallio. In addition to being a committed teacher, she is passionate about our government, especially in her home city of Pleasanton. During her tenure as a city councilwoman, she has:

* Helped push through the Stoneridge drive completion;

* Been an advocate of the senior housing projects, including Kottinger Ranch;

* Tried to bridge opposing sides by being the voice of reason;

* Been responsive to those who have contacted her regarding issues; and

* Helped maintain and build our multi-million dollar reserve through cutting expenses with no layoffs. She is fiscally responsible -- which we need.

Throughout the downturn in the economy, Pleasanton has survived and remained fiscally sound -- a feat in and of itself considering other cities in the Bay Area. Cheryl and the current council have contributed and spearheaded the efforts to keep us that way. I urge you to vote for Cheryl Cook-Kallio for mayor of Pleasanton to help continue to make Pleasanton a great place to live.

Jennifer Olson

Supporting Jerry Thorne

Dear Editor,

We must question what we consider a misrepresentation in the Cook-Kallio campaign materials distributed by mail. Cheryl Cook-Kallio is not the candidate representing the Community of Character. In fact, that candidate is Jerry Thorne. Jerry has served on the Community of Character board of directors since its formation in 2002 when the late Juanita Haugen recruited him.

Jerry has participated in this community collaborative -- and the annual award luncheon that honors residents of our town -- for almost its entire time. The coalition, which is supported by the city of Pleasanton, the Pleasanton Unified School District, Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce and various service and faith organizations, is a nonprofit comprised of volunteers working together to create a Pleasanton community culture built on values, good will and community-accepted traits of Responsibility, Compassion, Self-Discipline, Honesty, Respect and Integrity. These are all part of the culture of Pleasanton and ideals for which Jerry stands. We support Jerry for mayor of Pleasanton and invite the comunity to join us.

Bob and Pat Lane

Elect Karla Brown

Dear Editor,

Karla Brown has my full support for the Pleasanton City Council. Karla's commitment to the residents of Pleasanton is real. She has attended council meetings, served on city taskforces, sought out resident input on multiple issues, and worked to preserve the ridgelands and open spaces we all love. She is honest, straightforward and has the common sense we need in an elected leader. She does her homework, seeks input on decisions from all sides, and is committed to keeping Pleasanton a well managed, fiscally sustainable community with great schools, parks, a vibrant historical downtown and a thriving business community. Elect Karla Brown to the Pleasanton City Council.

Cindy McGovern

Vote for Erlene

Dear Editor,

This year voters in Pleasanton have a chance to elect a candidate whohas a vast amount of experience, knows how to get things done, and loves Pleasanton. Her name is Erlene DeMarcus.

Erlene and her family have lived here for years, and during those years she dedicated her life to the transportation needs of this Valley and to bringing BART here. Obviously she was successful.

Now Erlene wants to work for the betterment of Pleasanton and is running for City Council. We could not elect a better person. Her time spent working for senior activities, volunteering on charitable boards and her wonderful knowledge of transportation needs will all lend themselves to her being a really good council member.

Knowing other elected and appointed officials is very important in local government success. Please look at the people who are endorsing Erlene's candidacy and you'll see that she can hit the road on the run. She is endorsed by local government officials at the city, county and state levels.

As a former mayor of Pleasanton, I had the opportunity to work with Erlene; she did a great job and that is why I am asking you to vote for her on Nov. 6.

Ken Mercer

Vote Yes on Prop 37

Dear Editor,

I am dismayed to see your recommendation to vote No on Prop 37. Even more distressing is your reasoning: It is too expensive to relabel food. I am not sure how anyone who has been in a grocery store in the last 10 years can put forth that claim. When oat bran was found to have a benefit, every product with even a minute trace of oats changed their labels to make sure consumers knew. When trans fats were found to be detrimental, every food changed their labels, too -- even foods that had never had trans fats changed their labels.

If GMO foods had any benefit to health or if consumers were scrambling to buy GMO food, you can bet that every product would be relabeled to make sure we knew they had GMO corn or GMO wheat. So let us put this blatant lie to the side.

