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Community Pulse - September 14, 2012


What do you think about the new staggered reading schedule in grades 1-3?

asked at Walnut Grove Elementary School

Kim Kirschner

Former teacher/current mom

A 30-1 ratio doesn't allow for the high-quality level of instruction that we all expect in Pleasanton. The district is doing what it must to put the kids' needs first. I think it had to get worse before it can start getting better, unfortunately. Hopefully the community will now see the need to pass a parcel tax in order to regain important programs that we've lost.

Elizabeth Shackelford


I think it's great. The kids have more free time to play and relax, and I'm hoping that as a result there is a lot less whining in our household when it is time for homework and other activities. I don't worry about the shorter day because I think the smaller class sizes will allow for a more focused and productive instruction time.

Stacy Lozano

Court reporter

Students are losing 45 minutes of classroom instruction per day, and that concerns me. The smaller reading groups will definitely benefit my daughters, but I'm not sure that it will completely make up for the shorter day. It's also tough on families that have to make at least three daily trips to school. I hope that we return to the regular schedule next year.

Doug Walker

Medical distribution

I think that it is important to give the students more individualized attention than a large class size would allow, so the staggered reading schedule is great. Our daughter was in the Discovery program, which had much smaller classes, and we were very concerned about the changes this year. I think the benefits of small reading groups outweighs the impact of a shorter day.

Mary Fahnhorst

Substitute nanny

I think it's great. The kids have more time for homework either before or after school, depending on their start time, which makes the day less stressful.

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