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Opinion - October 5, 2012


Blended rail? No!

Dear Editor,

High Speed Rail: Don't waste money electrifying Caltrain. Your trains could not safely use its tracks. With 43 at-grade road crossings, with unprotected passengers waiting at Caltrain platforms, that's inviting train delays, accidents and the demented. Save the cost to electrify Caltrain, tunnel in San Francisco, and later tube under San Francisco Bay for HSR to Sacramento.

Far better -- and much less costly: Upgrade (grade separate, multi-track and secure) UP/Amtrak via Mulford from Santa Clara to West Oakland. (This line would also be shorter, straighter, faster and safer for Capitol Corridor.) Where BART crosses over the UP/Amtrak line (by I-880 and Seventh Street), add a new intermodal station.

As for unified regional rapid transit, plan for five-County BART around the Bay. Prepare a balanced plan with these elements:

* Assure completion of BART to Berryessa and on to Santa Clara;

* Convert Santa Clara-Millbrae Caltrain/UP to three tracks (two BART, one UP);

* Convert San Francisco-Millbrae Caltrain/UP to an SF Muni Airport Express/UP line;

* Extend BART to the Golden Gate and Carquinez bridges, to Brentwood, and over the Altamont;

* Buy more BART cars and provide abundant parking; and

* Bring the plan and funding to the voters of the five counties.

Today's BART started 50 years ago with a $792 million bond measure paid off over a decade ago. (Adjusted for inflation and the current five-county population, an equivalent bond measure today would yield about $16 billion.) Let the voters decide on a unified BART-based rapid transit system for their 6 million residents.

Robert S. Allen

BART Director, District 5, 1974-88

Top candidate

Dear Editor,

Karla Brown is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable people we have ever met. She is an incredibly hard worker, gathering information, attending meetings, participating in city functions, and being part of community groups and functions. Her support for smart, slow growth is going to be very important as our city and community explore the ways and means to add more housing and more people in the next few years.

Karla is supportive of Pleasanton's heritage neighborhoods and our historic downtown, without which our town could lose much of the charm and character that we all love. Karla is supportive of maintaining our hillsides and trees as open space. Karla is an independent candidate, not obligated to any one group of people or any one organization. Karla will work hard for all of us, will remain open to conversations with everyone, and will seek to share views and opinions from all of the community. And Karla is smart, she has done her research.

We support Karla Brown for City Council and ask you to support her also. Please go to Karla's website, www.voteforKarla.com, if you want more information.

Fred and Bonnie Krichbaum

Thanks, Mr. Grantham

Dear Editor,

Ten years ago, Jon Grantham arrived as Director of Bands at Amador Valley High School, and now he is the 2012 PUSD Teacher of the Year. The Amador Friends of Music (AFM) is hosting "Thanks a Thousand!" -- saluting Mr. Grantham for being a positive force in the lives of nearly 1,000 students.

Current and former students, families, friends, colleagues and AFM members are asked to send a thank you, memory, or special photo, for a "Book of 1000 Thanks!" A template and instructions are available at http://bit.ly/VKmoKB.

On Saturday, Oct. 13, at 1 p.m., ceremonies to honor Mr. Grantham wil be held at the Amador Valley High stadium, including a run-through of the 2012 field show, a presentation of the "Book of 1000 Thanks!" -- and an exciting appearance by a surprise guest. All are invited to attend this free event.

Questions? Call Sally at 518-5916.

Student and family lives have been forever changed by the excellent teaching of Mr. Grantham. He deserves "1000 Thanks" -- and more.

Marilyn M. Palowitch

Amador Friends of Music Alumni

Cook-Kallio for mayor

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to recommend Cheryl Cook-Kallio for mayor.

As a City Council member, Cheryl has worked effectively for Pleasanton residents, both in the city and the region. She has fought for public park access to Pleasanton's southeast hills, drafted plans to eliminate traffic congestion, and developed sensible measures to assure our city's long-term fiscal stability and economic prosperity. About to retire after many years as an award-winning high school teacher, Cheryl appreciates the priority our community places on quality schools, and she understands the value of city-school district cooperation to support education excellence for Pleasanton's children and families.

Cheryl welcomes input from all Pleasanton residents with varying viewpoints, and always responds to calls and emails. When it comes to controversy, she strives to build community consensus rather than taking sides. She has the experience, temperament and passion to lead our very active, civic-minded community. Vote Cheryl Cook-Kallio for mayor of Pleasanton.

Becky Dennis

Pleasanton Council Member 1993-2002

Thorne for Mayor

Dear Editor,

Jerry Thorne is the ideal candidate for mayor of Pleasanton.

His vast public service record in Pleasanton qualifies him to be the mayor of Pleasanton. As a member of the City Council, he has been an effective, responsible and decisive thinker.

In addition, his strong and experienced voice has helped bring more consensus and cooperation to the Pleasanton City Council.

Please join me in voting for Jerry Thorne for mayor of Pleasanton on Nov. 6.

John O'Neill

Force of nature

Dear Editor,

Cheryl Cook-Kallio is a force of nature. Fortunately for Pleasanton, her dynamism is guided by an internal compass that reflects the best of human values. We heartily endorse her candidacy for mayor -- an endorsement based on decades of knowing Cheryl in a wide range of roles.

Our relationship began almost 35 years ago, as she entered the teaching profession. She worked for us as a teacher, reading clinician and manager. We watched as she integrated motherhood and teaching in ways that were remarkable -- demonstrating competencies in both roles that remain high-water marks in our careers. While parenting four amazing children into responsible, productive adulthood, she grew a career in education respected throughout the state and recognized nationally.

Many people would content themselves with such an impressive personal and professional record. Not Cheryl. A life-long advocate for children and learning, she rededicated herself to public service, focusing her high-octane dynamism on her hometown of Pleasanton.

Cheryl's record as a citizen leader/advocate is clearly demonstrated by her six-plus years of dedicated public service. We have remained among her greatest supporters because we know what fuels her dynamism: Cheryl cares. Never -- throughout the three decades we have known her -- have we seen her make a self-serving decision. It is always about others, be them kids, colleagues, parents or entire communities.

We urge you to support our friend Cheryl Cook-Kallio in her bid for mayor. Her intelligent, informed and caring leadership will result in high-water marks for the city and its citizens.

Bill and Becky Radulovich


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