What do we know about GMO and how it affects human health? Very little except they are prevalent in our food supply and we are not being told. These foods are being feed to our livestock and our population with no study telling us they are safe for us to eat. Most of Europe has banned GMO's and these countries, because of our GMO's, are banning many of our exports. Why are the companies able to tell other countries, but not their own, that there are GMO's in their products?

Until GMO's are proven safe for consumption, I am buying organic.

Susan Sasek

Who is best?

Dear Editor,

We are very fortunate to have qualified candidates here in Pleasanton. With that in mind, voters should ask the following questions:

* Who has the best "leadership" (backbone)?

* Who has sufficient "time" for the job?

* Who has unrestricted backing (financial)?

* Who truly understands "City Financing"?

I either know the candidates or have listened to them in three debates. So, with my experience in Pleasanton politics, I'll suggest the following: Jerry Thorne for mayor, Jerry Pentin for City Council, and reluctantly, because of property rights issues, Karla Brown for City Council.

P.S. And Romney for president to save our nation.

Howard Adams Neely

No donations from unions

Dear Editor,

Karla Brown has stated that she will not accept donations from unions; this is prudent, because our council will be negotiating all future city employee union contracts. When a union endorses a candidate or contributes to his/her campaign, don't you think they will want a favorable vote in the future? When negotiating the union contract? Of course they will, that's how the system works. Check the financial reports of the other council candidates. Watch for endorsements and ads. If you see an endorsement for a candidate from a union, or receive a glossy postcard paid for by a city employee union, you need to understand why they would pay for such advertisements. Then vote accordingly.

Join me in voting for Karla Brown for Pleasanton City Council.

Nicole Johnson

Facts for Measure B1

Dear Editor,

Opposition to Measure B1 (Alameda County transportation infrastructure) in Pleasanton is puzzling. Even one mayoral candidate opposes it: If Measure B1 doesn't pass, then the mayor wouldn't have to bother with that pesky funding source? Doesn't want other people spending his hard earned tax dollars? The voter's pamphlet displays a detailed Measure B1 spending plan for a wide range of transportation issues.

Transportation infrastructure isn't important for Pleasanton? Don't worry, "private enterprise" will take care of it? Even if, somehow, a private firm gathered the funding and tackled the projects, guess who would pay for it in the end, anyway?

Doesn't want to pay union-scale wages that make health care and retirement savings affordable? I'm not sure I want minimum-wage workers building our transportation infrastructure. Really, what kinds of jobs do we want in Alameda County?

Measure B1 is a modest sales tax (typically less than $10 per month) that makes improvements to mass transit, highways, local streets, bridge safety and bike paths. It's hard to see how a No vote would be good for Pleasanton. Please help to improve our quality of life and vote Yes for Measure B1.

Mike Moran

Vote No on taxes

Dear Editor,

For too long the Legislature has taken us for fools, wasting the taxpayers' hard-earned dollars on high pensions and benefits for themselves while asking us for more taxes to fund their lavish lifestyles. These tax, tax, tax and spend, spend and spend policies have gone out of control. It is time to put an end to it.

Measures 30 and 38 are asking for further tax increases for all, using the scare tactics of our schools to mislead the public. California spends the third most in the nation on schools, and we are 49th in quality. California schools do not have a money problem. There is tons of it, which is used to fund the school administrators' $250,000 pensions and the teacher's $100,000 pensions plus Cadillac benefits. The schools need parents to wrestle away the funding from the teachers' union and ensure it goes to schools and the students.

Sierra Club, after carefully studying Measure B1, decided not to support it as they concluded there are sufficient funds between BART and Alameda County to support the extension to Livermore and other infrastructure needs. Also, this tax increase will continue to tax your children and their children as there is no closure for the tax increase. Please do not jeopardize your children's lives. The county also needs to reform the pensions and benefits rather than continue its tax, tax and spend policies.

Just vote No on all these measures and send a message to the government.

Rajinder Ghatoaura

Support Pentin, Thorne

Dear Editor,

In voting for our local candidates, keep in mind that simply living in Pleasanton does not assure that someone will always vote for the best interests of Pleasanton. For example, if a candidate is a union member in his or her day job, could they be impartial as a member of Pleasanton's leadership when they vote on reforming pensions of our unionized employees? If they act in Pleasanton's best interests but not necessarily in the best interests of our unionized employees, do you think they might feel pressure from their unionized peers in their day job? How might that affect their careers in their day jobs? Likewise, if a candidate received significant campaign donations from a developer driving a highly polarizing project, could that candidate really vote against that developer's interests?

Yet that is what some of our candidates are asking you to believe and to trust. For us, we would rather vote for candidates who do not have such potentially conflicting loyalties to outside interests. We also like candidates who have their "day jobs" here in Pleasanton, whether they are working, retired or stay at home. We want their attention 24/7 for Pleasanton, not somewhere else.

Among the candidates we therefore strongly support Jerry Pentin for City Council and Jerry Thorne for mayor.

Ron and Barbara Bissinger

Karla Brown for council

Dear Editor,

We are fortunate to have a strong array of candidates running for City Council this year. Here are three reasons why I support Karla Brown.

1) She brings the perspective of a longtime resident who is also a local businesswoman. She knows Pleasanton well -- its neighborhoods and schools, its residents, and how the city functions.

2) She is fair-minded, courteous and respectful of opposing views.

3) She has studied the issues. I saw her speak fluently about a wide range of subjects at a recent candidate's forum. She was impressive in her grasp of the facts.

Karla supports slow growth policies, fixing the long-term city debt problem, and keeping downtown vibrant. These are good goals. Please vote for Karla Brown for City Council.

Anne Childs

Thorne stands up for Pleasanton

Dear Editor,

With regard to the local election next week, it's important to remember that it's about Pleasanton. Only one candidate, Jerry Thorne, stands out for being about Pleasanton. Why have all the Planning and Parks and Recreation commissioners, numerous other commissioners as well as the Chamber of Commence publicly endorsed Jerry Thorne? Why are the majority of his campaign contributions from Pleasanton?

Because Jerry Thorne knows our community through a long record of public service including serving on the board of the Pleasanton Seahawks, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Museum on Main, help with returning vets to our community, etc. Because Jerry stands up for Pleasanton, be it with regard to the fiscal stability of our city, supporting our children through relationships with the school district, parks and activities for them, our seniors, etc. Look at the record of both candidates, not the rhetoric. Vote Jerry Thorne to be the next mayor of Pleasanton.

Kathy Narum

Vote Cook-Kallio

Dear Editor,

I urge you to vote Cheryl Cook-Kallio for Pleasanton mayor. Cheryl Cook-Kallio has established long-standing relationships with decision makers and elected officials at the local, regional, state and federal levels of government that will benefit Pleasanton residents.

Cook-Kallio's leadership skills and her tenacity will ensure Pleasanton has a voice in the many regional decisions critical to Pleasanton. She is dedicated to addressing the issues that affect your daily lives -- traffic, transportation and public safety.

Join me in supporting Cheryl Cook-Kallio for the next mayor of Pleasanton.

County Supervisor Scott Haggerty

Best for Pleasanton

Dear Editor,

I am writing to urge all Pleasanton citizens to vote for city offices next week. An informed citizenry is the best defense of the uniqueness of our city. Having long been engaged in Pleasanton affairs, I have carefully reviewed the candidates' positions and believe the following have earned your vote.

Jerry Thorne has proven his ability to solve the city's problems, particularly the issue of unfunded pension liability. He should be elected mayor. Jerry Pentin and Erlene DeMarcus also deserve your vote. They have both worked behind the scenes for years. Jerry has been very effective working on city commissions, while Erlene has long been involved in Valley transportation issues, especially BART. All three will work for the best for Pleasanton.

Robert E. Butler